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  1. There was alot of talk about Bush buying alot of dinar for the govt and it would cover the war 10 fold. If that is true how can it come out at 10cents? If its not true it could. Just asking. Anybody have any info.
  2. Adam I dont post much but I watch the board. I predicted to a few of my friends last December that around this Thanksgiving it would RV. My thoughts were the economies of many countries need the cash flow to get their economies going. I beleive and I have no inside knowledge this is JMO that the US and some other countries will push to make sure this happens soon to save their countries. How soon, I cant predict that, but Im thinking before the election in Nov. JMO folks Adam thanks for all you do.
  3. Some events are in place. Iraq is the wealthist country in the Middle East. There have been some leaders who have been killed Quadaffi the latest. The troops will be coming back home. The things that have been talked about needing to happen are happening. I like what Im seeing and when the RV happens it will happen. Im sitting tight because knowing Iraq is wealthly to me means theyre not out to make a few bucks on this RV. Because they have so much money IMO theyre looking to make alot more.
  4. Adam what has to be cleared up before we see the RV. My thoughts last December were the RV would happen before Thanksgiving of this year. I based that on how politics work and are hashed out. Well the time is getting near and I feel we are approaching the door to knock on to let us in. Your thoughts are appreciated Thanks for all you do .
  5. To avoid paying alot in taxes here is what Im doing. WHen it hits, Im cashing in a small portion of my dinar and buying a house in Fla. Fla has no state income tax and no estate tax. That means I will save 6.5% on my CT state income tax and when I die alll my money goes to my family because there is no estate tax in Fla. I will make Fla my perminent residence and reside there 6months and 1 day a year. After purchasing my Fla home I will cash in the rest of my dinar avoiding my CT state income tax of 6.5%. The federal tax is 35%. Im sure there will be a bank fee to cash in so I use 1%. Total federal tax and bank fees would be 36%. 100% less 36% give you 64% of profit without any State Income Tax. So you can multiply your dinar by 64% to get your net income. When you go invest it in a bank you negociate the interest rate. If you have friends with dinar go with them bank to bank. Lets say you have a couple of friends and you all go bank to bank to invest your money. Banks right now are offering less then 2%. When you go in with 200,000,000 between the all of you and you better get a rate better then that. For example if you have 5000 dinar thats 5million in US dollars and if the dinar comes out at $2.50 you have $12,500,000 mutiplied by 64% and you net 9 million dollars. 9 million dollars at 5% in a bank account is $400,000 a year and you will be taxed on that interest at .35% so you net $256,000. If you have 10 million dinar double it and so on.
  6. My opinion and I have no contacts or info. I would think this is going to happen in a few months and I think it will come out at $3.41 based on reading what a few who seem to have some information on whats going on. $3.41 makes sense to me. Why in a couple of months? Iraq needs to get their apples lined up and its politics, so it wont happen soon. The way the US economy is going and the way the Wall St is effecting the world economy I think govts will push for it to happen. This would create a large influx of money into the economy . It is no secret Obama is looking for money. I think some shining star in Washington is going to bring it to everyones attention that an RV would bring money into the economy and thats exactly what Obama wants and an RV will mean not raising taxes on the rich. Now if the economy needs more money to get things moving dosnt it make sense to get as much out of the RV as possible? Thats why I think it will come out at least at $3.41. Thats just my opinion folks and I have no contacts.
  7. We need to create jobs, which will put folks back to work which will allow them to spend more money and pay taxes. Thats how you increase taxes. Now who creates jobs? The rich or the poor? I have never seen a poor person create jobs. Just for an example. When my dinar hits, Im going to invest in a couple of businesses. Those businesses will pay me a salary, I will have people working for me. They will spin off income for me. If my income goes down then I will have to layoff people. If my income goes up I will employ more people and expand my business because I have the money from the dinar to do it. I live in Conn. Our Democratic Govenor just increased our State Income tax to 6% for those families making over $150,000. In Conn thats not alot. So I plan to make my residence in Florida where there is no state income tax and there are no estate taxes. That will save me 6% on my dinar, 6% on the interest I receive on my dinar money and my estate will go to my kids not the State of Conn. Just something to think about.
  8. I dont know anything about dinar or revals however I do know that some of the most wealthest people in the world have purchased alot of dinar as have other countries. So my thought process is these people who also have alot of infulence are going to work the Iraqi politicans and get what they want, other wise there will be consequences. JMO folks. I figure the the US govt and other govts who have billions of dollars are not going to settle for pennies on their investment in dinar. They got in this thing to make billions, not millions because they already have millions. Unlike most of us they can talk to the decision makers in Iraq and tell them what they want and cut deals. Im sure they even have each others phone numbers and email addresses. We Dont. JMO folks but I find it hard to beleive that some of the most powerful people in the world and some of the most powerful countries in the world would settle for less. What do you think?
  9. I dont know what an LOP is? What would the monetary difference be between the dinar LOP and dinar RV say at $3.41? Thanks
  10. Well looking ahead when it is passed it will be interesting to see if and how it affects the RV. Then we will know if the US has had anything to do with the RV. I read somewhere Bush purchased 4 trillion dinar for the US Govt. If thats the case Ive got to wonder how long O wants to wait to get his hands on that money. Another point Ive got to wonder if there are any bills in this thing that will had another tax on cashing in foreign currency. Gotta wonder, we're dealing with the Govt. I guess we take a wait and see approach.
  11. Great thread. Hey we know Bush Cheney bought approx 4 trilion for USA. We have read where Trump Bush Cheney have bought millions. We have read people on this board and other boards have bought thousands. Now Bush Cheney and Trump have alot more money then most of you. Do you think they know something everybody else dosnt? Do you think they and the US Govt have more power then some of those people who are writing articles who make alot less money then them? You can specualte all you want. I really dont beleive the US Govt will let this pass by and I dont think China who has lent the US Govt alot of money will let this pass by knowing the value of the US economy can drop making their loans worth less then they already are. Hey this might not happen, but isnt it worth the chance to change your life and your familys life forever. Stay positive and dont let the nay sayers bring you down.
  12. Thanks Bravo. It will happen. Bush and Cheney bought 4 trillion for the US govt plus some of their own. Thats a lot of power. When it happens I dont know and if I did I would be rich. LOL
  13. Good Morning Im new to this board and this is my first post. I was at the American Legion last night and was talking to a Army man who got back from Iraq a couple of months ago. His buddies who are still in Iraq, told him to buy the Iraqi Dinar as it was no longer going to be available and should be revaling any day. Thought the source was a pretty good one, seeing his buddies who are in Iraq are the sources for the information. FWIW
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