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  1. That's what I was thinking as well. I will take either one and never look back!
  2. Did Adam just say to possibly look for a 2:1 ??? So my 25k note would be worth $50, 000 ?
  3. In regards to the HCL, it feels like we have been close to it being complete for the past few years. With the 2013 budget being approved, has their been more progress on the HCL this year or has it been stagnant since the 2012 budget? Thanks
  4. Losers usually have a habit of coming back around.
  5. If you dont believe in this investment, then why are you here ? Is your life that pathetic that you have nothing else better to do? I feel sorry for people like you, I really do.
  6. Can you please explain why the banks have had a change of heart. Are there any new developments that we are unaware of? Thanks
  7. You must have a boring life umbertino. All you contribute to this site are your crappy music videos that I'm sure nobody listens too, and your anti-Romney crap. Don't you have a job in Italy? Or maybe the reason your an Obama supporter is because you like free handouts?
  8. Sounds good to me. Very knowledgable and logical backed by articles and facts. I'm sure keep will be here shortly to refute all of this
  9. Would you mind telling me one good thing Obama has done these past 4 years.
  10. I can't wait to watch the debate next month. Romney is going to make Obama look like an idiot.
  11. Isnt breitling good friends with these guys? I would love to hear his take on it
  12. Awesome post yoda....I don't believe anything the media says. God is in control, not barrack Hussein Obama
  13. Hey umbertino, don't believe the liberal media. And I bet that your rating here is slipping due to all the pro Obama crap you post here.
  14. Amazing work Trinity! I would be worried if they were talking about the dinar freely. By keeping it secret, it must mean something is going on behind the scenes and they have big plans for it. If it was a value neutral event on the other hand, then I think they wouldn't be afraid to talk about it openly. Just my 2 cents
  15. First off I just wanted to say that I hope you are doing well. I think I speak for most of us here when I say we miss hearing from you and reading your posts and comments. I remember about a year ago when Obama decided to pull the troops out of Iraq, you mentioned that you run a political blog and that you had the power and influence to make sure Obama wasn't reelected a second term. I just wanted to ask you if you still had any influence on the election if you could put the word out that if Obama is reelected, then everything that makes this country great will be a thing of the past. Everyone on this site is here because we want to be financially free and we want to be able to bless others with our blessings. Obama on the other hand wants to take as much as he can from us, and give it to people who want free handouts in life. Its sickening to me, and I don't understand why anyone with any dreams or aspirations of being successful would even think about supporting this distgusting excuse of a president. Sorry for rambling, it just makes me sick that we have him as a so called leader. Also, I would love to hear any new developments you have on the dinar Thanks, Stephen
  16. This is such a great article and it holds so much substance as to what is about to take place in Iraq. Their economy is going to boom, and anyone who is holding dinar is going to have their bank accounts BOOM! I'm so ready!
  17. If you don't mind me asking Greg, what is your background? I thought someone said you were involved in the govt. Just curious.
  18. I like you Carrello, but the fact that you keep defending Obama is sickening go me.
  19. As serious as a heart attack...thanks for your wasted input though...its always great to have people around who have nothing to offer
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