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  1. I hope there's not another thread going about this - I apologize if so. If you'd like to call the newspaper and complain about their dishonoring of an American hero, the number for the Charlotte Sun Herald (who picked up the story from MO) is 941-206-1000. While it's their 1st amendment right to publish such garbage, it's OUR 1st amendment right to tear them a new one for it. A Missouri newspaper is standing by one of its political cartoons about the death of slain ex-Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, shot and killed at a Texas gun range earlier this month allegedly at the hand of a fellow vet
  2. I'll agree. With early voting in Ohio giving Romney a total advantage of +92,000 coming into today... coupled with unprecedented turnout in historically Republican counties today - things are looking pretty good for the Romney/Ryan camp. I'll predict Romney will be the 45th president with over 300 electoral votes.
  3. My prayer is for the Obama Campaign to keep it up. These kind of disrespectful ads coupled with the media's unbelievable disrespect for women (see: CNN's recent 'women vote according to their cycle' comments) will ensure a blowout for Romney/Ryan in just 11 short days. I will continue to be in prayer for our country and invite you to join me as well.
  4. No spinning on my end, and you're not the only one I was addressing. But self-deprecation doesn't change the tone of this thread. Anyone can feel free to discredit Rod's post with fact or conjecture (the majority of the responses in this thread), but it's pretty underhanded to say "I really respect you" and follow up with "we're better than this." Just an observation.
  5. I fail to see how refuting the presiden't claims makes a person less 'good.' The "shame on you - I thought you were better than this" attitude is quite ridiculous. And if the left wants to talk about real issues, that would be a sudden change of course. Don't take it from me, listen to Obama's stump speeches.
  6. It's from theBlaze - the link at the bottom gave it away. What other important issues? Big Bird? Binders?
  7. I'm fairly convinced that since Obama paid off Hillarious's campaign debts (and made her Secretary of State), Benghazi was forcefully 'her fault' - even though we found out over the past couple of days that her requests for additional security were ignored in addition to Ambassador Stevens'. Though she owes Obama, falling on the sword for him is going to be too much, as this is now a truly impeachable action. I was listening to Monica Crowley last night, and as she put it (paraphrased), "Watergate was enough to get rid of Nixon, yet Benghazi has a body count, and it's just a 'misunderstandin
  8. Apparently I overestimated my ultra-conservative status on this forum. Please understand that I will NOT be voting for Obama and the Clown - I'm being painfully sarcastic. I'm ok with the skewering though, because it means people are reading what this punk said (and hopefully spreading it to their uninformed family members/friends). I'm happy to see people so fired up about this election. 12 days left, and now Michigan and Pennsylvania are officially 'swing' states. The Romney/Ryan ground game is working. Here's to a blowout.
  9. I think you missed the sarcasm of the subtitle. Don't put that on me!
  10. President Barack Obama called Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney a “bullsh**ter” in his latest interview with Rolling Stone magazine. Per Politico’s Mike Allen: Rolling Stone cover, “Obama and the Road Ahead: The Rolling Stone Interview,” by Douglas Brinkley: “We arrived at the Oval Office for our 45-minute interview … on the morning of October 11th. … As we left the Oval Office, executive editor Eric Bates told Obama that he had asked his six-year-old if there was anything she wanted him to say to the president. … he
  11. The case surrounding 20-year-old Sharmeka Moffitt turned even more bizarre on Tuesday, with police announcing that they believe the young woman set herself on fire. Yesterday, TheBlaze initially reported that Moffitt was in critical condition after claiming that she was set ablaze in a racially-motivated attack by three men in sweatshirts. But the story has now turned from a hate crime into a scenario in which police believe that she inflicted harm upon herself. Authorities say that evidence corrobor
  12. I'm not really pondering this quote from Romney, as it was a quip to illustrate the point that stopping Obama in his tracks is necessary for the recovery of our country. If you truly believe that Mitt Romney's plan for economic recovery is to literally do nothing, I can't help you.
  13. Probably because Romney believes that less government interference will bolster the economy. It's actually a true (and smart) comment.
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