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  1. Hey professor, If you outlaw guns, then only outlaws will have guns. I bet you were beat up when you were a little boy.....
  2. Today is Saturday 11/29 and I believe Iraq is literally very much on the verge of bringing back their currency online to a global status. This has not changed and is moving forward with the final steps in preparation to do so. However my USA contact now says it may be late December or early January before it is finalized on the public exchanges. What I mean by this is then opened to the general public were anyone can walk in to the bank and exchange or purchase dinar. However I do know for a fact they have already begun exchanging many of the contracted groups behind the scenes and continue to do so now for a couple weeks already. Now we are waiting for the prime minister of Iraq to make an announcement that it is completed and the currency rate has finally been standardize through the provinces. This is something noteworthy to watch for in the news. This will mean they have went global and the revaluation is done. If you had signed up for a group your rate is locked in and I am hearing they will honor that rate before the general public gets the rollout. In the past, as you may know, we all had the opportunity to form a group and register. Did you know abut this? This was not made known to everyone. I personally did not hear about it until it was too late. Many who knew about it have done so and so they now will get the privilege of exchanging ahead of the public. If you are a registered member of a group you may be called in to exchange any day now if not already done so. If you have not yet been called I would inquire with the source you registered with. To register did not mean you ever had to relinquish possession of your paper currency. If you did so this was not a legitimate sanctioned group and you may be now out of luck. This is the USA rollout plan. Unfortunately the rest of the world will have to go along with the plan too. I do not see the general public going to the bank until anytime after the Christmas holiday. This is still very encouraging and we should all be very happy this will finally be over. Last week parliament and the GOI have questioned once again why the CBI is not completing this project to delete the zeros (currency reforms). In return the finance committee stated that the project for economic reforms will be completed by Monday, Dec 1st. The question is – does this include the currency reform, meaning currency rollout to international status with new rate? Many say yes, however I do not go along with these thoughts. I want to hear that the final steps of the “project to delete the zeros” is underway. This will be sweet words to my ears. Not that it is not going to begin again but I just do not believe what Iraq means by financial reforms and this Dec 1st date is for the currency reform….sorry ! This is just another blunder on the part of these intel gurus, grasping at any straw to confirm once again the RV is happening and there is a foreseeable target date. Always false target dates and how many of do we have to hear? But I do believe it is very close but not just the Dec 1st date, as many are hoping for. So can you see their rollout strategy? By exchanging the “people in the know” first they will no longer be holders of dinars and so when it goes live on the open markets they will not have the opportunity to really cash in when the spike happens. This is their fear. Too many very rich people around. Too much money to influence in politics. They also do not want many to wait and watch the rate rise and then exchange with a very higher rate thus negating their contracts (which many have significantly lesser rates than the $3.58). Would you then take you dinar to exchange when called at your locked in rate of 50 cents or go to exchange outside your group (and negate your contract obligations) and get the much higher market rate of over $3.58. They're afraid would not live up to their part of the contract if $3.58 or more should be available. However don’t forget also about the list of the important Iraqi laws I have mentioned in my last news letter dated 11/21 (LINK). These laws are going to come out in a basket and voted on simultaneously in parliament. Yet another item to watch for in the news media when we are really, really close to the RV. An article this week has told us they intend to vote on a “group of laws” prior to going on vacation. The news did not tell us which laws but I believe they are the ones on my list below. I do not know how they intend to do this unless parliament’s vacation is postponed or entirely cancelled. Today is Saturday and still no further news on this topic. I would not put anything past Abadi. I am also now going to add to the list to summarize what we should be looking for in the near future. The top 4 are still the main focus. 1.Oil and Gas (HCL) – need to complete immediately 2.Federal Court – (law of Accountability and Justice)- need this immediately 3.Parties law (define and limit parties in Iraq for next election process in 2018) 4.General Amnesty Law – need this immediately 5.Financial Reforms – need immediately for infrastructure projects and global banking 6.Federation Council laws (Provincial Council) will be ongoing for many years to come 7.Anti-Corruption laws – Abadi’s goal is to have zero tolerance or you’re out of the GOI 8.Reconstruction laws (Infrastructure laws) need to be in place by 2015. These are all being worked on and are in a constant state of either being written, revised or on schedule to be reviewed or voted on by the parliament. I totally believe we will see all these areas of concern addressed by implementing sound legislation before the end of 2014. Saleem al-Jubouri, head of the House of Representatives, announced on Saturday that Haider al-Abadi, the prime minister, will attend the parliament session to be held, Sunday 11/30, to submit the draft budget law for 2015, as he emphasized that the first reading of it will be in the same meeting. This is all good news since I believe the USA wants a sound budget for Iraq prior to the beginning of 2015. Remember also that Iraqi parliament is set to go on a 30 day vacation. Jubouri has stated the vacation will not begin until the 2015 budget is completed. Do you see why now they are working do diligently to complete it? Their vacation period was set to begin on Dec 1st. Summary So today I send you an update one again to report on Iraqi progress. As I have said in my prior news letter, I still believe we are in a sweet spot right now to literally see this RV in the coming days ahead. This is by far the best place I have ever seen this investment in the 10 years I have been following it. Could they pop this out prior to Christmas to the general public? Yes – I believe anything is possible but first I know they want to get all the registered groups exchanged first. They are about 90% complete with that now so it could happen before Christmas. In my last news letters I summarized some of the other issues I saw facing Iraq and why I felt these issues put enormous pressure on Iraq to get the CBI moving on the project to deleted the zeros from their currency. I now believe it is all done and we are just waiting on the final rollout. I know they have tried this before unsuccessfully but this time they can not stop it. Like a small snow ball rolling down the alpine mountains it grows larger and larger everyday. The larger it get the harder it is to stop. Do you understand my analogy? Then when can we expect the RV? I believe we are in a rare opportunity and window like never before. In the coming days we should expect the RV. Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat
  3. Matthew shares the parable of the talents. Don't let the greed of money cause you to lose sight of having a home in Heaven with Thee. If the talents are talents of gold, the value of what the master entrusted to the stewards would be immensely high, in the millions of dollars. Since the Lord uses only the term "talents" we must make some assumptions, but is seems reasonable to assume that the owner of the talents, the man traveling into a far country, was a wealthy man. He is entrusting his wealth to three men who become stewards of his money. One receives five talents. Another receives two talents. A third steward receives one talent. Each is given a significant amount of money. These are stewards entrusted with the care of the money. The stewards must know the personality and character of their Lord. He expects them to know Him well enough to apply the spirit as well as the letter of His instructions. Those that do are richly rewarded. The others receive severe judgment. The amount given is based on each steward’s ability. The first two understand the spirit and letter of instructions and the character of their Lord. They both use the resources by "trading" to gain a profit. Each of them makes a 100 percent profit. Fear and mistrust of his Lord motivate the third steward. He buries the money in the earth and returns the original amount. The profitable stewards are praised, given increased responsibilities and invited to enter into the joy of their Lord. The untrusting steward is scolded, rejected, and punished. Read more:
  4. 7.8% because the last 2 years he was ran by the democrats and Barney frank and Dobbs and screwed our country over Loaning to people that can't afford and Bush tried to warn and stop but all the dems ahhh! What's the use? Your right Obama is great.
  5. Alert!!!!!!! NEWS ALERT!!!! THIS JUST IN!!!!!!!! Bush is no longer president!!!! When Bush 2 was president unemployment was what less than 5% the world wasn't burning! until 911 Only A Liberal tries to hide behind Bush because this B.O. Has been an empty chair in all aspects of his term. He is a Liar he has completely fooled the foolish. Wake Up!! If you still try to compare Obama to Bush that is only because you are trying to justify how bad Obama is doing. NEWS ALERT !!! Bush is not the president! We currently only have a community organizer and he is not even very good at that job.
  6. You only think that because you watch Those who tell you what to think. Maybe you should get your news from somewhere else and learn how our govt doesn't give a rats but about you only your vote. So then they can tell you what you can eat drink how many sheets of toilet paper your allowed to use. Open your eyes and pour out that glass of kool aid and drink whatever you want.
  7. What I heard Obama say was. " I will not react to any of these crisis until my staff receives the new pole numbers and this could take several days"
  8. These are only distraction story's Obama is a calculated man. Obama throws the media a piece of meat to distract from other things he has screwed up. Therefore watch what he is sneaking under the table. Within another week there will be story after story taking away the reporting of another story. Obama has played the American people and Harry Reid like a mistro plays an instrument. Remember within just another few days another story will be out the another and another. Until he has divided and destroyed American dreams, American capitalism and faith in our government.
  9. This kid is in jail sitting on 6,575,000 IQD and can't make Bail. Saying to himself COME ON RV ALREADY!!!
  10. dontlop.... Great rebuttal. Just like I said in my post above.( maybe not just like but close) He is a Great American. Hated by all liberals period, because MSNBS say hate him and if you drink the cool aid then you do what they say. Weak minded sheep being led astray. I'm sorry! Thank you for the correction. &*)&^*^&*% Twin towers, oh so you are one of those conspiracy people. &*)&^*^&*% You should change your name and take America out of it and leave at "Inc"
  11. Ok didn't bother to read the whole article (boring) but, of course it was about the oil. Let me try to explain from my perspective. Sad dam was telling the world I have WMD's and he was in control and he would do with his oil as he wanted. Well, the world was saying no you can't. If someone told you he had a gun in his pocket and his hand was in his pocket and you can't see it but he says it is pointing at you and there is nothing you can do. He tells you that I am going to shoot you, but you pull out your gun and tell him to raise your hands and show me the gun. Yet he still says I'm going to shoot you in 5 seconds well you shoot him in 4 seconds then you realize he only had a knife. This man was evil and ruled over his people with fear. If the control of iraq soil fell into the wrong hands that would have destroyed the American economy. Yet our president a fine leader until the democrats took control of both the house and senate in his last 2 years.(another story) 99.9% of all U.S. Congress and Senators voted for this invasion after 9/11. Barry Sanders (I) was the only person to vote against the invasion. It was a. Toe that all understood the hundreds of thousands of American soldiers would die, yet they all voted YES to the invasion. The invasion killed a fraction of the est total of deaths of our young soldiers. Yet, it all became only George Bush vault. To this day everything in this world that is wrong is still blamed on George Bush. Obama is a very weak man fearful of all thT surrounds him and the only excuse he gives is I inherited this. He ran for office to fix it not to point blame.
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