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  1. Hey professor, If you outlaw guns, then only outlaws will have guns. I bet you were beat up when you were a little boy.....
  2. Today is Saturday 11/29 and I believe Iraq is literally very much on the verge of bringing back their currency online to a global status. This has not changed and is moving forward with the final steps in preparation to do so. However my USA contact now says it may be late December or early January before it is finalized on the public exchanges. What I mean by this is then opened to the general public were anyone can walk in to the bank and exchange or purchase dinar. However I do know for a fact they have already begun exchanging many of the contracted groups behind the scenes and continue
  3. Matthew shares the parable of the talents. Don't let the greed of money cause you to lose sight of having a home in Heaven with Thee. If the talents are talents of gold, the value of what the master entrusted to the stewards would be immensely high, in the millions of dollars. Since the Lord uses only the term "talents" we must make some assumptions, but is seems reasonable to assume that the owner of the talents, the man traveling into a far country, was a wealthy man. He is entrusting his wealth to three men who become stewards of his money. One receives five talents. Another receives two
  4. 7.8% because the last 2 years he was ran by the democrats and Barney frank and Dobbs and screwed our country over Loaning to people that can't afford and Bush tried to warn and stop but all the dems ahhh! What's the use? Your right Obama is great.
  5. Alert!!!!!!! NEWS ALERT!!!! THIS JUST IN!!!!!!!! Bush is no longer president!!!! When Bush 2 was president unemployment was what less than 5% the world wasn't burning! until 911 Only A Liberal tries to hide behind Bush because this B.O. Has been an empty chair in all aspects of his term. He is a Liar he has completely fooled the foolish. Wake Up!! If you still try to compare Obama to Bush that is only because you are trying to justify how bad Obama is doing. NEWS ALERT !!! Bush is not the president! We currently only have a community organizer and he is not even very good at that job
  6. You only think that because you watch Those who tell you what to think. Maybe you should get your news from somewhere else and learn how our govt doesn't give a rats but about you only your vote. So then they can tell you what you can eat drink how many sheets of toilet paper your allowed to use. Open your eyes and pour out that glass of kool aid and drink whatever you want.
  7. What I heard Obama say was. " I will not react to any of these crisis until my staff receives the new pole numbers and this could take several days"
  8. These are only distraction story's Obama is a calculated man. Obama throws the media a piece of meat to distract from other things he has screwed up. Therefore watch what he is sneaking under the table. Within another week there will be story after story taking away the reporting of another story. Obama has played the American people and Harry Reid like a mistro plays an instrument. Remember within just another few days another story will be out the another and another. Until he has divided and destroyed American dreams, American capitalism and faith in our government.
  9. This kid is in jail sitting on 6,575,000 IQD and can't make Bail. Saying to himself COME ON RV ALREADY!!!
  10. dontlop.... Great rebuttal. Just like I said in my post above.( maybe not just like but close) He is a Great American. Hated by all liberals period, because MSNBS say hate him and if you drink the cool aid then you do what they say. Weak minded sheep being led astray. I'm sorry! Thank you for the correction. &*)&^*^&*% Twin towers, oh so you are one of those conspiracy people. &*)&^*^&*% You should change your name and take America out of it and leave at "Inc"
  11. Ok didn't bother to read the whole article (boring) but, of course it was about the oil. Let me try to explain from my perspective. Sad dam was telling the world I have WMD's and he was in control and he would do with his oil as he wanted. Well, the world was saying no you can't. If someone told you he had a gun in his pocket and his hand was in his pocket and you can't see it but he says it is pointing at you and there is nothing you can do. He tells you that I am going to shoot you, but you pull out your gun and tell him to raise your hands and show me the gun. Yet he still says I'm goin
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