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  1. I read the thread and I see someone has responded to you to contact, He has responded to me eventually over the years. When it RV's then I would want to resolve the situation. I have a friend that speaks Farsi and I was going to have her call when it RV's to see what I can do to get the funds. I may even go there when the time is right. Initially we got a credit card that was supposedly linked to the account but it never worked. Since then many changes in their banking have occurred. Once the Dinar is international on Forex I'm sure things will change.
  2. I am a bit familiar with Warka. Do you have an account and you're not able to login? If that is the case don't worry. I've been blocked out several times over the years. Eventually they answer their emails and unblock me. My account is still there and still earning interest. What is your question?
  3. Adam do you think we will be able to retrieve our funds in Warka Bank at some point? Thanks for all you do. Pat
  4. My account is expired also and the password should not have expired until July 29th. Do you know the best way to contact them?
  5. I say 112 million...but I will be very happy if I am wrong and it turns out to be 0.
  6. I have always been able to access my Warka account online and today the link I have always used didn't work. Has anyone else had any difficulty.? If not can someone provide me with the correct link.
  7. Rowaida Mohammed Customer Services Dept International Affairs MASTERCARD DEPARTMENT HEAD OFFICE WARKA BANK FOR INVESTMENT AND FINANCE Mohammad K. Issa Deputy Managing Director Senior Executive Warka Bank for Investment and Finance SAWSAN KADER NASSER MARKETING & MANAGING INTERNATIONAL CARDS HEAD OFFICE WARKA BANK FOR INVESTMENT & FINANCE mobile: + 964 77 12 33 58 37 Customer Accounts Dept. International Affairs Warka Bank for Inve
  8. I have recently used all these email address for Warka and they worked just fine. I have also received replies. I would send my communication to all and see who responds.
  9. I have had a Warka account for some time now and always used the online banking for inter account transfers. Just recently I've gotten a message that my password has expired and to contact my system administrator. I have sent an email to several of the addresses I have on file but so far have not gotten a response. Has anyone else had that happen to them.
  10. Adam I would like your thoughts regarding the negative posts concerning Warka Bank. Do you think that our funds at Warka are at any more risk than when you wrote your book?
  11. I spoke to 53rd Branch in Clearwater FL and was told that they received an email yesterday instructing them not to sell the Iraqi Dinar's anymore because the purpose to sell them was for travel not for investment purposes. I think this is a good indication. Go RV.
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