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  1. Frank, If you think we’re suckers for cashing in at one to one then you have a bigger problem. It’s called GREED! You go ahead and wait for it to go up in value. You could be waiting for years for that to happen. There could be a war in the Middle East right after we cash in. You really want to take a chance like that. A lot of us have been in this investment fir a long time. The small amount that people invest for a return of 1 to 1 is still a great investment. So be careful who you call suckers. If you wait and then cannot cash in because something bad happens in that region you will be the
  2. It seems to me that they can’t float. It would cause a bigger deficit to their economy. Kuwait is a good example of what might happen. They want to make money fast. A rate change too low won’t help them pay the bills. They are basically broke until they change the rate. Hopefully to pre-war status. $3.22 or higher to start. Then float from there. Just my opinion.
  3. So if I were a millionaire or Billionaire and the Dinar came out at 1 to 1 or less I would offer dinar holders more than the exchange rate to buy it all up. Then I would keep it until the rate climbs to what it used to be before it crashed. So why wouldn't Iraq want to reinstate it to what it was previously? Or at least start off at 1 to 1 then float quickly. Just my opinion. But it makes sense.
  4. How quickly do we forget last week when the refs picked up the flag for the pass interference that would have given the Lions the win. And if that's not bad enough. Dez ran out on the field and cried like a baby to the refs about that call. That alone should have given him a flag and a personal foul. Because walking out onto the filed without a helmet is a personal foul with a 15 yard penalty. So, stop crying about a bad call. We all know the Cowboys get more than their fair share of calls. I do agree that the refs need to fix the problem with the bad calls. They took their time discussing tha
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