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  1. Thankful for the update. I would like to ask on this thread for help with signing into Warka. This is a big deal if there is a re-value and we can’t access our accounts. I have read others are having the same issue. I can’t get a link to even attempt to login to my account. Can anyone please help!
  2. I am trying to get a website that actually works to login to my Warka account. Nothing is working. Does anyone have an active website for them?
  3. I am trying to renew my login for my Warka account but the link I have no longer connects me. Does anyone have a link that works?
  4. Rjmc

    New Chats

    Adam when will you do another chat. I have not seen once since the end of March.
  5. Does anyone have a good like for Warka online banking. I cannot find one that works in order to renew my password. Thank you, Rjmc
  6. Please help! I have sent 4 emails all bounce back or say that Adam is busy. I have contacted the administrator that told me to send an e-mail. I renewed my subscription on 10/20/15. It expired on 10/21/15. The money has been taken out of my bank account but it says I am no longer a VIP. It is now 10/26/15 and I have been kicked out and my e-mails have not been returned. I have always been extremely impressed with your customer service. If you are not getting my e-mails you have no idea that this is even an issue. I need help please. I have been a VIP for years now and I do not want to risk the RV happening and getting kicked out. Thank you Rjmc
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