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  1. Has anyone heard anything about Dong or Zim???? Thank you. CarolynR
  2. Just want to say thanks to those members that gave me advice. CarolynR
  3. Thank you so much Ron. I will follow this advice. I'm hampered by the time zones. But I'm sure I will work it out.
  4. Thanks Ron. I have only the Warka acct number and an old password. Will try contacting them this week.:)
  5. Thanks again. Yes email was happening. Don't know if he ever got an email back. My name is on the account. I'll just have to keep at it.
  6. Thank you. Yes have account. Husband always took care of currency related things. Will try to contact someone soon. Carolyn
  7. Thank you. My husband always took care of this. He died. I have some history conversations in email. I have bank books, acct number and an old password. Any suggestion to get through...and get an answer back? Thank you. Cr
  8. This site is difficult to understand. I just hope someone has working customer service email. Thanks
  9. Hello. Thanks for responding. I found Warka ect. on internet. After my husband died, he was Denny Driver I just ignored some things. But I thought I'd look up our acct and see if it is active. Couldn't get email to customer service to go. I'm just not that savy I guess. I will just have lawyers take care of it after RV. Thanks anyway Adam
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