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  1. between Joe Bonamassa and Pink Floyd,,,its gonna be a good nite
  2. A 'REAL' mindset of what is really going on around us...All Americans......A well thought out commentary to what we all are faced with.........Sums it up ! When you see the talking heads and "community leaders", I use that loosely, wanting news stories and points to aggravate, they just spew until it all boils over. I remember a couple weeks after Michael Brown was killed, a black Police Officer shot and killed a white suspect, with NO breaking headlines at all !! Its a shame, mothers and families are having to endure this heartache while the media just ratchets up the hate. White or black, justified or not, we need to take a look on the inside and wonder if we are preparing ourselves and our loved ones to respect and be respected by others. LF +1 Markinsa...great piece
  3. There aren't enough words............. THANK YOU for your Service .....all who have served Happy Veterans Day
  4. A co-worker of mine showed some pictures today of his time in Desert Storm...He's never mentioned his service for our country until today. Said he had served twenty years. As he finished showing the pictures to us, looking back now, he seemed real proud, none of the other guys seemed to catch it, but I did. The guys went back to what they were doing, but I found myself waiting for him to return to his area which was near where I was working. I extended my hand and told him " Thank You for Your Service "..... his eyes welled up a little and I told him, ' I really do ! ' ...... He hugged me, tight, like a father or brother would. He told me how much that meant to him, and he appreciated "me". Felt odd that he would thank me, but, he said, without you caring, and all the others at home caring, we could not have done what we did. He said they all knew it while they were over there fighting. It really meant a lot to him. I just thought I would let y'all know what the Service Men and Women have in their hearts...some of us already know, but some may not........ HAPPY VETERANS DAY Great thread Rayzur...............
  5. Nice thread Um Lotta love in DV as usual..... Sorry to hear about SWFG.............truly a sad day...........seems like a Guitar Music kinda Guy...... heres one for SWFG................
  6. is this what people are naming wi-fi hot spots or what....just curious.....have seen under-cover before ?????
  7. just used converter at coinmill and converted what I have and its about the same....................
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