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  1. Sold guys ! ! Thanks to all who replied and offered to help. Didn't get off this ride completely, hopefully 'soon'.
  2. Sale pending, if anything changes, I'll post here again. TY to all who responded..
  3. Ok, I need to sell to pay for either a divorce or bankruptcy, so anyone interested in helpin a lady out, I'll take $900 for the mil. Uncirculated, bought from Dinar Trade. I live in the Clearwater Florida area. Anyone close by, or will consider mailing it out if I have to. Open to offers, but not too low..I have things to pay for. PM me or reply to this message, oh, and by the way, HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE ! ! Thanks for looking.. Michelle
  4. Parliamentary calls to speed up the "whistle" currency specialist finds that the current time is not suitable  Baghdad
  5. I don't know, I still think 30 trillion in circulation is BS. Think about it.. there are 42,000 members on this sight. If each member has an average of 2 mil dinar, that's only 80 billion.. so one must wonder were the rest is. 30 trillion is ALOT. I just don't see it..
  6. Sounds like the census is done. I think that's the only way they could provide these numbers, if they are accurate.
  7. Apple and Walmart are mentioned in this video for "not" paying their fair share of taxes, among others. Very insightful video...
  8. I haven't been in this long, March of this year..but can any of you guys that have been in it longer recall them talking SO MUCH about raising the value? Just curious.
  9. Add another 80 billion to your reserves...that's what got 'returned' after CH7 was released.
  10. Old article, but still.. Iraq Quadruples Gold Reserves In Two Months - First Time In Years Tyler Durden's pictureSubmitted by Tyler Durden on 12/21/2012 09:02 -0400 Iraq quadrupled its gold holdings to 31.07 tonnes over the course of three months between August and October, data from the International Monetary Fund showed on yesterday. The IMF's monthly statistics report showed the country's holdings increased by some 23.9 tonnes in August to 29.7 tonnes. That was followed by a 2.3-tonne rise in September to 32.09 tonnes and then a cut of 1.02 tonnes in October to 31.07 tonnes. There
  11. The recent lifting of Chapter 7 sanctions returned approximately $82 billion to the Iraq central bank Read more: I think they have more money than they are saying they do........RETURNED is the word. 82+76=158 billion.
  12. The evidence for me is our service men that have reported SEEING WITH THEIR OWN EYES, conex storage units FULL of dinar, being loaded on C130's, on their way 'somewhere'.
  13. I'm sorry, but didn't the US spend a ton of money, like 60 billion, on reconstruction and other stuff --- The $60 billion came from five funds: $20.86 billion from the Iraq Relief and Reconstruction Fund, $20.19 billion from the Iraq Security Forces Fund that was used to train and equip Iraq’s security forces, $5.13 billion from the Economic Support Fund, $4.12 billion from the Commander’s Emergency Response Program and $1.31 billion from the International Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement account. Guess that wasn't enough.................and if it wasn't enough, how was it reall
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