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  1. ive not seen rial on sale with any bank - i contacted chase and wells fargo as well as my local airport and travelex..they are not offering it.
  2. jaygo - ##### is about backing up their take on the news with the links to the actual and often times official press releases, so if you would like, you may go to that site and participate in the chat room to get information first hand or poke around in the forum where they post breakdown's on official press releases and articles and how they relate to laws etc. **** We do not spam our links on other boards – do not mention other dinar sites here. Only post links to LEGITIMATE NEWS SOURCES. ***** Read more:
  3. Butifldrm Member Members 7,573 posts LocationTexas Posted 11 August 2014 - 05:09 PM Iraq has the ability to use their Visas, Mastercards, Qi cards in country. This article describes the ability of the Iraqi Banking system. Iraq Banking A History of Iraq BankingHistorically, banks were owned by the state before Saddam Hussein allowed private banks in Iraq during the late 1990’s (Al Sayegh, 2011, para. 12). Currently, 96% of Iraq’s banking assets are managed by state-owned banks according to the U.S. Department of State (2013). The first Iraq bank was established in 1941
  4. Securities demanding the central bank to amend the work of banks Details Group: economy Published on Monday, March 02 / March 2015 05:42 Posted By: Jawad dreams Hits: 89 BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network ( IMN ) - The Securities Commission has demanded the Central Bank, to amend the work of banks in order to attract investors and to ensure that facilitate their work. The head of the Abdul-Razzaq al-Saadi's ( IMN ), that "investors suffer from the weakness of the facilities in the banks, which negatively affects their work, which leads to a reluctance to invest."
  5. what's the matter Carrello or 'Brule' - there's not enough people to play cruel head games with over at your other haunt?
  6. 01-07-2014 Benefits Transfer (EBT) of the Central Bank profits exceeded the previous year Care of minors circle: the rate of investment during 2014 more than one billion, eight hundred thousand dinars Announced the auspices of the Department of minors, for achieving rewarding benefits of cash for a slice of minors in an auction of treasury transfers the Iraqi Central Bank and Ministry of Finance exceeded one billion, eight hundred thousand dinars through 2014. And confirmed the general manager of the care of minors circle Hind Abdul Bg: The total profits from investing the money in remit
  7. Beyond the line of the frank a. "Iraq News" interaction of the Governor of the Central Bank: By: wab4 Date: Saturday, 27-12-2014 08: 23 pm Iraq's cash reserves are reassuring and inability to balance its funding sources available by 2015 * * Compulsory employees provident will turn to liquidity and investment will benefit them * The 500 billion dinar and $ 80 million in disaster losses, connector * * We completed a draft law against money laundering and terrorist financing Interviewer: Dr. Abdel Amir Al Faisal It is one of the oldest financial institutions in the history of the Iraq
  8. Consultant-economy: remove leading zeros from currency requires a security and economic stability Monday, December 22, 2014 Baghdad/.. Was Advisor to the Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Mohammad Saleh appearance Monday, to remove the zeros of the Iraqi currency nowadays requires a security and economic stability, citing the current crisis in Iraq ghirmlaemh for this one. Saleh said in a statement with "Iraq News", was appointed to draft the removal of zeros to u.s. accounting system and monetary values without the interference of wealth and work to remove leading zeros fro
  9. i believe his real name is Steve Hanson or Hansen - thanks Deborah
  10. Jubouri: Kuwaiti debt has been converted into investment projects in Iraq Agency eighth dayDecember 22, 2014, 16:43 BAGHDAD - ((eighth day)) Finance Committee member said Haitham al-Jubouri said the Kuwaiti debt owed by Iraq, which has been converted into investment projects. Jubouri said in a statement to the Agency ((eighth day)): The State of Kuwait has agreed to the debt owed by Iraq, amounting to $ 4.6 billion until 2016 and was transferred to the postponement of investment projects. He added that most of these funds will be invested by the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry
  11. A source in the prime minister: Shabibi will return to his central bank governor BAGHDAD / JD / .. An official in the Prime Minister's source, the intention of the prime minister Haider al-Abadi return of former central bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi to office after the issuance of the court acquitted. The source, who preferred not to be named, told / BD /: "The day Monday, 22.12.2014 date the trial of former Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi for the acquittal of the charges against him by the previous government under the pretext of wasting public money." He added: "The prime minis
  12. About the acquittal of the thinker and the world economic Iraqi appearance of Dr. Mohammed SalehBy: Iraqi Democratic Movement in Australia - 17-12-2014 A statement of the Iraqi Democratic Movement in Australia about the acquittal of the thinker and the world economic IraqiDr. appearance of Mohammed Saleh Misdemeanor Rusafa court acquitted the economic world, Dr. appearance of Mohammed Saleh, of the charges against him when he was deputy governor of the Central Bank of Iraq and the previous dismissal of the suit and drop the charges against him and that On Sunday morning, December 14, 2014.
  13. Finance: taxes and customs duties to reduce the budget deficit NEW MORNING ECONOMIC AFFAIRS DECEMBER 20TH, 2014 1028 NUMBER OF READINGS Said the retrenchment would not include medicine and food Baghdad's new morning: Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari revealed that the ministry is working to reduce the budget deficit by increasing taxes and imposing customs duties on goods entering the country. Zebari said in a press statement, said that «the ministry is working to reduce the budget deficit in 2015 through the creation of alternatives to oil such as increased taxes and impose t
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