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  1. I will NOT! get mad or take anything personal here guys! Iam very very new to this and I dont know but a fraction of whats going on. I totally understand what it is you guys are saying as I said before for the longest time I have thought removing the zero,s was very bad!!!! I do my best to do my own homework to back up what the rumor mill stirs up! I believe what my cousin has said because he is pretty well off and has dealt in investing and trading for years and I trust what he,s telling me. But your right, Iam very green and am trying to grasp whats going on but get so confused as I am n
  2. I totally get what you are saying friend as I myself have been scared in the past when hearing this. I hope that your wrong and really to be honest, Iam stuck in the middle confused about it! I will say this, if your right, then we my friends are in trouble!!! Because Ive seen since CH 7 being lifted, at least 6 articles from Iraq,s Parliament, ECC, Student Blocs, ect all SCREAMING! for the CBI to remove the zero,s!! at some point there are going to do just that. I stand firm in faith to believe that God will bless us all!! with this!! Thanks!!
  3. Alot of good points here!! Iam just going off what my cousin is saying yes! But! it seems most logical to me seeing it this way. BUT! yes Iam just giving my opinion here and I hope and pray that it is right. I have never seen how the Forex works or see how they have a scale to go by. Thought that this was really cool to say the least but this is just theory to me BUT! my cousin says thats how you look at it as he,s been seeing it like that for years! As I said Iam NOT! claiming to hold the answers as you all know this could go into another direction as well!! It just seems to me that Going
  4. Ok, so today I have been reading as much info on them wanting to delete the zero,s from the Dinar, and was blown away when someone in my family who is very very wise to investing showed me why its a good thing???? I have been sick feeling seeing how the Iraqi Parliament and Economic Committee has been last week and this week shouting at the CBI to remove the 3 zero,s as I have been under the impression that it would kill our investment!! That this is not what we want. I have also seen the other side of debate by some here in these forums saying we do want it and asking why they would tell
  5. Friend I totally agree with you!!! I said that with those intentions just didnt say it right! I agree!!!
  6. Well, Iam just a newbie here but for the last 3 weeks now Iam paying much more attention to whats going on! With that being said, I know this is the Rumor Section but dang it! theres a difference in rumor with speculation, and flat out BS!! Basel III (Global Currency Reset) is in motion and thats a fact as you can Google it and its real!!! and it is a part of whats going on!! With that being said You are all smarter than this to know that when Iraq RV,s it will show across the board in every country as seen by the Forex!! NOT! just one or two!!! Thats crazy!!! I dont see how all of you ha
  7. My friend I mean no disrespect, all Iam saying is that yes the USD is up right now but Iam telling you its a false reading. The world currency fluctuates all the time so our dollar moves up and down in value. What Iam trying to tell you is that Everyone is bound by what our USD value is as everyone has to base their value on our USD. Iam sure that you know this. When we Global Reset, that will no longer be the case as each country will have to stand on its own merit and value based on its own assets. China is banging the drum to get this done not only because they want to be top dog (as th
  8. I think saying everything being brought to a level playing field is not how I should have said that? What I mean is that There are several countries not just us who are in trouble with debt and on the verge of collaspe. The whole point here is that Basel III and its Global Currency Reset is planned to stabilize all currencies to keep everyone afloat and not crash! From what I read from G-8 summit articles and the IMF articles is that our Federal Reserve is going to merge with the UST Department. I didnt mean that all currencies will be the same valve or even close to it. There will still b
  9. I never said in any way that I hold the answer or that I am right. I said if anything that Iam asking!!! if this is a posiblity because to me it makes sense. I dont care what it says as to the USD rising or falling, do you really believe everything they say or show to be fact? The USD slides and gains all the time. The whole world goes by our USD and I know for fact that this Global Reset is also a fact as it puts (so they say) everyone back on an even playing field per say to keep it all from crashing? Were not the only country in bad bad shape here! Our wonderful King, oh Iam sorry! Presiden
  10. Hey guys!, First of all. Iam just a normal guy with a wife and daughter, 2 dogs!. Iam NOT!! a Guru, Iam NOT! a know it all , and Iam NOT! a person to just just make stuff up to piss all of you nice people here off, that are waiting for this to happen so we can be free of the worry of our Government, and money problems. But I try to read and learn and then go and do my own homework on this subject and try to understand it all. So with that being said, I going to ask not tell you what I think is going to happen with this RV and when, BUT! I have researched this a bit and must say I belie
  11. Thank You!! Amos 9:13!!!! and Dontlop!!!! Finally, someone who can actually take the time to explain! Very very good info. I just learned a ton!!! Thank You very very much!!!!
  12. Hi all, I hope everyone had a great! 4th of July!! I have been invested for over 4 years now and have learned alot from not knowing anything about Iraq Dinar, RV, nothing. I would really like for somone to explain to me in a 10th grade mentallity!! of all this: CBI article yesterday has said they are postponing the removal of the 3 zero,s indefinitely. I read that Iraq will NOT!! have an RV until they have lower notes out and I do understand why. I am reading that any of us who are waiting and exspecting a RV of 1.00-3.44 is wrong? Iam being told from my little circle and am now read
  13. Hey Friends!!! This is my first post and have been following here for a long time! I bought my Dinar 3 years ago from Dinar Trade, and when I ask this guestion, I get different answers from everyone!! Can someone here tell me when this actyally happens, and we can cash in, how much do we have to give our IRS? I was told that our King (Oh Iam sorry) President had changed the Capital Gaines Tax code to 39%. Is this true and is it even the same or seperate from the IRS> Thanks and God Bless!! as I pray that we see this happen soon!!!! Thanks!
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