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  1. I am well aware by now that it's pegged to the USD, however it still makes little sense to me to loan money in a currency that it's own people don't prefer to use. That's all.
  2. Maybe I read this wrong, I dunno, but it seems rather odd to me to borrow money based on a currency that is all but worthless, in a country that prefers to use the USD on the streets instead. I'm no economics major and I am not by any means saying this points to an RV but this makes no sense to me.
  3. This made my morning coffee sooo much more enjoyable It also made me want to avoid hammocks
  4. Ok WOW, any ways.. this isn't the first time I've heard of banks cashing in groups with a specialized rate. Last one I heard was you had to hold at least 100 mil IQD. No worries on my part here. I by no means fit that bill . Oh well.. here's to yet another Bank Story and here's to Nadita. She will be missed. And here's to Adam for making the tough calls on our behalf.
  5. I think the issue here is that this has too often been referred to as an investment, when in fact it's just currency exchange. Albeit a very profitable one if and when the RV does occur. Still, this is not typically what is usually considered an investment. That being said, I for one welcome large publications telling people not to purchase dinar. I believe the closer you get to the RV the more negativity you will hear in the mainstream about it. I don't see the government of Iraq being motivated to make a bunch of people rich off their currency. Matter of fact the more people in general that get discouraged and sell back at pre-RV prices the better. The more money they get to maintain in house so to speak So go ahead and spread what ever negativity you wish. I didn't purchase any more than I can afford to lose, so the money is already spent in my mind.
  6. Oh noees another one trying to save us from ourselves!! We've all been had! Puhhhhleaaze No one here is forced to buy VIP. No one forced you to buy dinar. It's called speculation, if you can't afford the risk , stay out of the game.
  7. Best Couldn't agree with you more sir.
  8. LGD, don't feed the trolls, some people are simply best left ignored.
  9. To those who believe Israel is in the wrong. Poor terrorists, how dare Israel defend itself. The last Arab Spring some one posted the minutes from it and at the time I had enough time to read most of it. I know most were looking for a hint towards the RV but some thing caught my eye and stopped me dead in my tracks. All of the Arab nations basically agreeing to the destruction of Israel, they use Palestine as their puppet for an excuse to do so. They are surrounded by those who would like to see them wiped off the face of the earth. They are fired upon DAILY and still there are those who blame them when they defend themselves, unbelievable. Not to mention Israel ACCEPTED a cease fire arranged by Egypt, and what did Hamas do? Kept firing. If you want innocent lives to be saved, how about standing on the side of our best ally in the Middle East, and the only real Democracy??? Also, not too long ago I was listening to a former Muslim speak of his experiences in this so called "religion of peace", he talked about how his mother, who was catholic, married his father a Muslim. It was all fine while they lived in America, but when she got pregnant with him, his father wanted them to go back to his country so his family could be there for the birth. That was her undoing. Because in his fathers country (and I do admit I can't remember which it was I want to say Iraq), she was his property and no longer had any rights of her own. She wanted to come back to America and tried on several occasions, only to have his family intercept her, and for her to be beaten after. She spent many years confined to her room, she had to smuggle a Bible in and had to read it in secret, guess what would happen if she were caught? At any rate he went on to say that Islam pretty much cut and dry, you are either in or your out, and to be out means you are the enemy and must be destroyed. He also made it a point to say that you would not want your daughters to be born under Islamic rule, boys are taught from a young age that women are inferior and in truth in Islam men have little to no responsibility in this regard. Oh but that's just one example you say, you can't judge an entire religion based off of one mans experience, which is fair. I do know a woman who is Muslim and is "allowed" to work, and even has "permission" to move up the ranks to management, her words not mine. Unfortunately she's been in a state of panic because her daughter wants to marry a non-Muslim, and they already had a marriage arranged for her with a nice young Muslim man. Her husband is threatening to kill them both, which he believes is his right to do. So much for that "progressive" family.
  10. The posturing and the body language in these pics scream who's really in charge.
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