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  1. Now you don't want end up in Lopster Tank LOLOL!!! sorry neg you ment give you plus.
  2. There are one my computer and pad but not my phone its driving me nuts!!
  3. Yota you and Thuggie are just awesome I just trust few people on DV and read a few people and known it is true.
  4. Lets end this investment come on RV to many people all over the world need this RV thanks Yota you always do awesome job.
  5. Yota sure wish I had your skills and knowledge and yet better memory thanks for all you do Yota your Great.
  6. Thanks guys I saved it on my computer now.
  7. Possum likes to tell it like is in his world welcome back gald you got your life back.
  8. Is there anything else out there but and RV to strengthen economy I can dearly only to hope for and RV.
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