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  1. I do not comment a lot, but people History repeats itself! After the great depression in 29 a few years later there was martial law Took all goals from citizens. Bigger society bigger scale! I guess what I am saying is luck favors the prepared! Sorry gold not goal! Sorry gold not goal!
  2. I like the part about trade. Why mess with exchanging USD when you can Trade.....! The possibilities are endless,..Its nice having a currency that means something again. Its sounds like they want to play with the big boys, I say come on and make some BIG BOY noise!!! GO RV BaBy!!
  3. osted by Search News Back to Google News British PM visits Myanmar before sanctions review (AP) – 2 minutes ago NAYPYITAW, Myanmar (AP) —British Prime Minister David Cameron met with the head of Myanmar's reform-minded government on Friday, a week before the European Union is expected to consider easing sanctions on the country. Cameron held talks with President Thein Sein soon after arriving in Myanmar's capital, Naypyitaw, and later was to meet separately with opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi. His visit is the first in memory by a British prime minister, and may actually be the first
  4. I have been it this for almost two years, and I agree CaptJohn.. I have seen Holidays, Moon alignments, and even Birthdays~!!! Not with all of these things lining up, with articles to back it up!! Heres Hoping! Go RV!!!!!!
  5. Well seems fine know go figure! Posted because when going to the site it came up with a blue screen and stated: UN Site is undergoing Urget Maintainence check back soon! Well keeping eyes open for anything, never seen that site do that!! Go RV!
  6. All I can say is here is hoping and nothing more!!
  7. Getting ready for the arab summit I see! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... I wonder what else they could do to get ready!!!!!!!!!!!Go RV!
  8. All I know is yeah, it might take a couple more years but this is Exciting! Don't lose faith, enjoy this, it might be nothing we wait, but always remember it could be time, hahhahahah here's to stayin g grounded!!
  9. I am excited looked at the auction and saw this, this is th lowest I have seen this! My question is how can a counrty who sells money to make money to live and live on this!!!!!! WHaT happen TO THE other 23 BANKS TODAY WHO BUY??!! DID THEY TAKE THE DAY OFF! It IS hard not to get excited!! WE all SHOULD BE HAPPY. this is what I have been waiting for.... Dramatic change!! One more thing I am waiting for is really bad news for the investment: Like CBI/GOV saying they will lop or something crazy to make people dump tons of IQD quick. So we wait..................I know somebody may have up
  10. I know right! I was thinking well it can't be made up right, different number of banks roughly the same number, it could be coincidence! But for me this is to precise and I'm optimistic that theres pride from a nation ready to change the world (WHILE GRINNING Behind closed doors)! Like knowing something you don't know!
  11. Still down 12:20 eastern time! Go RV!! Re-bot with a change for the world!
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