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  1. Belarus lol. Its probably a species of walrus we have not discovered yet.
  2. If they are going to straight up RV at a buck, why the hell would the goverment tell us they are going to RV. Would't that plainly cause some serious shifts in foreign currency to dinar and crazy investment opportunity. I'm more of the opinion that these articles are talking about a redomination. Whether or not its misinformation to quell speculation remains to be seen. I just hope this ends soon. So tired of the debate. No one knows whats going to happen. But It think its important that every investor here knows every scenario and how it could play out instead of not accepting the LOP talk.
  3. kaperoni is part of the GET team. I will say no more about his validity. These articles still sound troubling in the form of a redomination. HOWEVER I do like the words "IN THE LONGER TERM" when reffering to a redomination or LOP. Makes me think that there could still be a 90 day window for cash in before the redomination happens. All speculation of course but regardless it looks like we are very close to something happening.
  4. for the love of all that is holy/ not holy. Please stop bringing this filth here.
  5. Why would it be political suicide?, Just curious. Why aren't they able to redominate and then begin the process of taking in all the large bills and replacing them with a lower denom with the kurdish language on it. I've said it before and I'll say it again. IF THE LOWER DENOMS WERE PRINTED IN 2003 ALONG WITH THE REST OF OUR BILLS, OUR 25k DINAR BILLS WOULD HAVE KURDISH LANGUAGE ON IT. I REALLY DON;t UNDERSTAND HOW THIS IS DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND. I am however praying that every bone in my body is wrong about this recent article. Either way I'm ready to move on whether its a redomination or RV. Bring it CBI.
  6. So your saying the bills in iraq will only be effected by the LOP. How does that make any sense. If I was an iraqi and I heard about this I would literally riot in the streets. How is it fair that the rest of the world benefits from the RV and they don't. Your singing a very different tune today easy, yesterday you were pretty adamant about the LOP not even being a possibility. Face it , you know nothing more than any of us here. And that's not debatable. I appreciate you bringing over news and stuff from other sites, But come on man you've been here longer than I have and I've seen through the daily B.S and weekly guru fabrications a long time ago. There's a difference between being positive about an investment and burying your head in the sand. with that said I hope you and your "someone" is correct because I would like to retire young lol.
  7. I fail to see how it is good news when it is blatantly talking about printing new lower denoms with the Kurdish language and pictures on it. Sounds like a redomination, which truly sucks for us....
  8. Sounds like a Redomination. Honestly if you get anything else out of that article your head is buried in the sand. The smaller denoms if printed in 2003 would not have the Kurdish language on them, how do I know you ask? Because our dinars don't have Kurdish on them. This is pretty black and white when it comes down to it. Now the question is, is it misinformation to cut down on speculation or actual truth. I believe the answer lies where the money is, the dinar dealers. Time will tell. I hope it's soon.
  9. I so badly want this to be true. But honestly delta has been wrong systematically over the course of this investment. I have a hard time taking anything that he says along with frank without a moutain of salt. For all the negative rep slingers realize that I WANT this to be true so badly its the reason I am here. I could care less about reputation however. If I cared I would just post bold rv claims after bank rumors and stuff from other sites. I could be in the thousands positive by the end of the month.
  10. watch out keep the negative reputation slingers will be here shortly.
  11. Do you have a link or any factual information to back this claim of 15 trillion. That would be aces!!, I mean no disrespect I just haven't come across this in my own research. thanks in advance. I'm glad your sticking to your RV prediction with such confidence. Would love to hear more from you.
  12. I mean no disrespect, but honestly I would rather he talk about current issues than spending 10 minutes every week to push VIP. We all know that there are many benefits to being a VIP, but there are stickys in the forums and really no need to cover it every week. It really takes out a lot of time of questions etc. I would have rather'd hear him comment on the new article directly from the CBI. That's just me though. Once again I appreciate everything Adam does, I just thought I would write my 2 cents.
  13. Better interpretation with this translation. Definitely talking about the lower denoms. Now the Potentially million dollar question still remains. Redomination or revaluation. Either way I hope it come to pass soon.
  14. People take everything so seriously. I'm not actually serious, just tired of hearing the same old b.s week in and week out.
  15. I am always conservative and grounded in this investment. But I will admit in having a hard time not getting excited. These past 2 weeks have been interesting to say the least.
  16. I'm going to strap on my dream helmet and blast off into dream land. Where dreams grow on dreamies.
  17. Why are people giving negative reps to dinarck? because he realizes that the LOP situation COULD possibly happen?, And for the love of god I don't want to debate it anymore because I really could care less either way. This is a speculative investment, There are many scenarios that could play out that we have zero control over. There is no need to put on our fantasy helmets and crap on people who are looking at the bigger picture. I personally don't think that a LOP will happen, simply because the situation doesn't demand it. But I could be wrong, Why? because I have no clue what is going on over there save what comes to us in shredded news articles from the worst and most unreliable new's company's on the planet. How's that for a run on sentence. Be patient people, and stop throwng negatives around for no reason.
  18. deltas info was debunked before it even was released due to mass lying and retardation ever since he became a guru.
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