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  1. When people are jumping ship that gets me more excited it means this thing is gonna pop soon!!! I love this quote hmm... Hav'nt we all been here a littlle? "Success is seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go." -William Feather-
  2. What amazes me is that he has anyone to talk to with this BS. After calling so many RV's and being wrong. Must be Obama supporters on his website, they like the abuse.
  3. I agree Goldie, in his own words it's entertaining to him to come in a pro rv site and troll. Sounds like he is bored or very inmature.
  4. Hmm so because others don't believe what you believe you are in a dinar Rv site to troll and rain on others parade, how about starting you own anti-dinar site and preach you beliefs there.
  5. Selling 1 million uncirculated dinar bought from DT in 09, have certs of Auth. yours for $1,000.00 USD
  6. Selling 1 million uncirculated dinar 25k notes bought from Dinar Trade in 09. Have certs of auth. $1,000.00 USD.
  7. Nice breakdown, amazing how we function at all. Most families living like this become homeless or move in with families.
  8. wow what balls they have, who doesnt know people who are struggling give me a break!
  9. Looking to sell 1 million dinar in the San Diego area, no worries i believe it will RV I still have plenty and plan to buy more if it doenst RV soon. opps sorry 1 million dinar for 1,000.00 USD
  10. Thank you, that is what made sense to fall under those guidelines.
  11. Not sure why it would be considered regular income, there is not too many people that have foreign currency as a regular income. Do you have any facts to back up your claim?
  12. What really is confusing is you party poopers that think there is going to be a lop, why the hell are you even on here? Is your life that dull and uneventful that you just come on web sites to be negative. If you think it will lop sell your dinars (If you havnt already) and move on.
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