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  1. you signed up yesterday. thanks for coming out.
  2. I've been a member since march. I have a positive reputation. Not sure why my posts need to be previewed by a mod, Which means they will never get posted at all as the mods never look at them. I would very much appreciate an explanation or a swing back to normal. Thanks in advance.
  3. I heard someone fart while at work today, does that mean the RV is imminent?
  4. At least hes calling it like it is. To be honest this rumor section sickens me sometimes. Why People still post okie, athena, terryk or any member of the GET team is beyond me. Its not entertaining, its not funny, Its 100 percent retardation due to being conceived with a weak sperm. shiFT, I thought we talked about this yesterday! Stop using the "R" word!
  5. Do I believe its done?- Nah Do I believe we are the closest we've ever been to something actually happening- Yeah Am I tired of peoples assumptions and opinions with little to no factual information to back it up- certainly. thanks for the post though.
  6. Actually it should be in chats. Thanks for the post though.
  7. When I first got invested I read EVERYTHING. After awhile you realize that no one actually knows what they are talking about and are all waiting either a RD or a RV.
  8. My apologies upgradable.Won't speak of it again.
  9. possum is an idiot, who holds about as much significance to this investment as splattered feces covering a wall is considered "contemporary" art. Be gone idiot of idiots.
  10. The drool was probably falling out the side of your mouth as you wrote this. Having an extra chromosome doesn't make you special. Oh wait it does. Don't let the door of reality hit you on the way out. happy trails.
  11. Hells yeah good news! It still remains as to if this I'll trigger an RV or the RD that has been all over the news the last few weeks.
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