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  1. Thank you to the few that have been kind to this newbie . And to those who have not that's ok too. Dogmatic1 I will miss you the most..NOT... and to keepm, your babble and lack of knowledge will not be missed.. So long Oh I almost forgot.... Dogmatic1 since you love to flex your beer muscles can you pick me up by my waistband and toss me out the door please?
  2. Vato someone gave you a neg just for asking about your vip membership. but no worries i gave you a pos. to override. zzzzzzzzz
  3. I am new here ad try to lay low and mind my business but some mods here that like to "read between the lines" of certain posts are beginning to get somewhat abusive when they don't agree with opinions that some of your members have. i hate the cowardness of the "if you don't like it leave" motto that some stand by. Adam I believe some of these mods need a 'TIME OUT"... thanks for your time...Lori
  4. I read the post again just to see if the word idiot was ever mentioned. I did not see it.. I used to enjoy this site but It makes me sick to see the mods telling people to leave and not come back just because they don't like what was posted. I have been invested since jan 5 2004 it has been a long ride for me and until this week enjoyable. I normally say very little here in the posts but I had to say this today.
  5. i read the first paragraph and now I want to bang my head against a wall. i don't post often but this time I had to say something here. Get a grip.
  6. Scooter stoped by chat tonight and I joked that when we rv by june 30 I would name my child Scooter. Well my daughter will have no part in changing her name to Scooter. That being said when we rv I will buy a fish and the shinest biggest most beautiful bowl I can find and I will call him Scooter. If any of you have ever had a pet named Scooter shout it out.
  7. I am also a newbie to this site after watching it for a while. I vented a bit yesterday about the way newbies are treated and to my shock all of the old timers agreed and stuck up for us newbies ... so hang in there my friend
  8. I wondered that myself . I just joined this month and my newbie status is gone. I kindof liked being known as a newbie. even though I have been invested since jan. of 2005
  9. Thank you for all the info you share. I will be looking forward to learning more from you.
  10. Saying a little prayer for Trey as i get ready to settle in for the night
  11. Smee2 thank you for our opinion of me although i will always defend people who are trashed for no reason. I have heard that I have New York attitude but I have never been called belligerent. I hope i spelled that right. Funny thing is that when i was told I had a NY attitude I had been living in the south for 17 years. I suppose It may be time for me to shop for my super hero costume.. and maybe we should have a super hero lottery for a name that suits . Lori defender of the newbie seems a bit long tho . Again ty until we meet again (as i ride off on my white horse).
  12. RSS tyvm .Since I have been readi posts on this site for the past month or so I have come across your posts often and for what it's worth I find you to be very respectful to all people. I have read many of your posts just because of this. I will be looking for more posts of yours in the future... TYVM LORI
  13. Texhad tyvm. I look forward to learning all I can about our investment. I am for the most part very low key so if other members here want me to wow you with my intel it's probley not going to happen . I will only share truths so I will lay low and watch. I should have learned by now in all of my 45 years on this planet to pick my battles wisely but I have always been a defender of people who I feel are wronged. The newbies being trashed hit a nerve. When and if I ever learn of solid truthful intel I will post..Thanks for the welcome.
  14. Roux I completly know where your coming from and I appreciate your post. I just had to vent. This newbie stuff gets so old even in life outside the computer. I have recently taken a new job with a private member only country club and the newbie thing gets old when I know I can run circles around so many of the 18 year olds who work there because "they are cute". I am working with nothing but snotty little spoiled brats who treat people they work with like crap. Then I come on here to relax and see the new members here being called names. i just want to defend i guess.. Again ty for your response..
  15. I suppose one could consider me a newbie because I have only just joined here and started posting. I did not join earlier for the fact that some of the folks here are not very welcoming. I see the newbies get accused of being stupid and I have seen the newbies attacked in print here often. I have been invested since jan of 2005 and have done more research than I care to admit.. so all you old timers need to get a grip.. do unto others and all that.. Sending a shout out to all the other newbies.. hope to see you in the cash out line..
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