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  1. What a shock.... government doing things without telling us. They have learned well from our u.s. gov.
  3. Mine is a pen name borrowed from Benjamin Franklin when he used to write articles for the news paper with opinions that not everyone (the authorities) would agree with. He was one of my heros in history growing up and we share the same first name. It is men like him and many others through history that have made this country the great nation it is. VOTE RON PAUL 2012-- LETS KEEP OUR NATION GREAT!!!
  4. Its a long one, but since there isnt much to read lately.... I didnt see the entire CC posted anywhere else so I thought I would help out those who didnt know what all the arguing was about. --S.D. DELTAS report about 2/3's down. By the end of June! 6-20-11 Franks Monday Night Intel by DebTarHeelGirl » June 20th, 2011, 10:14 pm • 6-20-11 Frank’s Monday Night Intel By DebTarHeelGirl Frank & Dodd – This law has nothing to do with the Iraq Dinar – This is not something that will effect us its transparency and help with all the Cr _ _ ks says Darline, to not be able to trade “ahead” of the rest of normal people. This way is not taking possession as its leveraging and they use this form to make up for losses or endure losses. If this happens by June 30th more lower denoms could be bought. Another currency could spike and use gold and silver again and they desire that to not do it again but use the American Dollar. There is a logical reason but not involved with the change of the IQD but the logical connection with the logic of currency…Watch what they are doing with gold and silver family – this weekend’s reports was a preliminary to what the law actually is its over 1000 pages long… and then it will be changed as out President has not signed certain bills that indirectly effect our exchange…this is still being modified and changed and Darline said the put this off another six months the final reading of it… Please sign the legislation that’s in front of your RIGHT NOW and listen to the Authors of the Plan and sign those papers now Mr. President – This was meant to pay the war and the budget and the deficit – please do not hold up and don’t do what you are planning in doing and you can’t spread the wealth and use it OUSTIDE the war or the budget… Gold and Silver would have been one of the way to diversify my blessing – why take it from us - they want them to stop being crooks and I say they want them to use the American Dollar…This is not good we are being told what to do with gold and silver its one of our rights and privilege as it’s the universal currency. Our Gov can’t tell us to not use this to trade with – they are taking away the gold from us at this time when we are about to have an amazing tax windfall for you. You want us to pay the taxes right Mr. Pres. CFTC Delays Swaps Regulation By Another 6 Months To Comply With Wall Street Demands Submitted by Tyler Durden on 06/14/2011 11:40 -0400 One year after the passage of Dodd-Frank's provisions on swap regulation absolutely nothing has been implemented. And judging by the just announced yet another 6 month delay of rule implementation, it now appears pretty much certain that the $600 billion derivatives market will never be actually regulated, courtesy of conflicted interests at the CFTC. "The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission proposed delaying rules for the huge derivatives market that had been automatically set to go into effect on July 16. One year after the passage of the Dodd-Frank financial overhaul that ordered a crack-down on the $600 trillion derivatives market, regulators have not been able to meet the deadline for translating the legislation into specific provisions. That prompted the CFTC on Tuesday to propose delaying some of the so-called "self-executing" rules until as late as the end of the year." After all, it is the CFTC's sworn duty to do anything to help the poor OTC traders who may experience a modest drop to their multi-million year end bonuses if profit margins are cut into by regulatory intervention: "Traders had feared that billions of dollars in transactions might suddenly fall into legal limbo. Without relief from the CFTC, a delay could have caused those contracts to lose the legal protection afforded them by a clause in the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 that created a framework that stated they were not illegal off-exchange futures." But lest someone suspect the fine upstanding gentlemen at the CFTC led by former Goldman Sachs employee Gary Gensler who has absolutely no interest in seeing his old firm continue along the confines of the status quo (very much like that other form Goldmanite Hank Paulson), the CFTC did provide this brilliant clarification: "The temporary relief proposals have "nothing to do with any outside pressure one way or the other to extend the rule-making or the effective date," a CFTC staff member said." Well, if they say so, it must be true. More on why absolutely nothing will ever change until the next blow up which since it is backstopped by every central bank in the world, will be the very last one. From Reuters: Those granted temporary relief from the new guidelines include transactions in exempt or excluded markets -- primarily in financial, energy and metals -- as well as measures that do not require rule-making but refer to terms such as swap, swap dealer or major swap participants that must be further defined by regulators. "The exemptive relief that's being granted by the Commission would allow virtually all the same types of transactions conducted now to continue during this period," a CFTC staff member told reporters ahead of an agency meeting. The relief measures became necessary after the CFTC said it would miss the July 16 deadline to write regulations for the over-the-counter derivatives market. The delay risked a legal void for trades that would be caught between the current regulatory framework, which ends next month, and and not yet offered protection under as-yet unfinished new rules. Mutually Assured Destruction is here again: Without some type of short-term fix until the new rules are in effect, Wall Street investors worried the market would be thrown into chaos, casting doubt on the legality of derivatives trading and stoking fears of dried-up liquidity and an exodus to offshore trading. The exemptions, which are open to a 14-day public comment, would last through Dec. 31, unless the rules go into effect first. The temporary relief would not apply to measures already in effect, or on futures contracts, options on futures, or transactions by retail customers in foreign currency or other commodities. We are happy to bet any amount of single ply toilet dollars that come December 31, absolutely nothing will change, and the CFTC will indicate that traders are horrified of the market destruction that would ensue should a 2 year old law (at that point) be finally enforced: "Six months will provide the Commission with the opportunity to re-examine the status of final rule making in light of the changed regulatory landscape at the time," said CFTC Chairman Gary Gensler at the agency's meeting on Tuesday. The CFTC said the proposals "provide the needed clarity for market participants" and should address any legal concerns for swaps beginning on July 16. Still, some industry watchers questioned whether the CFTC has enough legal power to propose these measures. And with Republican now at the helm, expect deregulation (even with regulation effectively at zero as is), to become the name of the game: The first comprehensive U.S. regulation of the swaps market is on track to be implemented this year, but Republican lawmakers have introduced legislation to slow down the process. The temporary relief proposals have "nothing to do with any outside pressure one way or the other to extend the rule-making or the effective date," a CFTC staff member said. And the punchline is that Wall Street which ultimately pushed so hard for this first of many delays, now blames the CFTC: Wall Street banks and major market players have said they are equipped to comply with derivatives reforms, but accused U.S. regulators of dragging their feet on clarifying how and when they will go into effect. In other news, let the rape and pillage of the global middle class continue. After all, that is the status quo. ... to+zero%29 ... r22633.pdf Frank states its lacking info in these articles and what folks are saying anyway. This law will Stop dream trading in foreign currency exchange and Frank says he does not believe it will affect our currency exchange at all but I feel that it may indirectly effective Lower Denoms…meaning those who have gold and silver can’t buy lower denoms… Andy Webber & George called various senators today to discuss this Report and we discovered – The senators are confused over the Frank-Dodd report – its over 6,000 pages long and the explanation report is - most folks at first were ignorant of this information and were evading talking to us about this report as they don’t understand it completely. One person explained the FCC and CFTC has to make the rules to govern places that are able to buy and sell Dinar and they make decisions – after the 15th of July governed by the FCC they will not be able to buy and sell dinars and she feels that they won’t wait that long. The main worry is will we be able to cash in our dinars –as long as its currency to currency we can trade but not for currency to precious metals. He also stated that the constitution is not meaning much anymore… and she stated its only to stop the short sales of the precious metals and take possession wit in 28 days Senator Pat Tooney’s office stated this information. The stand alone futures commission of merchants, you will be able to buy and sell this way and if Ali is sanctioned by this I am not sure – and Senator Pat Tooney’s Rep feels by the 15th of July the FCC will have their rules made and the people will be able to buy and sell dinars. And again - Frank says he does not believe it will affect our currency exchange at all but I feel that it may indirectly effective Lower Denoms…meaning those who have gold and silver can’t buy lower denoms… Andy states that being self employed for many years and the economy is tougher now and it would be real easy for us to sit back to say the dinars are coming and not do anything and sometimes the money is not there - We pray and GOD is our supplier and he will take care of us and he will not let us down… DFI Fund – says Frank Iraq in Nov Dec started a campaign letting the authors know they wanted it extended – and then in Jan they asked again – the UNSC said NO grow up – the funds are now in NY we GOT YOU and are in control. In fact says Darline, Maliki wanted the funds in April to get two accounts and the food for oil by May 1st and they did get it and 1st of June they transferred the $$ from the UN to two US Banks. The DFI was extended “OUR” way till June 30th 2011 PERIOD. They wanted 2012 but it was not approved…DFI money is protected no one can sue them. And having the money here in the US dose the same thing. Frank says it was extended “our way” Frank says there is not a time frame – phases and a plan that does end on June 30th – accomplishments to the currency plan had to be accomplished and they did it all - THERE IS NO TIME NO CLOCK NO STOP WATCH and no one cares that anyone is impatient about revaluing this currency and they are doing the phases of the currency one, ON Iraq TV today- Shabibi spoke and Maliki and both came out and said things with happiness and fellowship to each other – to the people – and today Shabibi spoke after Maliki and he said things about the currency – EF Hutton style – and when he speaks of anything they listen – and he said they are finalizing the lifting of the 3 zeros… Frank says come on, Shabibi is like a politician but it is done already… he said he would increase the rate of the currency The LOI letter M sent to the UN and asked about paying Japan back and the Iraq Forex started training people today. Darline The article should come out where Shabibi and M and it may be recycled as they are not ready to give us new information. They have decided to remove the 3 zeros completion near done and we are now presenting to House of Reps. They are telling us its going back before Parliament so they can pass the laws we need. Shabibi went on to say on TV that explaining to the citizens that the currency will have a gradual increase and spoke on the $.86 to $1.30 – we bring you everything folks and we can’t guarantee things we say but we repeat what Shabibi says – The appraisal comes back from Ernst and Young through the IMF rate should be $1.30 and Shabibi spoke of this today that the CBI is about to finish raising the 3 zeros project strategic and submitted to parliament if it is complete. Frank states that Shabibi came out today and said on TV about the $.86 to $1.30 that the currency will have a gradual increase and the lifting of 3 zeros would be part of this – He said that the currency value from the 70s and 80s would occur in 2013… Frank says I am still at $3.86 no matter what but I can’t be dogmented and I have to give you what my team has and we slowly have been telling you that its highly possible this lower rate can be the real rate – we have to share this with you… He said that the currency value from the 70s and 80s would occur in 2013… SO if it does come out – then it would only take a few months for the value to rise 3-6 months to be driven up to the $3+ range – this law about precious metals is in a small way that it is somewhat directed to us. IF it does come out it will double by the end of the year – and lets look at 2012 at least in the $2 range. IN 2006 for the first time Shabibi said We strive to bring the currency back to the value of the 70 abd 80s and it’s a long process and will take steps to accomplish and 6years later now those are long steps Shabibi – Frank says that we are to praise GOD and that Shabibi is talking about raising this value which can only be a good thing and to have him say after this increase raises to our level in 2013 – its only his opinion says Frank- its not his opinion it will come out at a higher rate now – 3 months ago in Washington DC Shabibi said ahhhhhhhhhhhh so Frank says I am not disappointed one bit about what he has said…. Obama and Bush fighting over who gets the credit… Texas tell him Ohio tell him somebody tell him DC all of you tell him – I am not saying he is holding this up but O wants to use this money of this blessing in the same manner as the Clinton campaign used it… Next – discuss $5.25 and how many were paid out and why have we not heard about this anymore? Frank said this rate might actually be the GBP rate of $3.86 and Frank’s math was incorrect he did it backwards… my dear friend in Iraq said he had cashed out at that rate – we have found NO ONE else no who were cashing out – we are hearing rumors that they are cashing out in the political structure – but how can we prove this? Is someone really going to tell you they did? IF these rumors are true then praise GOD cause we are next. The only one I have is the one I told you about… Why are the dealers still selling – when they should hold on to their dinars – the dealers already since back in 2004 have invested a lot and their profits were purchase and in the mean time a business was born caused selling dinars due to the supply and demand… The Inflation rate stated is 7.3% http://another ... es-to-7-3/ 45% inflation rate increase in one month? Frank feels it’s not this rate - but if it is true the core inflation rate for June is going to be almost 11% or higher on these calculations? DO you understand they have to raise the value of the currency ASAP ?? That core is like a virus In July it would be 15% or higher Delta said Islamic Banks were to do something on the 19th but we heard nothing – but they are trying to connect banks in ME – and they have to go international to give loans.. Today 1st time Shabibi an Maliki was live on TV that he did report on TV about the money laundering – they don’t want the money to end up in Wrong hands- then Shabibi said today that rate will be $.86 up to $1.30 – and former financial minister of Iraq spoke in 2006 on starting the IMF WB and the CBI said ever dollar would be 1.2 dinars – it will take us 2 years to replace the old notes with new notes to not confuse their own people so they can be phased out… Delta just announced that Shabibi said today on IRAQ TV he will revalue the currency by June 30th if not before for SURE and he did say $.86 up to $1.30 with a gradual increase up to the 1970's and 1980's rate by the year 2013. They do not have enough money to support a higher rate than this so said Shabibi today on Iraq TV. SHABIBI said a gradual increase and he did say that it will happen in the month of JUNE. Iraq they are ready letter to UNSC that they are done and ready to move to Chapter 8 and the 22nd and 23rd they need to do this and no later than June 30th- and they have to use the IQD and only one currency. As soon as they qualify for Chapter 8 they can’t use the dollar there to buy and sell. Shabibi said there is not enough money to support an RI past the $.86. It’s still they have to revert back in 2013 they will go back up to $3.44 and in 2015 it’s possible that this would be worth $5 range – Kuwait is now about $3.61. Kuwait will join the GCC and we all know we already agreed the fixed rate is $2.50 to $2.65 and Iraq will join the GCC then when in 2013 they will have a rate of $3.60+… If Iraq wants to join the GCC for any reason for every person having dinars will get about 1.5 to 2 new GCC currency. Delta says the inflation is about 8%+ numbers are not right and therefore they HAVE TO DO THIS RI- NOW ‘ The IMF will receive the confirmation and then announce the RI – they are hooked up with Basel and BIS and it will show first on the CBI then all over. All indications shows that they are doing this now – he needs security to do this. On the 29th to the 10th of June we know what was going on – we will say that it make sense now at least for those that have been telling us including those that said they cashed out - maybe this was true for during that date. Delta says the $5.25 rate is not real. Darline says Delta your rate of $1.30 or $.86 cents – the Iraq rate will be different as USD as it will be on GBP Delta says NO – Darline says she is not saying $5.12 but regardless what Iraq RV s at – our Dollars are on a different level as the GBP is on a different level compared to the dollar and the IQD…NO says Delta Darline says if that is true and if it were $1 – most people will put un-cashed dinar into a foreign asset account the Dodd Frank bill spoke of digital currency and it may be a horrible wrong idea to do this now – so better do some research on this type of deposit… Frank said I go away from getting and getting out quick…but not so sure now ISX Stock market wants to go global any day articles stated today… so they have to revalue now. They can’t pay their debts anymore and can’t afford a high rate = these high rates going around will not be true. They owe Kuwait 21 billion dollars and they only have 165 billion dollars and this money that they release will be to support the dinar if they take this out now from this balance. Shabibi does not lie – he never has lied to his people and he told them the value will be raised on the currency THIS MONTH, and Delta states no later than the 28th. Shabibi goes to Rome on the 23rd to speak to banks about currency…. They do not need parliament to approve the raising of the value… Shabibi said that that Iraq economy will kick in on July 1st… On the 22nd this could be the day – IMF sent letter to the CBI….Shabibi will be in Rome on the 23rd and something will happen… Skyhawk makes a statement from the forum: THE IQD ROCKET IS READY TO ROCK FRANK FRANK AND DELTA THE 86 CENTS WHICH WILL BE ABOUT $1.17, IS ACTUALLY A BOOK VALUE OF THE DINAR.........THIS ROCKET WILL LIGHT AND PURE SPECULATION GREEED WILL TAKE OVER. IT WILL TAKE OVER IN THE CURRENCY IT WILL TAKE OVER IN THE ISX WE ARE NOT EVEN TOUCHING THE SPECULATIVE NATURE OF THE MARKET. WE ARE PURELY LOOKING AT BOOK NUMBERS FOR VALUE......SPECULATION WILL MAKE THEM RV THIS THING ON A MONTHLY BASIS TO AVOID THE 2% LIMITATION OF INCREASE. HANG ON FRANK, TO THE MOON ALICE. Frank said 2 revaluations In 2 years will happen – Delta says that its not going to be $1.17 at all its going to be 1 dinars and 17 fills = to $.86 in USD…. It will come out as a managed float – they will not let it go high – it will be fixed and the whales and sharks cannot eat Iraq and if you go to the bank foreign bank there is a maximum you can buy is $3,000 worth – when the $.86 comes out you won’t be able to buy $1.0million dollars worth so the whales and sharks can’t buy… it will take 2 years and when banks show the $.86 rate if I am a rich man I can’t buy more than 3,000 more dinars… it’s the most you can buy per day… they have a cap limit its fixed…. All investors will jump to Iraq to invest in the country and that will be supply and demand and it will take 2 years… 1% of US citizens hold dinars – those people cashing in will be about 90% of those holders. Most will not hold it – THIS RV IS NOT FOR YOU AND ME ITS FOR THE COUNTRY BENEFIT. You can keep the larger notes forever there is not time table – they will be legal tender they will need it so you can hold on it for as long as you want…cancelling the larger notes will hurt the country so there is no limitations as they will co-exist together. This currency will explode fast says Frank- faster than forecasted….Delta feels this may be on the 22nd… Shabibi to say this today and they are out of Chapter 7 and Kuwait announced to invest in Iraq – lots going on – it’s a done deal – Kuwait is happy we need to be happy too! Global Settlements states Delta that letter stats that the Pres is the hold up of the RV he is NOT but the revalue is DONE but he needs more taxes on those cashing out here in the US, Je’sus says this may be out last pre-blessing conference call - Frank says we will call it BC and AD conference call - Before Cash and After the Dinar. Frank is definitely doing the SNOOPY dance - we have been waiting so long to hear Shabibi say HE WOULD REVALUE - we are there folks we are there... 9.999 is Franks meter now! END of CALL
  5. My question to the group is: Since we have not seen denominations smaller than $50 .00 IQD... How can we calculate it so if they RV now the $50 IQD = say $1 U.S.? What would be the rate then? This way seems like they would RV 2 times or more but an easier transition for the country itself. It clears out the larger denoms and the second jump could be much higher without such a great loss. I was also thinking that the Visa cards they are handing out could be the replacement for the "in-between time" of the RV that way they dont have to have all the lower denoms out "overnight". Thoughts?
  7. To help you understand the power of intention: Most people got into this investment out of fear or insecurity and thats why all the frustration with it. If they were truly at peace with it and themselves this "rollercoaster" would be much more fun than scary. With your post it is very apparent of your view of this investment: hopeful and at the same time scared you made a mistake, as are alot of people here. If you are "sending" a mixed signal then you get mixed results. i'll be here to help cheer you/us on! Stop by Gman's post of "free hugs" and try not to take this seriously at all.
  8. I cant give anymore+/- today according to the web site but Qman you get a +1 from me! Always hug everyone you love as often as possible and tell them I LOVE YOU! CAUSE ONE DAY THEY WILL BE GONE!
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