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  1. I won't argue that this post seems genuine. But the fact of the matter is, you can't sell oil for an other currency than the USD. We didn't go over there for Al-Qaeda links, WMD,or to establish a democracy. The country was being brought to it's knees by all of the sanctions imposed on it, so- Sadaam had the bright idea to perhaps sell Iraq's oil for Euros. That would not bode well for the USD. Follow the money. It's the almost the same reason we're in Libya. We dont give a rats ass about being humanitarians. Libya wanted to nationalize their oil and take it out of big oils hands and bank accounts. Can't let them do that. Google the JECOR agreement & you'll see why oil is strictly sold for dollars.
  2. Now broadcasting in mime? Man, your headlines never fail to crack me up.
  3. Theoretically, the universe is 14 billion years old & a RV of the magnitude with which we've places our hopes and dreams- has never happened.... Not in 14 billion years. So, it appears the lottery does indeed give one better odds at this point in time. Just sayin'
  4. Perhaps the outcome of this meeting will refute AC's assertion that the fund will be extended a year.
  5. This sounds more believable than George Robinson.' Not hatin'... Just sayin'
  6. Excuse me sir or madam... There is an ocean of difference between stating an observation & forming an opinion. I did not render an opinion, so please- don't ho humm me. Have a nice day/weekend yourself.
  7. Well, she admitted that her handle/moniker has absolutely nothing to do with the types bonds one would think of in the financial services sector. She's a bounty hunter specializing in bail bonds. She's not an economist. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that type of work. It's a respectable profession. It's just that Dog The Bounty Hunter wouldn't be my first choice of financial advisors that I'd ask to interpret foreign economic policy. Does that make sense?
  8. Doesn't look like any guru worth their 3 letter agency contact is willing to refute today's article. Awfully quiet in that department today.
  9. "Negatism" isn't a word. I believe you should've used Negativity Just sayin'
  10. Well, at least we know who his intel is now.... Schizophrenia.
  11. Sorry to say, but yes... Scroll to the bottom, it's from 2010.
  12. Here is an email I sent to AK News via their website. I'd like to see if they can confirm the numerous gurus claims of Shabibi's televised speech in regards to a RV/RD. I can only hope they have a better translator than Google. Hello and good day. I read on your website yesterday, the article stating that the CBI plans to restructure the currency of Iraq. There was talk of Dr. Shabibi speaking on Iraqi television on or around 19/6/2011. There is unconfirmed speculation that he spoke of the issuance of new currency, smaller denomination notes to ease transactions. It was also speculated that he spoke of this occurring in the next 7-10 days. I was wondering if you would able to confirm or deny such a televised event actually took place. Thank you for your time, Lonzworth
  13. Thanks EZ... This fever pitch is getting nuts. I might have to invest in some of these soon. Oops! I crapped my pants
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