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  1. Puts new meanin to, if you see this rig rockin dont bother knockin
  2. THANKKS!!!!!! THUG great articles an I like shabbi coming back on board
  3. Thanks RON, I don't always agree with kap but on the imf I surely believe he is right
  4. OUCH!!!! his girlfriemd said an you thought those were special
  5. All you saw was cowboyhats an bracelets OMG LOL
  6. Star, he has more self control than me an I' divorced so it happens lol
  7. OH! that fool is wantin to look real bad lol
  8. Damn Star, that' just gross, lost my coffee lol
  9. way to go Star an i enjoy your mornin wake up call lol humor with coffee sounds like new business in the making
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