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  1. Scooter was predicting RV for last June 2011.
  2. Here is a word of adivce. If anybody is "calling the RV", it is a 100% guarantee that they don't know ****. They are just on the forums because they don't have a real job with any kind of significant meaning. They are not producers of goods or services or anything productive that contributes to society. They create lies for one of the following two reasons: 1) They are being paid by the dinar dealers . . . or . . . 2) They live pathetic existences, probably in their mom's basement. They obviously don't have families, or jobs, or real business to tend to. They like getting a rise out of people, they get off on people thinking they are inportant or connected to something big. Even if those people are total strangers whom they will never know or meet in person. They lack dignity or meaning, and they just want to feel like they are part of something. In reality, they don't know a damn thing, other than what they read and piece together from all the dinar sites that they are logged into for 16 hours per day. It makes them feel important when gullible people hang on their every word, and go to the forums to ask their opinion. In reality, they feel insignificant about their role in life. They are probably not "important people" where they live, but they long to be "somebody". As twisted as it is, they don't even care if the people that listen to them are strangers. They don't really want to be judged by their peers, because once again, they probably don't have any friends in real life. They have made themselves to be LARGE by being internet Dinar Gurus, as if that is something any person with real things to do even gives a **** about. Listen folks, NONE of these morons knows a damn thing. How many years does someone need to listen to the same garbage over and over again before they realize that all these fools are just making **** up, simply because people keep believing what they say? If you are new to Dinar, the best thing you can do is put it in the safe and forget about it. I promise, on the "snowball's chance in Hell" that it ever does RV, you will know about it. You don't need to listen to these dumba$$ idiot gurus, because they don't know anymore than you do.
  3. 4 whole pages of replies for a bunch of made-up bullshit. "my source" . . . yeah right. This is the biggest bunch of tired same-ole-same-ole garbage year in and year out. there are so many people on this website with a "source", you wonder how the CIA, etc. hasn't shut the site down. There are NO SOURCES. Nobody who is anybody in the know, is on this website. If they say they have a "source", then it is guaranteed 100% total fantasy pixy-dust crap.
  4. they give her the "sniff", so she would come back for the "base".
  5. Alright everybody . . . Puuuuuummmppppp it up . . . i say Puuuuuuuummmpppp it up . . . . now throw yo hands in da air . . . . and waive em like ya just don't care . . . . . . and everybody in da house with a pipe dream . . . . say I'm gonna be a millionaire.
  6. Haven't been on here in months, but looks like its the same old crap, just the names have changed. Don't believe a word this motorcityfool says. Its all just another big joke, and the jokes on YOU. Don't waste your time trying to verify anything that comes from any of these "rumor" idiots. They are sitting back laughing at all of you. This is the reason I quit coming to these Dinar boards months ago, junk like this. But thought I would check in and see if anything had changed, and apparently it hasn't. Just more fools spreading more crap about obscure heresay garbage. Well, see you folks later . . . I'll check back in another few months. In the meantime, I gotta get back to a real life.
  7. Billy Bob and Earl Ray are sitting around a campfire one night with "Old Blue" the bluetick hound. All of a sudden, Old Blue starts licking his balls. Earl Ray says, "Billy Bob, look at Old Blue over there . . . man I wish I could do that". Billy Bob says, "Earl, you better not . . . Old Blue might bite you".
  8. Am I the only one who has connected the dots between Okie's alledged alias of Tommy S. and him being from Waxahatchie, TX . . . and Waxahatchie being one of Ali's alledged cash-in locations ? Just a thought. Why Waxahatchie?
  9. No matter how bad you think you have it . . . remember that somewhere, there is a Mr. Pelosi. Wait, this just in . . . Nancy Pelosi's panties just tested positive for dust.
  10. Any of you who beleive anything TonyTNT has to say, should check him out on youtube. type in Tony Renfrow MLM marketing scam and see who this dude really is. In one of his videos, he talks about how when you can get your followers to "edify" you, then you can make the real money. Look up edify. This guy is one of the biggest low-life liar scum bags in the dinar world. he preys on gullible people. those of you who defend him are fools.
  11. Are you people serious? You actually think there may be even one shred of truth or fact in anything this idiot is saying? He hangs with the legendary liar/pumper/con-man TonyTNT (AKA Tony Renfroe, the infamous MLM con-man), and Dan A. (convicted felon) and proven liar/pumper/con artist. GET A CLUE . . . . these people don't know **** about any mythical RV. They are notorious internet scammers who prey on gullible simpletons. Please STOP saying . . . "thanks for the post". Its just third party pumping, straw pumping, etc.
  12. I teach "underwater fire-prevention" at Prarie Land Community College in Nutsack, Oklahoma.
  13. good4all you are an idiot, I hate to call you that but seriously are you still blinded/brainwashed by the liberal left?? I cant think of one thing to thank Obama for. J greene good reponse I would add abolishing the IRS also.
  14. That is exactly what Komrade O wants is to ruin this great country, he and his cronies. They do not want prosperity and free market. I am still amazed at the idiots that agree with him and think he is doing a good job. But then again most of those idiots are getting WIC checks, food stamps, SSI, free cell phones, Section 8 and all the other freebies.
  15. This is such a joke, these fools have spent so much hard earned tax money and Obama wants 2+ more trillion. I hope the people that voted for this hope and change are happy!!! AArgh
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