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  1. Waitstaff do not make full minimum wage. They earn about half of their state's minimum wage for every hour they work. The real money they make is in tips. That being said, there is too much debate about tips. Even though all waitstaff get stuck with the occasional bad table, people serving in nice restaurants are working to earn 20 percent of the bill in tips. When a waitress is good at her job, that means she is working for $10 for every $50 spent on food and drink. On a busy Friday or Saturday night, that can amount to hundreds of dollars for a few hours' w
  2. Anyone want to join my Fantasy Football League ... here is the link! We will be having a live draft this Monday at 8pm Central (9pm Eastern) (Copy/paste into search engine if link doesnt work)
  3. I will run it .... Here we go everyone! To join our new FF league: DinarVetsFantasyFF ..... Copy/Paste this link to join!
  4. China's CPECC wins $547.9 mln Iraqi oilfield contract inShare Share this Email Print Analysis & Opinion Asia’s pain unevenly spread as China slows Related Topics Financials » BAGHDAD, July 24 | Wed Jul 24, 2013 7:15am EDT (Reuters) - China Petroleum Engineering &Construction Corporation (CPECC) has won a $547.95 million service contract to develop Iraq's Halfaya oilfield, Iraq's cabinet said on Wednesday. CPECC, which is affiliated to China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), will handle engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning work at the
  5. Adam did say the RV could happen without warning ... I think Ole Sarge may be on to sumfin
  6. Ports Company announces increased commercial vessels entering after the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII 07/10/2013 09:13 Company announced the ports of Iraq, about the high numbers of commercial vessels entering the ports of Iraq after his release from Chapter VII. Said Director of the Office of Public Relations and Media Anmar net that "the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII reflected positively on ports in Iraq and in particular ports south," he said, adding " high numbers of commercial vessels entering the ports of South from all over the Arab and European countries. " And the net t
  7. Economic News French companies renewed desire to reconstruction and rebuilding Iraq 07/10/2013 07:16 Examine a delegation from the Iraqi National Business Council with international French ميديف organization in Paris means of economic cooperation between the two sides. The head of the Iraqi delegation, Ibrahim al-Baghdadi after returning from France, said the visit represents active internationally on a high degree of importance, where they discussed the mechanisms of cooperation and the working environment in Iraq and how they can create a twinning between the Iraqi economy, which live tr
  8. Tourism and Antiquities is considering the implementation of tourism projects in the marshes include gliders and Tervka aerobically 07/09/2013 09:35 The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities it is considering the implementation of tourism projects in the area of ​​the marshes in Maysan province. The marshlands in Iraq, one of the most prominent sectors wet at the level of the globe, as one of the most important centers of biodiversity in the world because they contain these areas of Pajuluggi richness full of various types of aquatic and terrestrial plant diversity and rare birds. The gen
  9. Missan oil tends to raise production capacities 07/09/2013 06:57 Director General predicted Maysan Oil Company Ali Qubool Bahadli achieve an actual increase in the company's production of crude oil after the completion of a number of drilling oil wells in several fields, pointing out that the company was able to overcome the barrier of 250 thousand barrels per day over the past month. He said in a telephone interview with the (morning) that the drilling efforts in Maysan fields are made through local efforts is the expertise of the company's engineers and technicians have been trained both
  10. Parliamentary debates on Iraq's accession to the New York Convention to encourage investment 07/09/2013 06:19 After rid Iraq of Chapter VII restrictions is looking forward to entering into the realm of the global economy, especially with the growing international desires seeking to double the volume of trade exchange with Iraq, and that what called االى the thinking in the country's accession to the New York Convention to encourage investment. Members of the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives varied views on Iraq's accession to the New York Convention, while counting some of
  11. Someone 'negged' you Possum .... I tried to even you out but already used my plus on ya! Can someone even Mr. Possum out for me?
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