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  1. Donald Trump has lashed out at Fox News in a rant on Twitter, attacking the conservative news network for hiring a Democrat as a commentator, and urging his followers to find a "new News Outlet" The meltdown is in full swing! B/A
  2. President Donald Trump let loose on Fox News on Wednesday, saying the network "isn’t working for us anymore" while encouraging his followers to look for an alternative to his long-cherished cable news channel. In a three-part Twitter attack, Trump escalated his feud that started earlier this year when the network started featuring more Democratic commentators and hosted a series of town halls with Democratic presidential candidates. On Wednesday Trump tee'd off on Fox News over an appearance by Democratic National Committee spokesperson Xochitl Hinojosa. "Just watched @FoxNews heavily promoting the Democrats through their DNC Communications Director, spewing out whatever she wanted with zero pushback by anchor, @SandraSmithFox. Terrible considering that Fox couldn’t even land a debate, the Dems give them NOTHING! @CNN & @MSNBC are all in for the Open Border Socialists (or beyond)," Trump wrote. In a wide-ranging interview on the 2020 election with Fox News anchor Sandra Smith, Hinojosa took multiple swipes at the president, his field operation in 2016, and policies like border separations — but what seemed to provoke Trump was a reference to polling that shows him losing to Democratic front-runners in several battleground states. "Fox hires “give Hillarious the questions” @donnabrazile, Juan Williams and low ratings Shep Smith. HOPELESS & CLUELESS! They should go all the way LEFT and I will still find a way to Win - That’s what I do, Win. Too Bad!" Trump continued, "I don’t want to Win for myself, I only want to Win for the people. The New @FoxNews is letting millions of GREAT people down! We have to start looking for a new News Outlet. Fox isn’t working for us anymore!" Both Smith and Williams have landed in hot water with Trump in the past for critical coverage of the escalating trade war with China, references to unflattering polling numbers and other perceived transgressions. Trump tweeted in early August that the network is "different from what they used to be." Some Fox hosts have closed ranks behind their employer in the face of Trump's criticism. "Fox News isn’t supposed to work for you," tweeted Brit Hume, a longtime political analyst with the network who has called out Trump in the past. Hinojosa hit back at the president later Wednesday morning in a tweet of her own. "Thanks for watching. It’s pronounced So-Chi, you know, like the city in Russia," she wrote. B/A
  3. Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume seemed unfazed by President Donald Trump’s latest Twitter tantrum criticizing the network. Following a straightforward interview Wednesday morning with Democratic National Committee communications director Xochitl Hinojosa, the president tweeted his outrage that Fox News host Sandra Smith offered “zero pushback” during a conversation that “heavily promot[ed] the Democrats.” “HOPELESS & CLUELESS!” Trump said, before adding, “We have to start looking for a new News Outlet. Fox isn’t working for us anymore!” Hume, who has been with the network since 1996, was quick to respond to the president’s meltdown. “Fox News isn’t supposed to work for you,” he wrote. Brit Hume ✔ @brithume Fox News isn’t supposed to work for you. … Hume has criticized the president in the past, particularly regarding Trump’s dissatisfaction with the network’s coverage of the Democrats running to challenge him in 2020. When Trump lashed out at Fox News for hosting South Bend, Indiana, mayor and Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg in May, Hume responded. “Say this for Buttigieg,” Hume wrote on Twitter. “He’s willing to be questioned by Chris Wallace, something you’ve barely done since you’ve been president. Oh, and covering candidates of both parties is part of the job of a news channel.” It’s no secret that Fox News has functioned as a propaganda-like arm for Trump since his 2016 presidential campaign. He often airs his praises of and grievances with the network over Twitter — the latter of which seems to have increased in recent months. He's losing it and everyone is starting to admit what they already know. B/A
  4. Sorry LGD... The markets went up because the central banks in Europe are back to QE... It's called easy money.. Soon you will have to pay your bank to hold your money, because rates are going negative.... Negative. Get it? They are selling bonds for investment that actually promise you that you lose money... Is that not completely insane? Invest your money for a guaranteed loss! B/A
  5. Or maybe they should learn a trade... Plumbers make a lot of money and it costs a lot less to learn. Heck, the BMW dealer in town pays over $100,000 per year if you go to BMW mechanic school. B/A
  6. B/A
  7. I'll take a shot.... He was trying to help and educate those who been blinded by lies and made up stories designed to con people. Do you realize he would have far more money today if he never made a business deal and just sat on the 400 million his dad gave him? His lack of economic understanding is coming into full view. He walked into a booming economy with a bull market running since 2009. In the last year he has done more to mess it up for today and into the future than one can count. The damage he has done to industry and farmers will take a decade to get back on track. The damage to our allies won't take as long, they are willing to wait him out and deal with the new president in early 2021. China will also wait him out and deal with someone who actually has a plan, now someone who changes daily on Twitter. Donald Trump accomplished something amazing. Something no one ever thought he could do. Win the election. But alas, his ego and lack of people and economic skills have torn down what could have been a great moment in history. Now he will be left with a black mark, and rated as one of the worst in history. It really is too bad he didn't listen to any of those great people he hired for his administration. It's too bad he knew more than his generals. It's too bad he appointed Larry Ludlow who's record of economic success is laughable. It's too bad he didn't listen to his Secretary of State, a guy who could explain to him how things work outside of the New York real estate market. It's too bad he lied to the public about who pays for the wall, or who pays for his tariffs... It's too bad his real agenda was Make Trump Great Again. I'm sure there are many things I missed, hopefully someone can pick up where I left off.
  8. Not even tax breaks can save him... That just equals more debt... Creating more debt is not a good plank for your platform as a candidate. Republicans are bailing on him... They know he has lost it... Have you seen the latest polls? He is sinking nationwide. Even the farmers have had enough of his lies and bullshiiit… I read the post about Mad dog's op-ed.... Everyone is starting to admit what they already know... Time to turn the page and start anew... B/A
  9. How did the Deep State get to him... Mad Dog was such a great guy.... B/A
  10. Could it be???? An agreement? Tic Toc baby!!! B/A
  11. Those tax cuts created buy backs. Stock prices kept climbing. Now insiders are dumping for profit. Guess who gets stuck holding the bag? Here's a hint, if you have to ask who's holding the bag, it might be you! B/A
  12. Yup they are all crooked... Look at Mitch... His wife's family smuggles with their shipping business... All a bunch of crooks. B/A
  13. I don't think the writings of an apostle out way the commandments of the Lord... JMHO... I personally think there are many people who have thrown out their beliefs for a evil doer. As predicted in Revelations... He has fooled many people. B/A
  14. But your title is about him being morally corrupt for a lack of child support... How does that compare to adultery? I never read lack of child support in the Ten Commandments.... I'm just saying.... B/A
  15. The title begins with "So morally corrupt" I find that ironic considering our president was out banging a porn star while his wife was home pregnant. How do you rationalize that? B/A
  16. We very well could be, but for every seller there is a buyer... Buy low sell high. If you've made any gains there is never a bad time to take profits and keep your money ready for the next buying opportunity... Book your profits... Thinking a stock will go up forever is not a strategy, it is wishful thinking. JMHO B/A
  17. Me neither. I'm all for it, but markets are manipulated... Insider trading happens all the time. I got burned on a small bio once. It only takes one vote by the FDA to kill approval. The day before what many thought was a sure thing a couple of big chunks sold. The next day one guy voted against approval... I later found out he was associated with a major drug company... Someone made a lot of money selling an .80 stock for about $4 right before the guy gave us the bad news... It just makes you wonder. B/A
  18. I don't know I think the markets are very reactionary... One day he says tariffs and the markets crash. The next day he makes up some story and they bounce back... Look at today... He said China reached out to him this weekend at the G-7 and the markets roared today. China says they didn't reach out to him. Just imagine if you know on Wednesday he was going to say more tariffs... On Tuesday you could sell everything for a profit. Then on Monday you knew he was going to say we are good with China. On Friday you could buy back all the stocks you sold Tuesday at a huge discount and watch them go up on Monday... I know it is crazy that a president would do that, but we all know Trump is all about money... Look how he begged the G-7 members to come to his golf course next year. Do you think he isn't looking to make a buck? Of course he is... He has no scruples in business and we see his lack of understanding in government... Like I said, it's a conspiracy theory at best. B/A
  19. I think Trump is playing the markets. Think about it. He can change market direction with one tweet. That's powerful... The SEC needs to research the selling on days before he sinks the markets and buys the day before he makes up some story about things being settled with China and the markets roar back to life. This guy could make millions in minutes and as we all know nothing is beneath him. B/A
  20. As Trade War Drags, China Scoops Up South American Soy for 2020 (Bloomberg) -- Terms of Trade is a daily newsletter that untangles a world embroiled in trade wars. Sign up here. As confusion about the possibility of a trade deal between Washington and Beijing reigns, Chinese soybean buyers are taking no chances and are turning to U.S. rivals in South America to secure supplies for next year. The top importer of the commodity, used to make cooking oil and animal feed, has already started buying soybeans from South American for next year, according to people familiar with the matter. While China started purchasing a few cargoes just over a month ago, buyers last week stepped up interest for February and March shipments, said the people, who asked not to be named as the negotiations are private. China buying from South America isn’t new -- producers in Brazil and neighboring countries have been the Asian nation’s main suppliers during the trade war. But locking in purchases this far in advance is a sign that Chinese consumers may be securing themselves against an even more protracted dispute with the U.S. The move comes amid conflicting signs on what the actual chances are for a resolution. While Donald Trump said Monday the prospects for a deal with China are better now than at any time since negotiations began last year, a top state-media editor in Beijing questioned his version of events. That followed an escalation of the trade war on Friday, in which Trump raised tariffs to be imposed on China just hours after the Asian nation announced retaliatory duties. Chinese firms are also taking advantage of cheaper prices in South America for next year’s crop. While Brazilian soybeans for loading in September are trading at a premium of almost $1.50 a bushel over futures in Chicago, supplies for March are only at a 40-cent premium, according to data from brokerage Ary Oleofar. Despite increasing South American purchases, China has no current plans to cancel U.S. cargoes that it’s already purchased, according to the people. U.S. government data indicates China bought about 14 million metric tons of soybeans in the current season, with just over 2 million tons still to be shipped. Yup, he's got a deal going alright. B/A
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