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  1. Wrong... Trump throws everyone under the bus... Just look at all his people who were great and then they were not... He is a schizo. B/A
  2. House Republicans appear to have a new strategy to defend President Trump from mounting evidence that he used the U.S. government to squeeze Ukraine for politically beneficial investigations of Democratic rivals past and present: Talk loudly and throw other Trump allies under the bus. Specifically, The Washington Post reports, Trump's House defenders are effectively offering up U.S. Ambassador Gordon Sondland, Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, and acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney "to be fall guys" in the Ukraine scandal. All three Trump allies played overlapping roles in the Ukraine story: Sondland informed Ukraine it had to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden to get a White House audience and unfreeze military aid; Trump told his ad hoc Ukraine team to go through Giuliani, who reportedly specified the targets Ukraine needed to investigate and was also behind the ouster of U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovich; and Mulvaney was involved in freezing the Ukraine aid and admitted on camera it was tied to Ukraine investigating the Democratic National Committee, a statement he later tried to walk back. House Republicans have now started "sowing doubts about whether Sondland, Giuliani, and Mulvaney were actually representing the president or freelancing to pursue their own agendas," the Post reports. This is just one theory Republicans are testing out — others include that Trump didn't have "corrupt intent," that quid pro quos are commonplace, and that Trump is too incompetent to carry one off. "In a sign of how the GOP is scrambling, however, many of those theories run counter to each other," the Post notes. The blame-the-aides strategy also isn't without risks. Trump's former personal lawyer Michael Cohen flipped after being fed under the bus, and on MSNBC Thursday night, former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner speculated to Ari Melber that if Giuliani is charged in either of the two investigations where he's a central figure, "there's nowhere to go but up," and rather than risk prison, "he's gonna sing." Gee what a surprise! B/A
  3. Of that was because of Nixon taking us off The Gold Standard and the oil embargo by those stinking Saudis... I remember gas lines very well... B/A
  4. I don't know I had some pretty good years during his presidency... It started out slow, but really cranked up in 2011... B/A
  5. Well, it wasn't the most flattering defense. While Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) has said it's actually becoming easier to defend President Trump amid the congressional impeachment inquiry, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) had to dig deep to do so on Wednesday. Graham seems fed up with the whole thing, saying on Wednesday that he won't read any of the newly released transcripts because the whole thing is "a bunch of B.S." Graham said one of the reasons he doesn't think President Trump deserves to be impeached is because there's little chance the Trump administration was savvy enough in the first place to come up with the idea of withholding military aid from Ukraine in exchange for Kyiv publicly announcing anti-corruption investigations. Graham generally defends Trump, but he does tend to criticize his foreign policy, so this comment serves as a win-win for the senator. He was able to blast Democrats for continuing their impeachment quest, while also expressing some dissatisfaction with Trump, who probably won't be too happy to hear the backhanded defense. I guess Trump will bash him now and cry he is part of the Deep State coup. B/A
  6. I'm confused that you don't understand the term you used. Quantitative Easing. The Fed is doing the same thing they did during the Obama years and our president doesn't think it's enough... He wants zero rates... How's that for following the Obama plan. And people are doing just as well as they were in the 1990s
  7. So you didn't compare him to the Anti-Christ? Maybe you have an alter-ego posting while you're at work! B/A
  8. And what do you call 3 rate cuts in a row? DUH!!! What do you call The Fed dumping 100s of billions into the markets in the 2 months? SERIOUSLY? B/A
  9. LOL.... Yes as much as I hate to admit it, both those guys are distant relatives... B/A
  10. Wrong... I'm a realist you are the joke for supporting a fraud who you yourself compared to the Anti-Christ... Go suck it up buttercup. B/A
  11. What's insane, that the market started going up in 2009? You do realize all time highs happen throughout history. Like the all time market highs in 1927. Or the all time highs in employment in the 1950s. Records are made to be broken. Up and down. I did notice you left out a few all time highs.... Like the number rounds of golf played. The number of convictions. The all time high national debt. The number of lies proven. The number of porn stars paid off. B/A
  12. Yup it all started 10 years ago, and wait until the banksters cash out... Are you going to give credit to Trump for that? B/A
  13. We are all God's children, unless it doesn't work for your politics... What a joke some of these people are... B/A
  14. No it is not irrelevant... You are related to Schiff... You are related to Clinton... You are related to Soros... Remember the old saying, "We can pick our friends, but we can't pick our family" B/A
  15. We are all related... Is that to difficult for you to understand? One blood line... Your DNA would show you have a mix of all... You don't think there was an Adam and Eve for each political party do you? LOL B/A
  16. Don't be a fool.... You know I didn't vote for Clinton... Let's face it, Trump is out of control and is damaging America in ways that they take until your daughters are old enough to vote... As for the rest of incumbents, we need to vote them out NOW! They are not governing they are playing games like kids in the schoolyard... Public Servant... Not Party Slaves... Time for them to go... JMHO I very much have a clue to what's going on. It is obvious you have no clue or you would admit Trump is not making America great. B/A
  17. Yup, and that's what sad about mankind... They forget we all come from the same place... I guess when the aliens show up suddenly people will stick together... LOL B/A
  18. I know, but the oldest human remains ever found were in Africa... Either way, the point is we are all one family... B/A
  19. Republicans are taking a beating because they are backing a loser, corrupt criminal instead of backing their voters... It behooves me to think some of these guys are throwing away their legacies in support of a guy who has turned America into a laughing stock and a banana republic. Lindsey Graham refuses to read the transcripts? How is that serving the public? These so called public servants have become party slaves... And I'm talking about people on both sides... JMHO B/A
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