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  1. Nope, as you did not really look at the meme, it actually lists republicans as pedophiles as well. You are a true democrat as all you can do is attack me and deny everything even when the facts show you are wrong. No where did i attack you in my post, you must be feeling guilty about something as you singled me out.
  2. Shabs, Even Barry called Michelle, Micheal in a couple of speeches. Here is a short one for you.
  3. Shabs, So, David Duke says he supports Trump and that is the reason you think that the KKK has switched sides, pathetic. Democrats have been projecting this switch for years, but the only thing I see are the liberals that spout hate and racism, not the other way around, it is like the hate crimes we have seen since POTUS was elected. Explain why most if not all hate crimes have been perpetrated by liberals and blacks. So please research more than the MSM for your facts. Please define what is actually white nationalism, and please do not use the MSM definition, as everything not liberal progressive is an ...ism.
  4. Shabs, In you quote you state "ON Both Sides", but you insinuate that he was only talking about one side when you clearly state both side. Which is it, you can not have it both ways.Go look up the transcripts as to what POTUS stated, you are incorrect with your quote. Please provide source for your quote you provided. The party of Democrats are the party of the KKK, Jim Crowe, segregation, and etc. The KKK was formed to intimidate blacks and conservatives, research your history; and just because you democrats do not want to acknowledge this fact, does not mean it is not. Potus is the President for all American citizens, and the first amendment gives ALL citizens the right to peacefully protest and free speech. No where did Trump state he agreed with either protesting faction. He stated there were decent people on each side, before all hell broke loose, like when another Democrat faction showed up with weapons, Antifa. Food for thought, Shabibilicious!!
  5. Shabs, You do know that both characters in the picture are Democrats. I know that is not what you were implying, as to say the right is the party of KKK. You would be so badly mistaken, as the Democrat party is the party of the KKK, since they are the ones who started the organization to beat up Blacks and Conservatives. It is called projection.
  6. B/A, You can not debate an actual email that was sent and is available as open source. Just because you do not want it to be true does not make it so. Do your research.
  7. Caz, But Hussein liked pizza and dogs...Wink Wink
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