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  1. Fact-checking the debate: What's true, false and everything in between Six candidates took the stage in Las Vegas for the ninth debate of the primary season, hosted by NBC News, MSNBC, the Nevada Independent and Telemundo. Five of the candidates, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar, are old hat — but it's the first presidential debate for former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who immediately came under fire. We fact-checked the White House hopefuls in real time. Buttigieg accuses Klobuchar of supporting Trump's judges.
  2. Finally... It is the year of the Dragon!!! And this thing has been dragging on too long!!! B/A
  3. 190% Increase in Revenue -- SinglePoint Announces Preliminary Unaudited 2019 Annual Results, Residential Solar Business Unit is the Primary Driver for the Increase in Revenues and Achieves Business Unit Profitability CEO anticipates SING will achieve between $10M-$12M in gross revenues this year, up from $10 million announced in CEO letter in January 2020 Company to focus on Direct Solar, 1606 Original Hemp product line SinglePoint plans to drive 2020 vision through organic growth in high-value, high-opportunity markets and synergistic acqu
  4. Do you mean the car, or his ego??? Come on I'm only kidding... B/A
  5. Let's see. He went to a Nationals game they lost. He went to an Alabama game they lost. He goes to Daytona and it's canceled... I just hope he never shows up at our bowling league. LOL B/A
  6. White House considering tax incentive for more Americans to buy stocks, sources say The White House is considering ways to incentivize U.S. households to invest in the stock market. Under the proposal, a portion of income would become tax-free for investment purposes. The Trump administration is considering several proposals as part of a forthcoming economic stimulus package. WASHINGTON — As part of a forthcoming package of proposed tax cuts, the White House is considering ways to incentivize U.S. households to invest in the stock market, according to four senior admin
  7. Yup I agree, that is going to really shape where this thing will go. B/A
  8. That is so intelligent... No it's not. Yes it is. No it is not... Yes it is.... And so it goes..... B/A
  9. That makes so much sense then building a wall someone can climb over.. And let's start holding the companies hiring illegals accountable. They come here to work and we pay the price. Of course when corporations pay millions into campaigns you know they won't be held accountable for their illegal deeds. B/A
  10. They've had like a thousand people die out of more than a billion? I think they will find replacements. B/A
  11. No offense Indy, but medieval technology is simply a joke. and a waste to tax dollars... What's next a moat? B/A
  12. No I believe republicans and democrats have tried for high tech modern means and technology, not ancient technology that a goat herder can overcome. But I digress. Wake up... good one. The price of one B-1 Bomber could completely change the situation, or even better, instead of giving away corporate welfare so multinationals can buy back their stock and give huge bonuses to their over paid CEOs, that money could be spent on defending America. But of course our fearful leader just wants to build something to hang his name on... He has a lot of old signs laying around as new owners o
  13. Smugglers are reportedly helping migrants scale sections of Donald Trump’s multi-billion border wall using $5 ladders. US Border Patrol has seen a rise in camouflage “hook-and-ladders” within the far south-west region of Texas since May last year, according to The El Paso Times. El Paso’s urban stretch of border is said to be littered with the ladders, which are engineered out of rebar and match the rust brown colours of the wall. “Somebody is making money off those ladders,” agent Joe Romero told the newspaper. “The agents pulled it off the wall and cut it up so it can’t be use
  14. Total U.S. household debt reached a record $14.15 trillion at the end of the year after increasing by $193 billion, or 1.4%, in the fourth quarter of 2019, according to the Fed’s Quarterly Report on Household Debt and Credit. The report, based on “a nationally representative sample of individual- and household-level debt and credit records drawn from anonymized Equifax credit data,” noted that total household debt is now nominally $1.5 trillion higher than the pre-recession peak of $12.68 trillion in the third quarter of 2008. U.S. household debt. (Source: FRBNY Consumer Credit
  15. Sorry out of pluses, but I would much rather hear from someone who has been there then someone with an agenda... I hope you have some great pictures to go along with those memories. B/A
  16. I think people are less informed because they only watch the slanted news they like... FOX or CNN for example. And regardless of who is in the final election, it won't be a landslide, it will be who gets out the most voters, because we as a country are that divided. Not many democrats will ever vote for Trump and not many republicans will ever vote for any democrat. So the independents may be the deciding factor. B/A
  17. LAS VEGAS (AP) — The Culinary Union, the most influential union in Nevada politics, has decided to stay out of the state's Democratic presidential caucuses, denying candidates who aggressively courted the group from getting a major leg up in the upcoming contest. The casino workers’ Culinary Union, a 60,000-member group made up of housekeepers, porters, bartenders and more who keep Las Vegas’ glitzy casinos humming, said Thursday that it will instead use its organizing power to get out the vote for the caucuses. The move is a blow to former Vice President Joe Biden, who is looking to
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