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  1. My point exactly...thanks I remember getting REALLY excited this day
  2. Are you the pot or the kettle...newb...insider trading (for the 7000th time) does NOT apply to currency speculation which is what this is. First of all, it only applies to stocks and bonds overseen by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commision). The Dinar is not. Secondly, the only "inside" info on the Dinar could come from the CBI or someone internally there, being they have the proverbial button to push. Please stop commenting on violations of an act you know nothing about...sorry, just tired of this term being thrown around followed by someone laughing at someone elses perspective.
  3. I am all for looking at charts and patterns but don't get too exited. If you look at the history (click on the currency), it was actually a little lower than this on Feb. 19/20. Again, not trying to be negative, just pointing at facts.
  4. Personally I think it will be Tuesday.
  5. Classic...miss that movie...gonaa go home a watch it...thanks
  6. Not sure what he is refering to...LIBOR is the London Interbank Offering Rate and used as an index for adjustable rate mortgages and is a daily reference based on the interest at which banks borrow funds (mainly bonds) from other banks in the London wholesale market. I live by it daily and it doesnt rate money speculation in the least.... Actually, no "ratings" are offered on speculation investments (which is Dinar, Yen, Etc...) except good ole gut instincts and a whole lotta luck. Thanks for the other info, kinda seems to make sense (if you close one eye and squint!!
  7. Wish I'd stuck a little in oil!!! Wow, with these prices, I need RV to afford to drive! Thanks for all you do Doc...your perspective is always concise (as it can be ), to the point to be made, and conservative (kinda like me, lolol). Just wish I was inside of your circle...I could use some good indicators. I take EVERYTHING with a grain of salt these days, just need a push into the positive. I am in the mortgage business and take daily beating at work. Thanks J [
  8. I will join you...I am taking a break myself.
  9. My spirits and my head have been down all day and it has EVERYTHING to do with the RV...l lololol
  10. You a mooorrrrooonnn boy!!! Have you actually read his posts? NEVER once has he pointed toward a date or rate like the other supposed guru's. Doc has never proclaimed his own intelligence, quite the opposite. We have made him a guru out of respect for his moron...
  11. But wouldnt this make terrorist push for all the bombings sooner...putting a deadline doesnt make sense to me. I dont ground my kids starting next week, I start it immediately when I do it.
  12. Great find, seems like the meer mention of the Dinar makes us all shudder
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