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  1. FYI, may or may not be something. BOA online in SC has been down for hours, very strange. Could this possibly have something to do with the recent rumors regarding the RV. I have been a member with this bank for almost ten years and do not remember this happening before. Anyone else out there having the same issues with their bank?
  2. Very good post. I believe this whole thing is about to bust wide open. Iraq needs a currency that can be traded on the world markets, Now! The effect of oil prices going up on all the world economies, the world needs Iraq in the game to fill the vacume that is being created currently by all the political changes we are seeing take place. The time could not be more perfect if it had been planned. Again, thanks for sharing, Go RV
  3. I have been invested in Dinar for five plus years, and it is still sitting safely in my safe deposit box. I have been reading DV for some time now and decided to share an interesting experience, When I initially purchased my dinar 5 years ago I told my old boss about it. He was very neg. and basically said I was throwing my money away. My attitude was, and still is, I can spend that much in Vegas for a weekend, and come home with nothing, or I can skip Vegas for one weekend and, well you all know the rest. Last night he called me for the first time in 4 years and asked me if I still had my dinar? Apparently his investment advisor told him to go out an buy as much as he can, because this thing is getting ready to bust. My friend "Mike", told me this guy has purchased over $30,000 in dinar. I told Mike to use his common sense and not risk more than he can afford to lose. Nothing is certain except taxes and death! I have been tempted by the "Pumpers", to expand my dinar holdings, but have stuck to my guns and stayed with my initial investment, which if the RV takes place will make me very happy and comfortable for many years to come, if it doesn't happen, or comes in low, well, I don't remember much about my last trip to Vegas anyway. I believe the RV will happen, but who knows when and for how much? Obviously Mike's investment advisor is also a believer, and I hope for both of our sakes this all unfolds to our highest expectations. "Roll the Dice!" , "Go RV" How's that for a newbies first post?
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