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  1. AHAHAHAH I was thinking more on the lines of. .That Goes for her too! I can just hear Mr. Doctor saying .."Stop it Miss B, I'm trying to work here. How many time do I have to tell you, There is nothing wrong with your legs " Wishwell....Waving to Miss ElizaB
  2. Woo Hoo !!!! Kisses and hugs! Wishwell's heart is warming back up!!! Wishwell >>>>> IS ALL SMILES !!!! Yep, You heard it Correctly !! , Just received orders to return this rental and to immediately begin warming up the master sleigh for BB. She will require a Chauffeur. Yes, you can apply but you'll need to step to the rear of the line.
  3. My dear dear Elizabeth, I am simply crushed by this news. I take solace knowing the spunk that drives you Miss B and with that said girly, Wishwell is yelling " its time to wake yourself up and let the healing begin." You have lots of make-up work to do. I'm keeping your sleigh warmed up for you and your reindeer in check. Remember Miss B, your sleigh is so fast a Get Well Soon runs a second place behind you. Gillian and family, Thank you for updating us. Sending prayers and healing thoughts your way. Wishwell
  4. Seriously? >>>>> Punching self in face.
  5. If I'm not mistaken, I think he works at the DUH-Nar Jamboree Wishwell11
  6. HMMMM another OFFICIAL OKIE RATE?????? Once again..................
  7. Morning BJ!! Ck out pg 89 and see what your mere mention of nightmares did to me. I hope there is no truth to piggy's family that is. You're a winner too in this thread..the posting contributions expedited the finish line and made reading it fun! Better go back a few pages then talk to DT about that move
  8. YEEEESSSS!!!!!!.... CONGRATS BB.......This news makes me very happy!
  9. I am sooooooooooooo sorry to give you nightmares BJ. Rest assured ...I received my payback. I was dreaming I went to Piggy's family reunion and this person hugged me from behind and said ... Welcome to the Pink Family Reunion...My name is .......Caber Tooth Mama..
  10. No problem BJ...You now hidden behind computers you never know the real truth. Started asking around about Piggy's Chia pet. Ran into some that claim to know him and they said this was more recent picture
  11. Dang , you've been busy .... Guess you never got your answer.....I won't say it but here is a pic with one of those fancy trims.
  12. AHAHAHAHAH......... I just now got that. I am so slow Hmmm...probmes.? Wooonnnnderrrrrr what that means hmmmmm she's she's. been short circuited Hi BB:wave:
  13. What?....What do you want? Aw Geeesh, am I the only one thats required to answer that page?
  14. Aww...He's missing his bromance too? Speaking of which...Mack is not here and BB is not either........Hmmmmm......Very Interesting!
  15. That was GREAT!!! How nice of them to share, how one can convert an existing PC into a LAPTOP.
  16. This question always pops up in my mind too. When reading about it on dinar sites, my experience has seen only the old rates referenced. ( RI) I read about the old currency, and view Ebay for the old bills and...much to my chagrin, there aren't those zeros on them like we have. Makes a big difference when multiplying old rate x what bill present or past? Maybe someone with a broader understanding than myself and who has studied the history of the dinar, might share their interpretation of RI by starting a Opinion thread on whether or not the zeros are being included on present day RI discussions. Just a thought. These articles that come out are hard for me to determine.
  17. YES CONGRATS Umbertino!!!! Your Once, Twice, 1000 x the gentleman. Does that mean he gets a freebie? ummm from DV? He deserves it.
  18. Is Okie also a usual suspect? Feeling very afraid
  19. BBL...I can tell this calls for an update to my gallery. I could get unfairly profiled.
  20. I bet this has many uniform players sad-sagging?
  21. Yes, and sometimes, that is just flat-out .. rock-hard to do you know. What a view that day.
  22. Oh WOW!!! Speaking of Mack, We didn't forget him and leave him with DANCER ON the North Pole did we? I feel a Reindeer Avatar change being required again. Someone go find him!!
  23. AWW:hug: Its ok, we love u!! Its just Easier to cross u off the list, than make a list.
  24. :lol: and he had the audacity to ask how he got off the good boy list.
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