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  1. This was exactly what I was thinking. IMHO, he has been very condescending in his opinions in general,( that's all they are) he's right, "you're" wrong if tyou disagree attitude, he really doesn't know for sure any more than anyone else how this will finally go down. One thing that really triggered me to his self righteous nature was when he stated the words "Actually mean" that's inferring that he "knows for fact" which is preposterous..again , just my opinion, and everyone is entitled to one. off the wall question for ya Keep, what's your opinion of the BMW M70 engine, performance, reliability etc... Will
  2. ok Truthful1, how long you been married???? Will
  3. BondLady already replied as to why she feels "no lop" in a thread to Keep. I don't see a lop either, but that's my opinion as well.. Will
  4. i thought the 25k note was more specifically for cross country banking, not really meant to be on the street to begin with....not sure about the Saddam notes, I was thinking the new IQD, still learning here so please don't bash Will
  5. ok, so it takes 1176 dinars to equal a dollar as present right .00085 of a cent? before the devalue( during wart time) we know that 1 dinar to =3.22 us dollars we know that currently, because of the devalue, the 25k note is worth 21.50 us dollars or so, I believe this has been stated many times in various articles so my question is simply this. What was the 25k note worth before the devalue or am I missing something here...seems it worth close to 25K to me???? Will
  6. I wonder this, How many 25,000 Dinar bank notes does the average Iraqi citizen hold within Iraq...If they hold very little which I suspect is the case, this would all be a moot point, wouldn't it? Will
  7. so all electronic eh? that's kinda what I figured too...question, it's been stated that you won't be able to walk out with more than 10k a there a limit on a wire transfer? Will
  8. Me too, my dream car.... I have two friends that own them, Mark and Bill. One is an 84 LP500s( 5000s over here) and the other is an 89 Anniversary...I'm not interested in newer cars anymore, performance or otherwise. as far as performance and such, unless you've ridden in or driven a Countach, there's no comparison to them. Again, not the fastest, but by far, the most exhilarating ride or drive of your life...Marks will do 183, at least that's what the GPS Sattilite told him. Not sure about the 84 as Bill babies the car, he's had it to 130 mph though and it had lots more to give, probably good for 170+ range, if that's still slow, then I'll agree with ya. I consider anything over 160 plenty for meNot sure where you heard about their handling, but it corners very well and loves country twisty windy roads for sure. As for maintenance, if you drive the car and drive it hard, then the car pretty much takes care of itself, so care for them is actually quite reasonable...surprise, surprise lol. Looks! well that goes without question, most radical styled car ever either like the look or hate it, there's no in between, and it did define the term Supercar in 1974 as the fastest road car built, Ferrari was still playing catch up at that point. Anyway, It's my dream car and the one I will purchase when this investment RV's Cheers, Will
  9. may not be the fastest, but....... Lamborghini
  10. here's a confirmation to this.....
  11. I found this MT 527 code under Lending and Borrowing/collateral on page 27 of this presentation for managers..hope it helps, everybody's right on this one it seems Will MT 527 info
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