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  1. Travelin' ~ your opinions on Osama Bin Laden would be better stated on a web site devoted to that purpose. This is Dinar Vets. Get it?? Good, now beat it.
  2. Not sure about the photo....looks like it could be a fake, but I do believe that Osama Bin Laden is dead! Good! Glad they got him!
  3. Thanks KCW for the post! Thanks Scooter for the info. Hope it is in our favor!
  4. I agree with Bumper on all three.....welcome to DV!
  5. Like I said before......what happened to the little boy that cried wolf?
  6. This has nothing to do with the dinar and should not be posted here.
  7. Thank you stevethecloser for serving our country! Vietnam Vets have a special place in my heart and I am grateful for all of you!
  8. This sight doesn't make sense, I tried converting US Dollars to British pound and got .60 . I know the rate is really 1.6 to the dollar, I have no clue what this sight is!
  9. I agree, his first answer was " even if I know the answer I cant tell you," he then goes on to tell you some filler senarios of the revaluation process, Do you really think he is going to say, " go out and buy dinar because it is going to make you rich". this would be catastrophic to iraq as well as the whole revaluation in general, plus I believe it would be against insider trading rules, he would probably go to jail for it. The most important thing I thought was when he says that Iraq has to be ready with security as well as training its people for this revaluation to accrue, this tells me thats its probably something big. but thats just my opinion
  10. I agree......but I don't care who was there to hear what he this "connection" going to read into what Shabbs said and call it solid information??
  11. Wow I am very excited about this recording, Shabs definitely says after being asked the first question, when is the iqd going to revaluate, and he says " even if I know the answer I can not tell you". This says it all to all those rate and date people out there, THERE ARE NO INTEL RUMORS WORTH LISTENING TO. However if you listen to Shabs telling you a whole bunch of filler to appease the two questions without giving you a straight answer, he talks about what specifically they are monitoring to get to a revaluation. The most important thing he says, is that they are not ready for an RV until SECURITY is ready. Also that lots of people have to be trained on how to handle a revaluation. I am not making this up, listen for yourself, I was listening to him talk and he stutters a lot, I feel because he is being very cautious not to slip up on any answers, But Ido believe that he does know a lot more that he is saying in this recording..............Go Shabs..............Go RV I wouldn't worry about that because he also says that they can not do this unless people are trained and security is in place, Why would they need security for a crappy old LOP, the answer is simple, they are expecting something bigger, I feel good about this recording,
  12. Third time I've seen this today! AC is making his rounds...
  13. maybe finally he is over the monday cash in theory!!!
  14. aqis deserve to see dividends of recent democratic gains, UN envoy says Special Representative for Iraq Ad Melkert briefs Security Council 8 April 2011 – Recent political and democratic gains in Iraq will seem hollow to the country’s people unless its leaders produce the benefits that they have promised, the top United Nations envoy to Iraq told the Security Council. Ad Melkert, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative and the head of the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), briefed Council members on the latest developments in Iraq, where a national partnership Government was formed in December after nine months of political stalemate. “While Iraq has made remarkable strides in its democratic transition in recent years, which included the adoption of a constitution, credible national elections, a broad national partnership government and an opening environment for media and civil society, the people of Iraq are now demanding the dividends that were promised by their leaders,” he said. Protests have been taking place in Iraq since late February, part of the wider pro-democracy movement that has emerged across the Middle East and North Africa this year. Mr. Melkert said the protesters have legitimate concerns about the lack of job opportunities, the delivery of basic services and the accountability of those in power. “Unless these demands are addressed, the political and democratic gains made thus far may seem hollow to ordinary Iraqis,” he noted, adding that the new Government faces a significant challenge in trying to achieve the demands. Meeting the burgeoning aspirations of young people in Iraq, where almost four-fifths of the population is under the age of 35, and nearly half are under 15, will be critical, the Special Representative said. “Youth constitute over 50 per cent of the total unemployment rate, [or] about one million people. In addition, less than 40 per cent of children are enrolled in school after their primary education, and only 21 per cent are enrolled in the last two years of secondary school. These statistics paint a picture of a young population with few prospects for the future.” UNAMI and UN agencies working in Iraq have developed a list of projects that could be fast-tracked to tackle some of Iraq’s biggest challenges, such as youth employment, access to water and waste management. Mr. Melkert praised the efforts of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to take action on several fronts, including fighting corruption and cutting defence expenditure. But he warned that the country’s stability is still under pressure, with terrorist attacks continuing and sectarian tensions lingering. “While the overall trend of security incidents in recent months suggest a downward slope, still, an average of 25 incidents per day was reported over the last month. “Yet the Government, security forces and society continue their efforts to make decisive progress towards stability and normalization. As US [united States] forces prepare to leave, Iraq should not be forgotten and the international community should stand ready to continue support.” In a Newsmaker interview with the UN News Centre, Mr. Melkert said he saw Iraq pointing in the overall right direction, despite the ongoing security and economic concerns he outlined to the Council. Iraqis “want to retake their lives, to organize them in a way that they deem fit and I think that more and more they’re succeeding in that. There are definitely also parts of the country that are relatively safe and normal life has returned.” Speaking to the Council, he said he had observed “the start of removing endless lines of concrete T-walls over the past months… Increasingly, the prospect for Baghdadis and residents in other parts of the country to regain the space and beauty of their cities seems no longer a dream of the past.”
  15. When you are new it does....after a while it just kinda gets irritating...
  16. thinks that posts like this are gonna get you the boot. Better watch yourself if you want to stay on this site. I'm not judgin', I'm just saying'.
  17. Good Grief people.....Chuckray was only kidding around...lighten up! If you wanna get mad at the real pumpers and gurus, there are PLENTY of them out tonite!
  18. As of May 30th I hope that it will finally be summer here, where I live. As for your other questions NOBODY really knows ANYTHING for sure. That's why this is called a speculative investment.
  19. Don't want to be a bubble burster here, but your wife better stay at work....only GOD knows when this RV/RI will happen....wish it was today too but I'm not holding my breath!
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