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  1. Isnt it easy to see someone who's glass is half empty, If this person were my parent raising me , I would have ended up best friends with Adolf Hitler........................Nuff said
  2. everyone needs to just back it up, Nothing is going to happen untill th US is out of Iraq, sit tight and enjoy the holidays................Go RV
  3. I like the part were he says that they could just replace the currency but they wont because the dinar is so internationally recognized. sounds good to me ....GO RV
  4. :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink:
  5. Don't know what to think's always one delay after another....I think it will happen eventually but I don't have my hopes up for tomorrow.
  6. WAIT! What happened to June 30th?? Changed yet again? Just shocking.....NOT.
  7. A lot of us have been in this for a while and have been " So Close" so many times now. I don't get excited about it anymore. It will happen when it happens. Don't want to sound negative, it's just that we are dealing with Iraq and ANYTHING is possible! Hoping for the best and soon but not holding my breath. GO RV!!
  8. Would have been worth the 10 minutes IF IT WAS BELIEVABLE!!
  9. Thank you SandiR for your post. Like you, a well intentioned friend told my husband and I about this investment. (Yes, this is Freaky Frank's Wife) ~ we share this account. Anyway, we thought it was going to happen right away too ~ last December and both of us were so excited! Because we are both self-employed, this investment would help a great deal during the really slow times of our businesses which is a lot now due to the state of our economy. It would provide peace of mind and enable us to help our families, some of whom are in worse shape than us. When the dates/rates came and went, we both realized this could be a VERY LONG investment and I for one am a realist and should have known from the beginning that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Now don't get me wrong, I do believe it will RV, I just don't think anyone really knows for sure when. I too, cannot take the ups and downs much longer and have decided that after the first week of July, I too am going to back off from the forums. I love DV but I need to move on because I cannot take the disappointments much longer. Not sure about my husband as far as the forums go but I am going to check in from time to time only, instead of two or three times a day. Wish All Of You The Very Best, Mrs. Freaky Frank Go RV!!!
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