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  1. Good for them and hopefully for us too.
  2. Ex-wingnut

    OJ for Parole

    You're welcome. I'm really finding it hard to believe that he'll be able to follow the conditions of the parole. You'd think that from all the bullets he's dodged, he'd get his s**t together and chill out. If not, he will more than likely spend the rest of his life in prison which he'll have no one to blame but himself.
  3. Ex-wingnut

    OJ for Parole

    I believe that as well.
  4. Ex-wingnut

    OJ for Parole

    Look, I'm not trying to get into a back and forth dialogue with you about me watching the entire case, which I did, or not. You seem very angry and passionate about your distaste for this case and OJ, based on your response being in CAPS, so I'm gonna move on. Take care!
  5. Ex-wingnut

    OJ for Parole

    WOW! For me, I cannot direct that kind of hatred towards anyone who was aquitted of murder. Whether I believe he committed the murders or knew who committed the murders, he was not found guilty. You have every right to express your feelings about OJ, which I do understand, but I think your anger should be directed more towards the judicial system and not OJ. He was on trial, evidence was presented, arguments were made by the prosecuters and defense attorneys, his fate was then place in the hands of the jurors and after deliberation they rendered a verdict of not guilty. If I hated every iota of OJ's existence and knew for a fact that he was involved with those murders, I would have been hella pissed at the jurors and less upset with OJ. Just my opinion and respect for yours.
  6. Ex-wingnut

    Sean Spicer Calls It A Day

    I agree. I knew it was a matter of time before he resigned.
  7. Ex-wingnut

    Gold is real money.

    Money versus Currency
  8. Personally I don't care if he shook her hand or not. But let's be clear here. When personnel of the media was asking for a handshake DURING the photo shoot as Angela and President Trump were sitting next to each other, Trump DID refuse the request to shake her hand as I'm sure he understood the media's request. So the media wasn't wrong in stating that he refused to do so. Now if the media had said, "Trump refused to shake Angela's hand at any time DURING HER VISIT" then they would in deed be lying. I do agree that the media choosing to focus on the "negative" non-handskake during the photo shoot instead of focusing on the "positive" handshake that occured as she arrived at the White House is bull crap. As I see it, if he chose not to shake her hand, then so be it. It's his choice to do so or not based on his feelings about it. Why should he shake her hand if he knew that it wouldn't be genuine anyway?
  9. Hmmm... stereotyping at it's best.
  10. Thank you very much for your kind words. Have a great day!!
  11. LMAO!! It amazes me that someone would give me a (-) for my above post. I guess that proves my point that my opinion isn't always accepted. Oh well... life goes on!
  12. I understand. Trust me Artitech, I definitely dislike those who choose to act an ass with law enforcement. I see no problem with someone voicing their opinion with an officer if they feel that they have been pulled over wrongfully but tact and diplomacy have to be used. Some don't do that and I chalk that up to being uneducated as most "bad" people have no clue what either one of those attributes are. Also, I'd like to thank you for your service as well. I have a soft spot for all military personnel (active duty, reserve, retired) because it shows unselfishness. Every Friday I wear my red shirts to show my support for our servicemen and servicewomen and every chance I get to hold a door open for them I do.
  13. You are more than welcome.
  14. I am black and I've always obeyed police officers orders when I was pulled over. Why are you stereotyping all blacks? I don't post much here because I know how to accept others opinions even if I don't agree with them as I have opinions that I'm sure not everyone will agree with either. But the stereotyping is the one thing that pisses me off more than anything. I F'N HATE IT!! And I'll admit, that as an ignorant, stupid, punk ass kid I used to be maybe one of the worse people on this earth when it came to stereotyping other races, especially white people. But as soon as I stepped feet into the Air Force and saw all of the other different races who were willing to stand side by side to serve this country and allies abroad, my attitude changed immediately. Looking back, I hate myself for thinking that way. So much that it brings tears to my eyes when I think of my youthful ignorance and hatred. I'm glad that I never did anything harmful to someone of a different race because of what I wrongfully thought of them. If you want to dislike an individual for whatever it is that they have done, I'm okay with that. But to think that a race as a whole act the same way is very wrong on so many levels. So, 1. YES... I obey officers whenever I've interacted (traffic violations only) with them. My friend is the Deputy Chief of Police in a nearby city and his wife is a detective as well. I have nothing but the utmost respect for them and ALL peace officers. 2. YES... I served my country. Air Force as stated above. 3. YES... I've held a job since the age of 18. Been a government contractor at Edwards AFB for 25+ years 4. YES... I've raised and loved my child from the first minute of his birth even though he was not a planned pregnancy. Now he's a sophomore at UNLV (Major: Mechanical Engineering). I drive 3 hours quite often just to have lunch with him. 5. YES... I paid child support ($950 a month). 6. YES... I raised my son's big sister, even though she's not my biological child, from the age of 2 and I'm still involved in her life at the age of 26. 7. NO... I've never been involved with drugs on any level. 8. NO... I've never been to jail. 9. And YES... I would not be the person I am today if not for my loving mother who loved me and my siblings with every iota of love she had in her body. Financially, things were rough at times without the support from our father, but we never went a birthday or Christmas without gifts. As you can see, I didn't use the fact that my father wasn't in my life as an excuse not to be in my child's life. Trust me, I could go on and on to show that I should be judged as an individual and not as a group of people. Sorry for the rant but for me it was necessary. I just hate being stereotyped. That's all.

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