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  1. True and humor give us some rest of mind. beacued our brain is too hot to waiting for an RV lol
  2. our govt know that when iraqi dinar will be revalue
  3. i hope this time it will true and our wishes come true soon go Rv prayer Done
  4. yes it is true link not rumor news i am in this school last seven year now i want iraqi dinar 3.30$ degree for my bright future
  5. Some people are really amazing when they do something extra or special. But I have never seen before a community that really loves to read. I am talking about a forum website which name is dinarvets. Where; you can find all that amazing and awesome people. Dinlarvets is a community dedicated to discussing Iraq, the Iraq dinar, and the other investment. I am one of the community members of this website; I have my personal experience with it. This website is full of informational, it makes me update whenever I checked. Staff members and other user are 24/7 involve in seeking new information for
  6. Painful to watch, and inaccurate. He's not "completely" lost, but should have done his homework before starting his pacing in circles around the room immediately after waking up. Shabibi was never even on the "board" of the IMF, let alone head of it. He worked for the U.N. as an economist in a Conference on Trade and Development, and as Chief of the Iraq Ministry of Planning. He is currently the "Governor" of the Central Bank of Iraq, not the Finance Minister of Iraq. Maliki is the Prime Minister of Iraq, not the President. The Kuwaiti Dinar shouldn't even be compared to the IQD. Once he calle
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