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  1. Hey smee2 - Poor Okie has been posting "after the fact" for months now - that is IF one was to believe any of his intel. How often has he posted it's already done and at this rate and we can cash-out on this day ?? So if he has continued to post "after the fact" before - why would anyone think he'll stop now?
  2. Hey Dik - and I don't mean that derrogatorily, as I was a Dik Butkus fan back in the day - BUT ... I ain't no stinkin' foreigner ... come to think of it, ... from where I sit - You would be the foreigner!!!
  3. HA HA ... I used to be ... but I'm all better now that I've cancelled my subscription to the ACME catalogue.
  4. AND I thought from your cute anime .. that You were the shy, silent type ... lol
  5. Is it possible to ignore some one on this site? Because I have read enough pompous, egotistical, self-righteous crap from one know-it-all than I care to.
  6. RoadRunner .. funny considering my avator .... As long as it isn't a freight train coming my way
  7. Doesn't necessarily mean they were drinking ... maybe they were just trying to get away from their mother-in-law
  8. Wouldn't that be considered an Oxymoron? Or at least some kind of Moron ?
  9. I tried checking before I left the house this morning at 6am and it was offline - and it still is as I just checked before logging on here.
  10. I guess No chicken-dance for You today, Shinnidan? I was looking forward to checking out your dance on youtube .. one day soon, I hope
  11. Which finally answers the age-old question - Why did the chicken cross the road? Because the dinar RV'ed Watch out for traffic whilst your dancing shinnidan
  12. Nicely put Striker, there are many on these forums that we get to know from their posts, and many more that we don't get to know, because we didn't engage in a particular forum where they may have posted. It certainly makes one think about all the members and what they may do for a living - and perhaps we will all think twice before we decide to post any derogatory statements or personal bashes. And Frosty, thank you for introducing us to your friend - my condolences to you and yours, and to your friend's family as well. May you all find peace during this troubling time.
  13. Polly, That's so true ... when I was in university taking engineering at the advent of the computer age one of my profs had a saying in relation to computations ... "garbage in - garbage out !!" It doesn't matter if your calculations are right, it's the premise on which those calculations are based that counts. If one uses a flawed assumption, one gets a flawed result.
  14. Actually Jimmy Hoffa is really in charge - why do you think he's been hiding all these years? - he's just been waiting for the right moment to hit !!
  15. Thanks TJ - that is an awesome post. I tend to agree with your friend, that keep's posts have a more negative side to them and it is nice to have a positive take on the whoe rate debate I'm more inclined to believe in a $3 RV - but then again, I still believe in Santa Claus lol . Scooby Doo - kudos for standing up and righting your wrong. We don't see enough of that in today's society. Too bad we haven't seen any of that from some of the so-called gurus that seem to be always wrong.
  16. I can second that BanG ... and I'm sure as soon as Vern reads this, he'll be trying to call me to set me straight !!!
  17. REALLY ?!?! Sure sounds like you think you do !!!!
  18. Chase ?!? I'm too tired to chase anything at my age !!! I thought this was a sit-down-and-wait-for-it investment.
  19. That was my take on the calculation as well. .5 is 50% or half of a GB pound
  20. I can't see a moving RV - it would have to be an all-at-the-same-time deal, not country by country.
  21. Thanks for the post striker. Maybe, just maybe .. this will finally be the weekend it all comes to a conclusion!!!
  22. Great job Scooter ... as usual. Question: Does that come as a wall poster ?
  23. I gave Coldwarvet a +1 to even out your oopsie !!
  24. Let's see .... Belligerent Unsubstantiated Liars Like Shilling Horribly Insignificant Trash ??
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