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  1. MarchMadnes

    PD Down

    LOL funny! Blaino played Nurse Rachet Yes as he fills me in I will let you know which I respect his opinions since I known the guy for many years and he is a straight shooter with no intention of BS
  2. MarchMadnes

    PD Down

    PD will win the ADDS award when this is all done Americas Dumbest Dinar Site!
  3. MarchMadnes

    PD Down

    Kim that was good! I know we shouldnt pick on them or judge others but maybe this is our way to vent due to all the lies, and we can force our own gag order since from what I hear they are only in this to make money ontop of the dinar wave and hurting people is what they do by spreading lies. Now I know all the gurus or if thats what all these people think they are, have been wrong which I honestly have friends in govt and one from the State Department laughs about this thing which he has Dinar and stuck them away in the safe which he stated who knows when this will happen especially the so called in the know gurus have no clue only state things for there own personal agenda only! So there you go from a real govt official who is in and probably has the highest level contacts over any guru! He said it may be another few months but he did state there will not be any LOP because of several different factors one in particular everything our nation has done for Iraq we wont allow it due to the monies alone owed to our country!
  4. MarchMadnes

    PD Down

    No Blaino got in trouble for telling Maliki to sign the Erbil agreement on Friday so the are gagged. Remember they have contacts in Parliment and Maliki calls Blaino for advice. Planet Dinar is the illuminatis did you all forget. They control this RV and we just are starting to figure it out. Oh yea one other thing I think a few of the crew at PD was in One Flew Over The CooCoos Nest also!!
  5. I wouldnt sell any IQD at this point do you realize how close this thing is to pop and make that 400k into atleast around $1million dollars! Please take them put them away and within a couple weeks at most I wouldnt be suprised to see this thing be over!
  6. I believe there will be no LOP but think about this all the gurus that swore over and over there would be no LOP and it does happen I bet they wont come out on any more conference calls. Especially the Pumper gurus will go into hidding real fast cause alot of people will be head hunting, well not literally but some will want to at least give a piece of there mind for being consistently lied to for the pumpers personal gain.
  7. $3220 per million this would mean a LOP and a $3.22 rate that would suck!!
  8. Doesnt work for me either but we had this happen about 2 weeks ago on P T R which alot of people were freaking about bloomberg site and found a whole bunch of currencies not available so hope that doesnt burst any bubbles just keeping it real in any case listened to Randy Koonces CC yesterday and even he pretty much thinks were in the week but still need to hear security ministers read officially to the public before this will go off. I do tend to agree with what he has stated all along since it seems how they are putting the security ministers off as smoke to the RV happening anyway. I also like his analysis of how to break down what the minimum will be of the RV based on there Budget and oil production for the year which it should come out at minimum $3.41 boy wont that put the Loppers to rest real fast LOL, The more study you do there is no way this will lop especially internationally but if they would in country LOP I wonder logically how they could keep the citizens of Iraq from sending out there dinar to friends/family abroad to exchange for USD that part would make no sense to me since some of the gurus have stated this dropping of three zeros may happen that way yet for what its worth I believe the RV will just be straight across the board worldwide and in country to. But mark my words LOPPERROOZIES there will be an RV of over $3. Oh boy here comes the BASHING LOL.
  9. No No dont get yourself thrown in jail but your more then welcome to throw all the rocks you want at parliment better yet stone Shabibi and Maliki until they give in and force them to RV today! :D
  10. ok what are you saying? dont understand forex if you know something Hell please spill it out in simple terms please! what does that all mean buddy!
  11. someone said on wednesday? I dont see it in this article or is it somewhere and isnt our Tuesday there Wednesday?
  12. CBI auction prediction tomorrow 10 dinar, a keg of bud, 1 bottle of Jack, and an all expense paid exclusive trip to the bunny ranch with Bridget the Midget . Oh yea I will pay keepm's way in the bunny ranch if he stops talking about the LOP LOL Easy Rider will be our body guard and use his vineyard thorns as a weapon.
  13. EXAMPLE...A salary was 1,000,000 OLD dinars a week...He got paid in cash.... One day he gets paid with New dinars and they count out 1,000 new dinars....He did not get a reduction in his pay...He still makes the same amount he did before and has the same purchasing power...THERE IS NO LOP...IF THEY DID THERE WOULD BE SOME SERIOUSLY ANGRY IRAQS! "You mean to tell me I came to work all these years and finally started making 1,000,000 dinars a week and now I only make 1,000"...YOU SEE...IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN LIKE THAT.. .What does this mean does it mean for example we have 300k dinar, lets say $3 USD per 1 dinar its worth $900k in USD or not?
  14. now that was horrible PSV didnt say anything wrong, gave her opinion without judging people here except for the press which ultimately is controlled by the govt so they can minipulate what is written. people you dont like to hear the truth or both sides of the ball field then step out of a post. Dont give her a -1 for her opinion that crap is ludicrous. I just gave you a plus PVS and I believe the ministerys have been done a while back but used smoke to hide it from us so they could use it to there advantage in buying time before they are on the clock to RV probably in a few hours max (AFTER) posting official seating where we all know they are in office just like the HCL is done and they are doing some stuff in I believe kurdistan that only could with the HCL being passed. Look at logic how they kept saying this week then next week I believe if it was true that they really kept putting off the ministers being seated which stayed a private matter to this point there would have been some serious massive govt breakdown with blocs at each other throats as well certain things probably wouldnt have been accomplished with out these ministers seated on a secret level. Now if they are seated come Monday or Tuesday which we believe will be the latest date and if they dont RV that same day something major is wrong with the elites minipulating the situation or throwing a wrench in this coming to a finalization/. If the elites allow Iraq to make up another fight between blocs and go another week without these guys seated I wouldnt be suprised if there is blood shed with the Iraq citizens of a serious magnitude. As Shabibi said propogan no I mean advertisement which they have now fully ran out of that option as we all are educated enough to see the hand Iraq GOI is holding. As well the raising of 3 zeros of there currency where they pretty much state they will take it from the currency will not happen due to how ludicrous it is in this worldwide event, numerous other points and the big one the prerequisite to LOP hyperinflation of superior magnitude like 1000% or more which is where the Vietnamese Dong is at and probably will take plass. If they truely were going to LOP the currency I dont believe they would work this hard to misinform us and some debts definitely would not have been paid or forgiven. So as we wined down to the final promising week here look for alot of misleading crap like today, anyway to keep the big fish investors out, and this to come in on a day you wouldnt expect it to due to the tactics they are using to throw up smoke screens. Best wishes to all and even our Loppers who are human just like the rest of us who make mistakes.
  15. now that was horrible PSV didnt say anything wrong, gave her opinion without judging people here except for the press which ultimately is controlled by the govt so they can minipulate what is written. people you dont like to hear the truth or both sides of the ball field then step out of a post. Dont give her a -1 for her opinion that crap is ludicrous.
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