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  1. Who's gone dark?? These guys are still spouting crap - THAT's not going dark. Going dark is SHUTTING THE HELL UP !!!!
  2. WOW .. he just doesn't get it ... does he? No one will believe him without some kind of verifiable proof of his intel
  3. Dinar is still available in Canada .. you just have to know where to look.
  4. Funny how none of these un-named sources has EVER been right about anything ... but always quick to blame *the system* for their lack of any real knowledge.
  5. Maybe he's practicing to be a spy-novel writer.
  6. If they keep getting away with it - they'll keep doing it. Nuff Said.
  7. MAYBE .. IF he even HAD intel - from what I've read over the years a room full of monkeys at keyboards would have come up with the same intel Okie's been spewing.
  8. It can't hurt to try that's for sure. Keep us posted as to any results.
  9. Quiet time ... ?? I think it's time for Okie and Bullcrap and all the rest to go quiet ... and let the RV happen when it happens> NONE of their intel has proven right or even close to right yet ... but they still want everyone to believe they know what they're talking about?? Shut up already gurus ... and leave us alone.
  10. And how exactly is this any different from the USA right now?
  11. Oh oh ... I'm sensing a banana pancakes moment coming ...!!!
  12. Surely ... you don't think Piggy is going to let you off that easy .... do You?? And don't call me Shirley ...
  13. Don't know if I ... or anyone really ... can save your sanity!! But I did save You from the minus monster ... Had to give you a plus to get you back to even!
  14. It's OK Rod ... I'm sure he's *up* for any comments concerning his dong - and Cisole seems intent on fondling any and every dong within reach ... and of course ... they have that little bromance thing going on ... and Ms. Boop - WELL !!! I'm liking You more and more everyday!!! You seem to be able to hold your own ... or others ... when pointed your way!!!
  15. Two Days Early ?!?!!? WtF !!!! He's been screaming it's been done since about last July (2010 - NOT this past one,) if not longer. He's a hell of a lot more than 2 days early!!! Mind you - just once I'd like one of his lies to be a truth !!!
  16. I believe you may be experiencing an RVgasm !!! Oooohhh !! I so want to see that ... Can I, huh? ... Can I ?? I'll help you hold him down !!!
  17. Can you say that again only in English this time ... my translator seems not to be working.
  18. IF you are basing this conclusion on Okie and his crew ... then I must say you are sadly mistaken. Is the government fully seated? Is the Erbal Agreement in place? Has Iraq been lifted out of Chapter 7? IF and when ALL those items are done, then you can start thinking the RV is near ... BUT to say it is done is pure pie-in-the-sky dreaming.
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