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  1. It behooves us all to look at all sides of the dinar situation. There is certainly a stark difference between the sides. It's been written on this site that the rate/code group folks are just pumpers, but really look at it. There is a jonnywg/Bellagrits chat posted tonight and linked here in the DV forum. Click on it and you can sign up for a rate/code group.... so who's pumping??? jonnywg/Bellagrits aren't selling dinar to pump. General64/Studley aren't selling dinar to pump up. They say they have negotiated rates higher than normal with the banks. The banks aren't selling dinar, so how are they pumping by offering a premium rate? Could there be something to the code/premium rate offers? Fire away folks, I wanna hear what you have to say Mak63
  2. Dude, if the Palestinians would negotiate in good faith, they could have had their own nich back when Clinton was in power, but Arafat's arogant ass kept wanting more and more. Can't remember which Israeli PM was ready to give away almost everything for peace, but Arafat WANTED EVERYTHING!!!!!! Would not compromise. BTW, bible says the Isrealites would again have their own land, so '48 was predestined. Mak63
  3. Agreed that the establishment controls the country........ The white Obama will do less toward moving the country the way the establishment wants it to go and will actually do some things to reverse some of the crap the the black Obama has put in place. Still going down the slippery slope though. But as I've said already, a vote for anyone other than the direct opponent to Obama, OR STAYING AT HOME IN PROTEST, will only elect the black Obama. This enemy is tooooo bad to allow another 4 years. Mak63
  4. Thank you for noting that, and you have your opinion and are entitled to it. Please articulate why Isreal should sit back and allow themselves to be exterminated just because some of the rest of the world thinks Iran should be able to have a nuke because they are soverign. Iran has vowed to exterminate Isreal. Why shouldn't they be able to defend themselves and preempt a strike on themselves? Mak63
  5. Rights and HJB, quite idealistic, and I understand, but why take the chance on re-electing this _________ (insert your own adjective)? "I voted my conscious...... but I'm much less free cuz "O" won" ......... come on guys, that is cutting your nose off to spite your face. Again, I hate that its come down to this, but you have to make a direct vote AGAINST Obama in the POTUS election and at this point there's a 99.99999% chance it's Romney. Mak63
  6. MUST be very careful not voting against Obama. Writing in Paul is a vote for Obama because you're not voting directly against him. Voting for Romney is a direct vote against Obama. I don't like Romney, but he is going to be the direct candidate against Obama. A vote for anyone else is a vote for Obama because you're not voting for the strongest opponent to Obama in the presidential election. I know that sucks, but that IS the reality. Mak63
  7. Don't understand your question. The "establishment" republican party elite, Bush's, Rove, McCain, Bohner et al. They split all the conservatives out and left the moderate Romney as the last man standing. He has the money and had the backing of the establishment. Do I like it, hell no, but unfreakin' fortunately that is what happened. Mak63
  8. By no means is it hopeful, but until the ignorant masses, who are ignorant because of decades of the cronies making them that way and by their own choice, come together and over ride the cronies, its just status quo. Ron is just not the guy and I live about an hour from his district, so I know who/what he is. He IS a politician by the way. Scrutinize his voting record and you'll see he votes when its prudent to vote against how he articulates his opionions to be. Mak63
  9. What you don't seem to want to understand is that the cronies who rigged the election will come to power on the votes of the ignorant masses. Ron Paul has some good domestic ideas, is totally wrong on foreign policy and doesn't have the, dare I say, gravitas, to articulate his policies and educate the masses. Romney will win, will continue down the slippery slope we're now on, won't repeal OB Care and we're all gonna be screwed because the cronies rigged the election. Then what? If you have a decent amount of dinar, you can go outside the US and perhaps live out your days where you can be taken care of in your old age and live a life remenicient of here some 50-70 years ago. Mak63
  10. Sorry HJB, but your statement is a wet dream!!!!! He will go by the wayside just like every other time he's run for POTUS. Mak63
  11. Any local firearms dealer can put it together for you. It is an AR-15 with a couple of add on's Mak63 I have 3 right off the bat: Barret M107 semi-auto with a Leupold scope- .50 BMG. This one is to "reach out and touch someone" A "Ma Duce"- .50 BMG of course........ and yes they are available!!!!! This one for home defense ( A Ma Duce is the M2, .50 caliber machine gun always seen in the back of a jeep in the WWII movies and on some Humvee's today) An M-16 with a couple of nice upgrades:) This one for giggle and grins Then, as an avid collector, I would go for some older, full auto weapons. These are all perfectly legal to own. There is some hassle to get them, but with a "quality RV", should be within reach of the average IQD holder. Mak63
  12. Hold on........ they're both HUMONGOUS LIAR'S!!!!! Not sure about alter ego!!!! Mak63
  13. Food For Thought: Eventually Okie and the GURU's will be RIGHT about "tomorrow"!!!!! Hope its tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mak63
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