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  1. Ha! Very timely post! I am attempting to compile a reply to a comment by someone relative to how 'pointless' doing exactly what you suggest to do is. That being to "Take time to truly read the news and post out there...". I agree, there are a number of very sharp people that are here at 'vets' and do us a service in bringing it 'over', i.e. Yota. Thank you for posting your thoughts! I agree! Plus 5+++++
  2. A little more reading material... The American Indian Movement's Grand Governing Council repudiates Russell Mean's challenge to the jurisdiction and authority of the Dine (Navaho) Nation's Criminal Courts. His recent reckless mis-representation of the American Indian Movement's well established position supporting the sovereign authority and powers of Indian nation's governments plays into the hands of all the anti-Indian forces that want to erode the sovereignty of Indian nations. http://www.aimovemen...ssellmeans.html
  3. And here is the 'rest of the story'... The suture of the skull is the point where the bones meet. We can very easily see this place on the head of infants, as the sections are not then drawn closely together, and the vibrations of the brain can be both seen and felt. In Sanscrit this is called "The Door of Brahm," for it is the apperture through which the Ego, or Spirit leaves the body. It is also the chimney of Santa Claus. The vertebrae as a whole is called the "stick of Brahm." Directly underneath the "door of Brahm" is a triangular shaped body named in physiology the "Island of Reil." Thi
  4. Moving... tried to bring the video over... best I could do is the link! ****Mod Help***** Hint: when you click the "share" link on youtube, click the options arrow and place a check in the "Long Link" box - then copy the URL in the little box. When you post it in DV, be sure you use the "Insert Media" (3 little boxes on the right side). Hope this helps!
  5. Knowledge is power...
  6. The 'darkside of the moon' where NASA rovers do not go...
  7. Interesting information...
  9. Well, according to a thread not too long ago, there is no "cash-in spread" at Dinar Banker. Reputedly from a "cut and paste" conversation from Dinar Banker and a DV member.
  10. AquaDude is definitely going to be 'bummed' out! With him in mind... ...+1 if you agree!
  11. Look over these seller/buyers:
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