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    Read Nir's profile and About Me.
  2. Logic2301 - what is your problem? After reading several of your posts, it looks to me that you must come to this site to get pleasure from people being delusional. According to you, we will all be disappointed because we were so stupid. After the RV in 2023 at 1:.0001, and all the 000s lopped, will you come back and laugh at us then too? Thought so. Do you go to childrens cancer sites and leave posts for survivors telling them not to get too cocky yet? Mad Max
  3. Gee, this is a lot of information in a large font and bold, which is giving me a headache. Carla, can you highlight the information that you think pertains to the RV, or otherwise of interest to us here on DV. Tariff information is very interesting, but I don't want to miss something that is pertinent to the RV just because this was difficult to read. Thank you.
  4. This is a law that passed almost four months ago. It has been posted everyday for 4-5 days. Thank you for your due diligence.
  5. Carla, I suppose after that mean spirited comment you are going to tell me you are a good Christian, right?
  6. Can someone tell me what the references meant about Google and Wikipedia. What does either of them have to do with an RV, other that getting information. Why is that important in this conversation? Thanks!
  7. Do you really think that FedEx would not ship colored paper? That is all it is at this point. There is not law against shipping currency, not here anyway. And just because it comes from DT offices does not mean it is worthless dinar. It could be contracts, birthday cards, suicide notes, family photos...... I have received dinar from DT through FedEx this week. The only thing the FedEx driver wants to talk about is how cute my dog is.
  8. GI Dad, Are there any groups or charities we can donate to that will benefit our country's best, our soldiers and their families. You may have better 'intel' on this than me. If you do, then you are my kind of "Guru." Thanks! Sophie's Mom
  9. Rookie: If you saw Warka, you saw plenty of other information. Let me give you some advice. This is not a good time to be pulling this crap. We are all a big testy. You are either someone that wants everyone else to do you work for you, just think you are having fun by getting some attention, someone that wants to sell your supposed 25k notes that may be fake, or a crook. Which is it? Most of us take this speculative investment very seriously. I have relatives that are ill and need help. I need help too. There are soldiers, injured and walking, that have made it away back to the states with some dinar in their pocket that need help. Their families need help. And you come on here and pull this. You should not only be embarrassed, but ASHAMED of yourself. If you have anything more to say, please respond. I look forward to the communique and discourse. Sophie's Mom PS - What makes people like you tick?
  10. If Frank has such knowledge and connections, why will we get the "news" in the Gazette and not from him? Just asking.
  11. If you have not noticed, Curious has been posting so much bs that it literally is not funny. And it is hardly SHARING like a good angel would do. He is a pot stirrer, and probably a pumper. He might be Okie is disguise. Read what he "shares" .... it is dribble and so unrealistic. Come up for air. You are turning blue. Have a nice day.
  12. Pretty Baby, I am lost. I must have missed it. Can you tell me why you think this is exciting news? I am at a loss with all of this information. Assistance, please!
  13. I don't even know what to say about 8ball's conversation and his sheeple followers. What bothers me is that some people will believe it and react on it. And that is not nice.
  14. Old, old news. Law passed in October 2010 (I believe). You might search for a topic before posting it. Thank you for your due diligence.
  15. Frank's posts (and 8Ball has a doozie out today) are not even B movies any longer. I do not even know where to start. Quote: Darline = said the Paris Agreement signed 5 years ago and restructuring of Iraq’s debt today the MOF knows if they do not get this done paid off before - the Paris debt will be triple! Darline knows a calculation on how to figure the rate and Frank said that on Wednesday (tomorrow) they would talk about this… Paid off before what - Darline is a mathematician that knows a calculation of WHAT rate.....The MOF knows that if....we all know that! They continue to speculate on old news. Their posts are nothing more than chatter. I normally enjoy the rumors, but this tears your head apart. Yeah, yeah, don't read them......
  16. Loki189, This is the message I got from you. What I heard to say is let's have some real discussion, grownup debate. Let's exchange ideas. I get tired of reading the comments that do not add to the conversation: Thnk u, you be da man, you tell em bro. And I am not talking about telling someone thank you for their expertise, time, and effort. But 85 in a row.... I know, don't read them. I don't anymore. The comments are probably 75% focused on getting an RV so that they can prosper. Very myopic and selfish. These individuals want someone else to research and digest information, and reguritate it half-chewed for them. We all look to the experts for information because we just do not know, but you had better make sure the experts are right and not just a "gurus" opinion. The investment is real and involves making individuals millions of real dollars. You would think the conversation would seek a higher level. But that is the nature of an open forum.
  17. I am glad to see our troops posted in the Gallery. Without them, none of us would be invested in the IQD. I am hopeful that many, many of them will reap benefits for themselves and their family. Their sacrifice has been more than monumental. With my dinar profit, I will donating to several charities that support injured troops and their families. It is also great to see the members photos featured. It sets the stage for kinder, gentler discussions with other members. Thank you to the troops and their families for what they have given us, without ever seeing our faces.
  18. Terry K has gotten so ridiculous that it is not even fun anymore. The government takes its cut and then taxes us on top of it? Do they think we are morons.... Yawn, nite nite, I am done....
  19. Thanks Doc. As usual, you are generous with your information, knowledge and experience with grace. It takes real men and women to maintain their integrity and self discipline during difficult times.
  20. Let's back up a bit... You could be transferring funds from one account to another. That does not necessarily mean you pay taxes on a new deposit. It is more complex than that. You do not pay taxes on deposits, you pay taxes on profit, income, or gain.
  21. Bobby, If Okie has spent years in the oil fields, as you say, he has not been rubbing elbows with the oil elite or Washington elite. Do you think George Bush Senior ran around oil fields? Please. An Okie and elite reference in the same sentence is an oxymoron. You are basing this conversation on today's post. But Okie has a history that you are not taking into account. Please forward some intel that has come to fruition, other than his posts referencing an action(s), but was also posted simoutaneously on a major media source, i.e., CNN. I am sure Okie is a likeable guy, but the story is just falling apart rapidly.
  22. I am sorry, but there is not an oil man alive today, with friends and connections at that high a level, that would be stooping to speak with plebians like us to share information that would help regular people. Do you know what oil companies think of regulars people like us? We slaves to what they have to sell. Our economy and the world is run on oil for their profit and gain. They have stopped alternative energy for decades so that they can keep feeding us the oil they have to sell. When putting Okie at this high a level, you are talking about a T. Bone Pickens type. Can you imagine Mr. Pickens manning his oil wells so that six of his "hands" can have a Christmas with their family? And only six hands? Not much oil there. Yeah, yeah, he is semi-retired. When you truly know individuals at the highest level, your INTEL IS RIGHT! AND YOU WON'T BE SHARING IT WITH THE UNWASHED MASSES. You share with your other buddies, your cabal, your golf partner, your attorney, your son-in-law so your daughter can continue the lifestyle that you accustomed her to. If Okie is for real, I apologize. But with connections like he has, he should be onto good intel. One minute people are blaming Obama and the administration for controlling this whole RV deal, but Okie has WH connections but does not have correct information. Which is it? I enjoy reading all of the rumor posts, but people, come up for air, you are turning blue and becoming delirious. PS - If you think our government has more control over Iraq than the individuals (Rothschilds) that own the Federal Reserve, CBI, or any other global banks and oil interests, think again. Iraq will RV when they want them to.
  23. Dinar Trade is experiencing less supply and more demand - the supply and demand theory. Less supply, more cost. If you also notice, the 10k and 5k notes are not longer available. Less supply....
  24. $3.22 at a stroke before midnight on New Year's Eve.......2010!
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