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  1. I heard it was supposed to be the second tuesday of next week LMAO
  2. He was told by his manager to not deliver anything from dinar trade. Like I said I called dinar trade they confirmed with me that they are having problems with COD shipment in Missouri, when I asked why she told me they wasnt sure at that time because they hadnt talked with fedex about the issue. I was also to its not all of Missouri thats having this problem.
  3. Dinar trade told me I need to send the money order into them and they will ship it back out, but they dont have it back yet because this just happened this morning. Thanks
  4. Ok I have spoke with dinar tade the lady there told me they are having problems with deliveries in MIssouri but if I sent in my money order they will deliver it that way. I guess it has something to do with paying with a COD I dont know why but its what they are telling me.
  5. I agree but it just happened! Im not happy about it at all nor are my friend who didnt get theirs either.
  6. I talked to fedex and they just told me that they cant deliver currency and my package has been sent back! dinar trade hasnt returned my call and I left a message with them about 3 hours ago!
  7. Ok the tracking number is correct 472411678171 call fedex yourselves! I just got off the phone the manager said that they are NOT allowed to ship currency! I am not making this up IDK what to say but thanks for nothing I will never return to this site if I need help I will go somewhere else!
  8. Here is my fedex trracking number look for yourself! 472411678171. also I have been on hold for 45 min with dinar trade nobody has answered my call and I HAVE ALSO CALLED THE FEDEX LOCATION manager is to call me back.
  9. Ok I joined this site because a friend who got me interested in this investment said this was a good site that people would help if you had any questions! I ask one question and I'm not makeing this up I swear on my life the driver read the name on my money order and said he couldnt let me pay for it. I didnt sign for the package and I still have my money order so he didnt rip me off Im not out anything. I just got a delivery last week also and had no problems. Sorry if im jumping arround here but I dont understand why people think just because im new here Im making this up my co-worker couldnt get his either and my boss ordered his before we did and they didnt even pick his up from dinar trade. I was looking for some help note be made fun of or bashed for being new.
  10. Im very new here but I have a question. I have been buying Dinar from Dinar Trade since August of 2010 the fedex driver showed up this morning, as I was filling out my money order and the driver said Oh wait I cant deliver this! I said why he said that it was a scam and he couldnt give me my package. Does any one know whast going on with that? Makes me wonder if I have made a bad decission or is it that they found out that the packages have currency in them? Please any info would be great. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Message from Mod about message from Adam Montana (which I agree with) Please read this first before judging:
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