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  1. dogsutra

    Okie quickie

    well, it is the thursday before friday ! lol
  2. i realize that they have to verify for authenticity,but i would try to find a bank that would have the de la rue machine and count it in front of you. i would avoid leaving the dinars in someone elses care if you could avoid it.
  3. it simply means that supply has caught up wth demand and they don,t need to pay the higher buy amount in order to get dinars to sell at the going rate.
  4. don't read to much into that statement. it could be interpreted by the teller to mean they will exchange your dinar at todays buy rate. which could be as low as 1150 to the usd.
  5. i was wondering the same thing!
  6. i believe this was answered yesterday. they list the vehicles in usd even though it has iqd next to it. something about the fine print and no i don't have a link. i did read it last night. 1/5/2011
  7. i am not being negative ,but i believe doc said don't listen to saleh
  8. i believe this is post from another sight,not dinar vets. that is the way i read it.
  9. just so we can offend all, if it is pimento cheese and crunchy peanut butter you can use large tortillas and make great quesadillas!
  10. wasn't anyone actually working this am?
  11. Merry CHRISTMAS Enjoy with your family and close friends. they will be thier for you no matter what happens on this crazy sleigh ride! I meant there i guess i need to learn to spell!
  12. i had mine in a safe at the house. i felt more comfortable with them in a vault at a local bank. saftey deposit box content is not insured by fdic,but a vuault is fireproof and that's where the sdb's are kept!
  13. i saw info about the yaun yesterday. any news about that as far as chinese currency?
  14. all the fed ex packages say this from dt. just check the tracking update and you will see when they should be arriving at your front door
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