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  1. VERY EXCELLENT NEWS!! Does coincide nicely with Bulldog75. He says 99% probability of RV happening between now to Friday. Within 48 hours!!!!!!!!!!!! RV rate, he figures: $4.10 - $4.50 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Okay, I read what someone else wrote .. (I'm thinking was it Dusty??????? I forgot, sorry) (1) IMF HAS APPROVED THAT: Iraq can give THE VALUE OF NATURAL BASED ASSETS (Oil, gold, minerals, fertile area, vegetation growth) BEFORE ..digging, pumping, shipping, exporting, selling!! (2) And the geological report to be out: AROUND SEPTEMBER 11. Thereabouts.. So, my thinking is there has been delay for many many many reasons. But the actual HIGH VALUE of the dinar has to be THE EVIDENCE AND PROOF OF IRAQ'S NATURAL RESOURCES... ASSETS to backing it up. To qualify for the re-value, that is. TRANSPARENCY!!!!!!! So, I think probably things to be voted on, steps done... WILL BE TOTALLY DONE by the time the GEOLOGICAL REPORT IS OUT. IN SEPTEMBER. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ I think Dr. Shabibbi does have a value in mind. The opening value. And the peak value of the IQD. But I think, he being a business man, a professional man, with his reputation and loyalty.. might just wait for LETTING THE FOREX AND BANKS run with it... after the report. He probably is ready-set-to-go. Just will do it with the FACTS to back the value, IN THE REPORT. THE GOOD NEWS .. CHANCES ARE THE VALUE WILL START OUT: HIGH, AND HOPES ARE IT WILL GO TO: $15 usd As much as I would love the dinar to revalue in 5 minutes; I'm fine with HOPES OF MUCH HIGHER RATE... the LONGER THIS TAKES. There's SO MUCH AT STAKE HERE AND THERE. AND IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!! GO RV!
  3. WOWWWWWWWW Easy.. My thoughts were, of how scared to death you were not only for yourself, which would have been enough.. but also worried about the boy's own serious injuries. I had no clue how you came back to Christ. And I'm really impressed you shared. That you were saved, and the boy survived!! My other thought.. by any chance do you think that hopefully possibly the torture and pain, was TO ALSO TURN THE LIFE AROUND of the boy? I'm thinking the drugs, the lies, the dangers in the dark, almost killed him. Nothing matters more than life. Not one thing. THANK GOD FOR YOU SIR!! You had one shocking life changing experience, and I'm glad Jesus held you and the boy in his arms!!!!!! And saved you both!! It's no wonder why you are sooo nice and thoughtful. And.. LOVING! Bless you!
  4. QUESTION. Your thoughts on the timing and business sense for WELLS FARGO to purchase a foreign currency wholesaler.. at this time of year???? Expecting big returns??? QUESTION. Is Ali of DT going to be back online? Or is offline indefinitely??? QUESTION. Float or... not a float RV? QUESTION. Flat tax for USA cash-ins = 15% plus 1.5% for Health Care????????? GO RV!
  5. If you like to see tweeted updates, here's a great link, to share:
  6. THIS IS VERY EXCELLENT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR POSTING IT!!!!! My question is: 96,000,000,000,000 (96 Trillion IQDs) divided by 85,700,000,000 (85.7 BILLION USDs = RV of 1.1201866 Which is very nice!!!!! I am so ready to kick my bills to the curb!!! GO RV!
  7. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for your support, and sharing your comments, questions and thoughts!!! The story and video is connected to everyone worldwide. Please share with others! BLESS YOU! ~ Dinerry P.S. Feel free to PM me, for the website, blog that Earl Harris started. He shares more.
  8. The part that works my brain is whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!! This should never have happened!! Because, the girl counted the cash from your own personal checking account, by hand, and in front of the cameras. And my friend, Earl Harris walked out, as a regular customer. Why???? .. why did she demand and want the money back?? It was his account, with withdrawal RECEIPT. .. why did her boss tell the girl.. she would get fired if she didn't get the money back?? .. why did she bring a lot of bank associates with her outside the chase bank building?? .. why did she run into the second bank, where the very nice manager was. Thank God for him for stopping the insane actions. And helping my friend get off from the bank floor, where 2 people had tackled him down. Ish!! But Thank God for the manager, realizing the truth. That Earl was innocent and very scared! .. why did she want to charge him with FRAUDULENT charges?? .. why did she have NOOO common sense? .. why did her and her group gather into a pickup truck? Dangerous vehicle. .. why did that large group chase in the truck, one lone person who was only on foot, and not bearing any gun, nor any weapon, no weapon on your person, you were very vulnerable!! .. why did she make a false police report, and try to coerce the police to come, per her request? .. why did the group get paranoid, fearful, mis-judging? I care for the justice and regaining the dignified rights, that the Chase manager and associates violently took FROM my friend!! VERY UNFAIR. VERY UNDIGNIFIED. Your life was in danger, the police were only doing their job! Thank GOD that Police hate to use their weapons!! Four cars, and probably 4 guns pointed at you, which you were searched and handcuffed, and interrogated in the back of the squad car, back seat, with steel screens separating you. That was A SHOCKING EXPERIENCE!! May innocent people never ever ever be judged so harshly, dispicably, or rudely. I hope he continues to heal, and regains his rightful CIVIL RIGHTS and rewards.
  9. Here's from my friend, Earl Harris: "..Chase bank accused me of robbing them! They chased me into another bank screamed out loud that I had just robbed them. Everyone in the bank thought I was going to rob them next. "I was then tackled inside "wells fargo" by the bank security guard and and about 2 other people. After being let go and leaving that bank I was then chased down the road by "chase bank" employees 3 police cars then pulled me over threw me in the back of there police car. Chase bank lied and called the police claiming I had assualted them. Then they told the police they just said that to get them to arrest me and so they would arrive on scene faster. "I could have been killed" and now i'm terrified of going into banks again in fear of my life. The worst thing is the Chase bank manager who directed this whole thing never said sorry or even bothered calling me. I was humiliated infront of dozens of people and I want answers from Chase bank IMMEDIATELY! They will not get away with this! Please be supportive as this could happen to anyone of you. God Bless! "
  10. Me thinketh the Secretary is planning, preparing and gearing towards her 2012 or 2016 run for President of the United States. Growing her knowledge, her people skills, and leadership skills. Perhaps? Plus also THE PRIORITIES relating to a lot happening in the Middle East, and human rights, and economic changes and growth. GO RV!!! (..NOW darn it!)
  11. Online At Once Record is = 1,745 10 January 2011 - 01:11 Date: 1.10.11 Time: 01:11 Doesn't relate to nothing. Just thought it was interesting. GO RV!
  12. Link works! Can you explain this??? Iraqi Dinar Exchange Rate -99.00 Iraqi Dinars = 1 USD 1 Iraqi Dinar = -0.010101 USD Iraqi Dinar Value for 1/22/2011 1 IQD = One Penny USD 1 USD = 99 IQD Yes? Well, well, well, well ROCK ON! GO RV!
  13. Dear PVS, Awwwwwwww SO SAD. We're are thinking of you. You are a beautiful daughter. With Loving Prayers for you.
  14. When I use the converter, here's what I get: 1,000,000 iqd = $3,098,292.09 1,000,000 kwd = $3,391,453.64 1 iqd = $3.10 1 kwd = $3.39 .. So then Kuwait is still higher, by 0.29 cents And then reversing the tables, I get: $1,000 US DOLLARS = 323 Iraqi dinars Where, in the past (LIKE YESTERDAY!), a $1,000 bucks could buy you a MILLION DINARS! GO RV! .. are we already there now? WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!
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