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  1. larry143

    THE President

    Thank you for that story. Bush was and will remain my hero for integrity and strength.
  2. larry143

    What is your Job/Career Title and Do you enjoy it

    SORRY I didn't proof my message. I really am not an idiot! Sheesh! I'll do better next time. Larry
  3. larry143

    What is your Job/Career Title and Do you enjoy it

    I am a Day Trader. I hate it 49% of the time and love it 51% of the time. Lots of pressure as I bet the farm every day from pre-market till after-market hours 7:30 am to 7pm sometimes. Minx, I have a lot of sheffield silver antique settings, tea and coffee and food servers,my folks bought back in the 50's. Most of it has a dent/depresion on it, don't understand whay. Is that worthless becuse of the damage? Thanks
  4. larry143

    Where's this big announcement?

    Well!......That was refreshing! NOT!!!!!!!! We are all on pins and needles. I believe most of us are excited. That's all GOOD. The Holidays are here. Joy and Peace and Comfort...Yes for us all! God bless.
  5. larry143

    Bank of America in Florida Rumor

    I'm guesssing you also meant to add....Have a good weekend, and a happy holiday. Right?
  6. larry143


    Why not put it on reserve? Send DT or DB 10% of payment, they will guarantee to hold that for you and you can pay the one lump sum balance within 30 days.
  7. larry143

    Dinar Trade and Safekeeping

    I DID get through to Dinar Trade and as I was inquiring about the "reserve" program, asked if those reserved dinar could be put into "safekeeping". She said the safekeeping program was not available. I asked her why and she said "There is no more room in our vault". I was going to ask her if she thought I believed that nonsense but I DID NOT. It's not her fault she was told to repond that way. you know what I know about it and I admit...that's not much. And I do agree with you how much simpler it would be to use THAT program...especially in a reserved situation. God bless us all.
  8. Very proud to help out sneakey, glad to help.
  9. larry143


    I read yesterday where a guy went to his local bank and got some very reasonable. About $200 cheaper per million, than I've been getting from Dinar Trade.
  10. Just passing this along in case others may have the same concerns: I just called Dinar Trade concerning Dinar on reserve. 1. Nothing needs to be sent in other than the Cashiers check or Money order, no copy of agreement as you have already checked that box online. 2. If the dinar RVs prior to them getting your funds, they WILL HONOR the postage date on the envelope. Seeing as I sent my 10% only "certified" and "return receipt requested" with a 3 day delivery is why I was concerned. I know, I know you're saying, "what a cheap skate!". Yeah I goofed up there. So again, that's why I called to verify about the policy for confirmation. Hope this helps. God bless us all.
  11. larry143

    Dinar Trade Closed from Xmas to New Year

    Sorry everyone, I passed on bad information. I just got off the phone with DT and this nice lady said they are only closed for Xmas eve and Xmas. So sorry I alrmed anyone. All is good.
  12. larry143

    Dinar Trade Closed from Xmas to New Year

    Yeah I know. Nothing on web site. But that's what the lady on the phone with DT told me last week. I'll keep calling and report back if I hear anything. Thanks
  13. Don't mean to alarm anyone but has anyone heard how Dinar Trade might handle the funds sent in for "reserve dinar" if they aren't going to be there? I' ve tried to call so I could have an answer for the forum but their lines have been tied up. Anyone know Also I guess they will all come back so they can man the satelite offices... Sorry to throw the wrench.....God bless us all.
  14. larry143

    Dallas Vets

    Ernie, at the risk of sounding uneducated, can you clue me in on the "Belize" deal?

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