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  1. When you see the education of the public of the dinars, ATM's and the new electronic banking systems you will know change is not far away.
  2. When you see the education of the public of the dinars, ATM's and the new electronic banking systems you know change is not far away.
  3. I'm backing RUSSIA, everybody else wants to defeat isis with talk. The only way to defeat them is to kill every last one of them, women kids and all. Take no prisoners :angel:
  5. :confused2:everybody thinks Iraq justs talks and does nothing All these world leaders are the same, I'll do this, I'll do that Jack S___t is all they do until someone blows up the world. Au Gee, didn't see that coming.
  6. WELL IF POPPY SAID IT :eyebrows: :eyebrows: :eyebrows: :eyebrows:
  7. :eyebrows: :eyebrows: :eyebrows: :eyebrows: :eyebrows:
  8. We have WORLD LEADERS meeting to discuss the F___K----- CLIMATE All while TERRORISTS are not only plotting to kill us all but are actually doing it. What is wrong with all these MORONS, The so called do gooders have let thousands of MUSLIMS enter into our countries under the guise of refugee and now we are being eliminated by these so called religion of peace followers. ITS TIME TO ARM THE POPULATION, GIVE US OUR RIGHTS BACK. GIVE US A FIGH
  9. 6 months, 12 months, We have the rest of our lives to wait. Which is more than the ones in Iraq that are no longer with us have had. How long would we let this slaughter go on if it was in America, Canada, Japan, Germany,Australia, England ect. WE WOULDN"T So why do we let it go on in the Middle East, millions will be dead by the end of this war and for WHAT.
  10. Your right Dog53, how do we make urban kill traps, Govt took our guns and that is why they want to come here. The only ones with guns now are the crooks and terrorists. LOOKS LIKE WE ARE SCREWED
  11. :butt-kicking:Well I hate to bring you guys back to reality, the date is 2015 and if you live in a country whose major language is ENGLISH, and you want to live there, you should learn to speak it. Here in Australia we are having trouble with home grown MUSLIM TERRORISTS. A 15year old murdered a police worker the other day. The head of the MUSLIM community , The Muffty has been in AUS for 18 years and can't speak ENGLISH. He is suppose to be the roll model for the rest of the MUSLIMS, and he is also their spokesperson, but nobody knows what he tells them!!!!!!!! Why would they bother t
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