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  1. This IS your answer. Welcome to the World Wide Web of Google.
  2. Sonny1 -- I sure admire your unflinching conviction level. Maybe you are tapped in to "the truth" ... Thirty-five cents and no one will ever hear from me again. TS
  3. This is unclear ... you will have to ask Adam if he was able to get over 100 people to upgrade to VIP, or not. This was the likely goal of the 10-day prognostication re: HCL, etc. If he was able to get to that number, then (even with the 20% discount that he was offering) his DV company is bringing in an extra $1,300+ per month. Pretty nice strategy, I'd say.
  4. This pretty much sums up why SO much Dinar has been sold during the last 18 months (my initial purchase included). 1) Preference to think positively in the face of (apparent) facts, news reports. 2) I guess it's speculative, but less so inasmuch as they keep telling us that they're going to remove 3 zeros -- after they do it, will we continue to argue that they can't or won't? TS
  5. Sonny1 just did not support his position very well, basically restating that because of Iraq's vast natural resources, it can only RV. I'd take 30 cents in a second, but all signs point to an RV NOT coming to pass. The article at the end that Sonny1 referenced was really just a commercial for a subscription newsletter ... stage one internet marketing for 'list building'. TS
  6. Keeping up with 1168=$1 isn't really that time consuming. We'll likely start seeing more of this ... and doc will keep scooping up the dinar from people bailing out at $900 - $1,000 per M IQD.
  7. I didn't see any insults from DCupp, Mod ... lighten up. Useless post by teddyjay.
  8. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ and; ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  9. Pretty standard, boilerplate stuff. In other words, "I got your note. Now please go away. And don't forget to vote for me again next time."
  10. Blaino, you may want to heed the old saying, "when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging." It's difficult to make your protestations fly here ...
  11. Dude!! If that's really you, Blaino, then you're better off just laying low and trying to build your own brand elsewhere. Not sure you've got much cred here at DV. Hell, I'm not even sure Adam has much cred here in the free forum anymore ...
  12. Also JUST IN: 'easy' being investigated by FBI for reposting all of Okie's, etc garbage
  13. Perhaps. Then how hard would it be for GOD to speak through Kim C? TS
  14. When we read the Bible, we are already relying on more than 10 translations and interpretations of the 'original'. TS
  15. This is very well stated ... I doubt that 'easy' will address this in an intelligent, straightforward and thoughtful manner. TS
  16. de·ceit /diˈsēt/Noun 1. The action or practice of deceiving someone by concealing or misrepresenting the truth. 2. A dishonest act or statement Considering Frank hasn't been correct once in the year that I've seen his conference calls reposted, I'd say that, yes, he's being deceitful. It really doesn't matter whether or not he gets PAID to be deceitful -- a misrepresentation of the truth is still a misrepresentation of the truth ... TS
  17. The original post/source is serious BS ... can't believe you all fell for it ... or maybe I CAN. Google may stop indexing said sites, but they can't 'take them down'. Give me a break! You guys!! TS
  18. This is a well written (and well reasoned) piece. I'm still holding, but you are probably right about a pending inability to sell IQD for anything more than chump change as people bail out. Still, I'm of the put-it-in-the-drawer-and-forget-about-it mindset; although, I may sell my IQD that I have outside of my Roth IRA. We'll see ... Of course it doesn't matter, but you should get ready for the onslaught of 'crazies' who will proclaim that we're "right there". Nevertheless, good luck to you. TS Turns out that there's little reason for any of the posts on this board. Who knew? TS
  19. Was I wrong? Apparently not ... no Mod reply and no Adam reply to the multiple questions as to whether or not there would be a chat tonight. It does seem that no one is minding the store, doesn't it? TS
  20. Sorry, I know how hard you mods are working now with the diminished numbers. So, are you indicating that Adam is doing his chat tonight? Or, has he left the building ... as was indicated earlier this week? Was reported that he was travelling this week ... TS
  21. So, this post has been on the board for about a half an hour and only a couple responses. If he had said it was going to RV at $4 in less than 24 hours ... the cheerleading would have been non-stop. Now, almost everyone is paralyzed. LOL. I'll throw in: denegrate him if you like, but he's pretty level-headed and he is more correct than ANYONE else. I'll take his information as correct and check back in October ... see you then. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  22. Easy ... You are very negatively affecting your own credibility by bringing anything Nesara-related over to DV. People lost in Nesara are worse than Scientologists IMHO. And I grew up in a household of Scientologists. Really, Nesara is the grandest of all conspiracy theories! Peace. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  23. If your conversations are this reasoned and articulate, then you should definitely let go of any 'wounds' that you may have regarding an individual's rejection of your goodwill recommendations. It's not you, Dude. It's them. Plain and simple. That said -- this could still take a couple more ... years. Yes, years -- to the phenomenal results we're all hoping for. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
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