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  1. They've offered no guarantees and, in fact, Sonny has admitted that he's been wrong many times. Your note infers that you think this is a 'slam dunk'. You may want to re-think that and do further research. TS
  2. Thanks, Tiff ... pretty simple research, really. At least when you know where to look. I learned this about 5 years ago and I was amazed at how simple the underbelly of the internet is. The person who owns DV certainly knows this as well. He has a profit model, volunteer mods and very little overhead for running this site. He will consistently need to replace the vast majority of visitors to this site because most people won't have the patience or attention span to keep their 'dream' alive. This reality is evidenced on this site by the fact that most posters were not members a year ago. As someone who has been an IQD investor for a couple years and visiting this site for about 18 months ... I can tell you that the vast majority of names that you see on DV today are different than Dec 2010. probably 80-90% turnover for posters anyway. Mods too. You will see this next Dec too when (most likely) IQD investors will still be waiting. Make no mistake about it, the owner of this site makes a killing on the regular visitors writing and reading off topic posts and reposting dinar articles and certainly the reposting of every guru that you can think of ... again eyeballs = $$$. Eventually, some of those (he claims 40,000+) members will anti up for VIP. You can easily spreadsheet those numbers at a minimal % (paying VIP dues of about $15 per month) and see that we're talking far more monthly income than the overwhelming majority of visitors to this site earn. Like I said earlier, it's a good business. TS
  3. The person who owns this site has a nice business, selling VIP memberships and taking advantage of other revenue streams that the average internet marketer normally tries to capitalize upon. The IQD may RV. But in order to better understand the field on which you stand, you need to look at internet traffic. Traffic here is decent. See to review all the traffic trends of DV ... On it you will find some of your observations supported here as men over 45 tend to be conservative. Especially childless, non college graduates. The 6,746 most popular (most visited) website in the US, alexa's analytics summarize DV this way:'s three-month global Alexa traffic rank is 30,193. Visitors to it spend approximately nine minutes per visit to the site and 52 seconds per pageview. Roughly 90% of this site's visitors are in the US, where it has attained a traffic rank of 6,746. Visitors to view 6.8 unique pages each day on average. Relative to the overall population of internet users, the site's audience tends to be over the age of 45; they are also disproportionately childless men browsing from home who are not college graduates and have incomes over $30,000. When you visit alexa, you will notice that traffic to DV is down about 40% during the last three months and generally down quite a bit for the year. It's possible that measures have been taken to try to increase traffic here and, of course, once again we are getting regular information that the RV is imminent. This will keep people coming back and might possibly increase VIP membership. Remember, websites are just like television programming: eyeballs = $$$. Personally, I'm ready for an RV. But I don't expect it for a couple years. Hope this clarifies a little regarding your original post. TS
  4. This is the same thing he said last year! Isn't there anyone on here anymore that remembers Aug, Sept and Oct of 2010? Don't any of you remember T-minus 85 days and counting ... counting down to Dec 31 2010? How is Frank still relevent? TS
  5. It appears from the developments of the last 6 months that dinar holders will have to wait until sometime in 2013 (at the very earliest) to see an RV. Unlike the 'opinion' that the owner of this site is advancing, there is NO evidence that we'll see something this Thanksgiving (or by next Thanksgiving for that matter). The owner of this site has given no supporting evidence of this claim. If I were speaking with him personally, I'd ask him to cite two sources that show any indication that the IQD will RV this year. There is no evidence, just ginned up hope. The withdrawal of US Troops should bode well for the IQD investment as it will require the Iraqis to put up or shut up (or be overrun by Iran, if possible). I expect Iraq to stand well on her own with the US still heavily participating behind the curtain. Once/If it appears that Iraq can stand on her own, then you may be able to speculate about the strengthening of the currency. Realistically, it's hard to imagine that any stability can really be gauged in less than 12 months. Therefore, the idea that -- at the earliest -- we are looking at 2013. Even then, the speculated amount, by the owner of this site, of a dime or more is probably generous. You can forget your fantasies of $3 anytime soon (soon meaning at least 10 years), especially if you mix in the forthcoming worldwide depression (some say we are already in that depression). A full scale world wide depression means LESS economic activity and MORE uncertainty. Energy prices fall dramatically when serious recession hits, let alone depression. So ... the possible answer to the question of the original poster is that there is SO much secondhand dinar out there held by people that are in over their head that if one wants to divest of IQD now, there will be ample opportunity to get back in during the next 12-18 months (or longer). For those holding thousands to tens of thousands of dollars worth of IQD, what's the difference? One can put that money somewhere else for the near to medium term, then get back in ... pretty simple. Simple supply and demand. The future will have ample supply of reasonably or cheaply priced IQD if anyone wants it. Yes, I'm still holding some and will continue to do so, even though I've lightened up a bit. My personal point of view is that there will be no increase in the value of the IQD until 2014 -2015 -- a gut feeling you might say, based on watching the machinations of this adventure for almost two years now. Ask yourself what your gut feeling is as to why the owner of this site would advance his 'rate talk' NOW? Yes, you are probably correct on that 'read' ... Best wishes for great health and prosperity for everyone, TS
  6. Sold. Thanks, Jeanne! See you Monday ... TS
  7. Selling 3M IQD, purchased from Dinar Trade. All currency 25K, uncirculated notes. I'm in the Denver Metro area, so that would probably be easier ... but we can arrange anything securely through PayPal or by other means. Prefer to sell to one buyer. Asking $3,047 for the entire 3M. If interested, please email and I'll contact you. Email: TS
  8. Staying away from the usual back and forth ... the original essay seems correct (to me) in stating that the withdrawal of US troops is a good thing. People on this site love to make this into a political rant, but it makes sense that if Iraq can stand on her own, then IQD investors will have a real shot at the type of return that the owner of DV detailed last week (maybe a $0.25 RV). If Iraq indeed goes to hell, then there's your answer. You've got to believe that the US has some sort of backup plan for Iraq (undiscussed in public). And you've got to believe that the US wouldn't make this move -- with oil in mind -- unless it had a firm confidence that Iraq is prepared to succeed at this point. That said, it will likely take a good year for real stability to be established and confirmed. Therefore, it is difficult for me to see how a decent return on our IQD investment could occur before well into 2013. I'm serious. TS
  9. Negative is usually in the eye of the beholder. If your intent is to create a more homogeneous group, then I think you will succeed. If your intent is to create a more pointed discussion with more critical thinking, then I'll think you'll be surprised by what you get. I've always been amused by how willing people on this site are to 'bite'. There is usually a clear signal by a given poster that he/she is trying to engender a knee-jerk reaction and inflame the general group here at DV. As intended, the audience here rarely disappoints. On the other hand, it seems clear that many people on DV, who post regularily, do so with an eye toward calculating how high their positives may get. With respect to the dinar ... I appreciate that you have approached some real prognostication, with decent time-frames attached. We all only hope that your information is correct. And, of course, 20 - 25 cents would be phenomenal -- I've always felt that. Here's hoping! TS
  10. Not sure what makes you believe that the "RV is an absolute" ... even Adam will admit to the possibility that an RV may not occur. Once you have been on here for six months or more, you may see things more clearly. All information falls into one category: uncertain. Plain and simple. Nothing has proven to be true. Nothing. TS
  11. Of course you are RIGHT ON ... but 90% of the people on this board just will not get that. Maybe more than 90% ... Thanks though, TS
  12. Due to your quick response, it's obvious that you didn't really watch (any of) it. It's possible that you are correct, but there's no way for you to know that. TS
  13. As a piece of the world economic puzzle, see the following link. You can decide how you interpret this information re: the RV of the IQD. Either way, I believe it will be worth your time. Stick with it all the way through ... TS
  14. I've listened to several of Breitling's shows and the more you listen, the less things really make sense. He contradicts himself frequently. The thing that always struck me as odd is that he often refers to the fact that he's doing the show from his garage. It's difficult to see what he adds to the conversation; therefore, the idea that he may be profitting from the sale of IQD thru BH probably isn't that far fetched. Plus, anyone who dismisses the possibility of an LOP out of hand isn't really paying attention. Even the guy who founded DV admits that it's possible. TS
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