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  1. It means the market for selling your dinar is drying up. Not a good sign. If this thing was going to RV, people would be stumbling over themselves to buy your dinar.
  2. The whole idea was to separate you from your dollars. They entice you with promises of riches and wealth beyond your wildest dreams and then string you along with promises of buying your dinar back as long as possible. Once people stop buying their product, they quietly drop out of the market and you're left with dinar that have no value and no market. If you can't (or don't) sell back your dinar, you've lost 100% of your "investment"! Who are you going to call when that happens? You've got no recourse. You got scammed!
  3. With ridiculous gibberish like this, how can anybody continue to take this "investment" seriously? The guy is a joke and he's making a mockery of the dinar. I wouldn't be at all suprised if he's being paid to put this garbage out so people will continue to cling to faith that the dinar will actually re-value. Even if they don't buy more dinar, it's advantageous to convince them to hold on to their dinar for as long as possible. Somebody gets use of the dollars in the meantime.
  4. If you hold your dinar forever and refuse to sell it back under any circumstance, you are taking a 100% loss on your investment. You conduct all your commerce in US dollars. When you buy groceries or gas or other investments, you use US dollars. Your gas station or grocery store won't accept dinar as payment. Dinars only have value to you right now because you believe they have the potential to produce more US dollars for you later. They have no other purpose. When you and I bought into this what we really wanted were more US dollars. So we agreed to trade some US dollars in our posse
  5. Well, I guess he was just a little wrong. It's good to bring up these old posts. It reminds people of the perpetual, non-stop, foolish hype of this investment. How many more millions of dollars were spent on dinar since this "more confident than ever" prediction?
  6. If I thought there was any possibility of a revaluation I probably would not sell. However, I sincerely believe it is NEVER going to happen. In which case, it is foolish to hold 1,000,000 dinar which have absolutely no value to me. I can't buy a single thing with them. I agree that people waste their money on all sorts of things. But it's an irrelevant point related to this investment. "Waste" is in the eye of the beholder. I did not invest in the dinar intending to waste my money. I viewed it like any other investment. I don't buy a stock and expect that I will hold it forever and NE
  7. As many here know, I have become an increasingly skeptical investor in the dinar. I bought based on a bunch of hype with very little information. As I learned more, and as every single prediction of an "imminent" or "any day now" RV turned out to be wrong I felt duped. I invested based on emotion and that is a bad thing. As I've learned more about this "investment", there are just way too many things that make absolutely no sense. The ridculous track record of all the date and rate speculators has only reinforced my skepticism. This is my second sale. I sold another million dinar earlier th
  8. Oh Lord. Not another bank story. I'm sorry to be so cynical but it is incredibly far-fetched to believe that a teller at a small bank would hear or know anything about a dinar cash-in. Somebody in this chain of custody is greatly embellishing (or outright lying). I know many people WANT it to be true but why are so many people inclined to believe it? It's preposterous by any reasonable measure.
  9. I don't think you read any news articles that said that. You read a bunch of postings by people that told you that. They obviously have no idea what they are talking about. But they have to justify their existence. Ironically, many of these same people will make ridiculous assertions about dates in the future and some people will still hang on their every word and get amped up all over again. Don't do it to yourself. It is very, very unlikely that there will be a sudden, overnight RV as these people are suggesting. Save yourself the aggravation and distraction and ignore them. We can only
  10. Winning? It's not a contest. This isnt me versus you. I'm not trying to win anything. I'm trying to use logic and common sense to explain why the dreams and expectations of many people here are out of touch with reality. I'm not trying to win. I WANT the dinar to RV. I WANT to have unbelievable wealth so I can help as many people as possible. I WANT to be wrong. But I'm not. What I want does not effect what is going to occur. The dinar is not going to RV because I WANT it to. No matter how badly I want or need the dinar to RV is going to effect the reasons why it won't RV. This is
  11. Iraq is NOT a wealthy country. Please stop saying it is. It is the 97th largest economy in the world. It has no manufacturing. It has no agriculture. It has no tourism. It does have rampant corruption and graft. It does have sectarian and religious violence. And it does have considerable oil and natural gas reserves. That's it. The only possible way they can raise the value of the dinar to where it was before the Saddam era is to dramatically reduce their money supply. The only possible way to do that is through a redenomination. After all, money is only piece of paper with ink on
  12. Then inform us, please! WC is at least trying to explain the logic of why a redenomination makes a lot of sense. I understand that people don't want there to be a RD, but that doesn't make WC wrong or uninformed. The historical record suggests there has NEVER been a revaluation as everyone seems to be expecting here. Never. The Kuwait RV was not similar to this at all. It would be historically unprecedented if the dinar suddenly revalued at several times it value overnight. That doesn't mean it won't occur. But it makes the odds very, very unlikely. That is not blabbering. That is a strong sug
  13. I am not convinced at all. In fact, I am convinced it is not going to revalue anything similar to what we've all been led to believe. We are not going to be rich as a result of this invesment. Unfortunately, I made an unwise, emotional decision when I bought dinar. I, like most of us, was led to believe the RV was imminent. I was told the story of Kuwait and all the great things Iraq had going for it. I was directed to the conference calls that oozed with hype. I saw the RV-O-Meter sitting at 99%. After I bought, I was certain it was going to RV late last year. I felt like the cat that ate the
  14. The more people that say the same thing doesn't increase the credibility of what they are saying. There's a herd mentality that predominates. One goose gets out front and the others follow instinctively. They don't question the direction, altitude or season. They simply follow. Pretty soon there's a whole flock doing the same thing. Eventually, everybody assumes that they must be doing the right thing because everybody else is doing it. Everybody assumes these are sincere people that truly have "sources" they are relying upon and that the situation just happens to change from the time of their
  15. Your tinfoil hat is on a little too tight. Petrodinars are a figment of your imagination. There is no evidence of such a thing. There are only wild assertions by internet posters posing as "gurus". Oil is priced in US dollars and will continue to be priced (and traded, for the most part) in US dollars. Our gov't never said the war wouldn't cost us a dime. Former President Bush said the war would pay for itself. His meaning was figurative, not literal. Bush believed the war would lead to democracy and freedom all across the ME. He believed this would lead to fewer military interventions and inc
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