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  1. Maybe contact the American Consulate in Iraq with the Warka concerns....? Al-Kindi Street International Zone Baghdad, Iraq Phone: 0760-030-3000 413 Ishtar, Ankawa Erbil, Iraq Phone: 066 211 4000
  2. Thanks Dinarrock, That did it!
  3. ok, got my WAX wallet setup. Also have the NFT code. I don't see how you redeem it though. Help?
  4. LGD, I will just disagree with you on that and let it be....
  5. I could see .50 and all you'd see is my dust.......
  6. 1/11 MM 05 09 34 47 50 mb25 1/12 PB 08 14 27 42 53 pb08
  7. just submitted for admission
  8. getting serious....language
  9. Translation: we demand the American taxpayer pay for the global pandemic prep.
  10. well, we'll just have to wait to see. All of this ME currency is a gamble.....
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